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Excelsium MCAT Prep Course Review

Taking the MCAT exam is an important step in the process to become a doctor. Although not as difficult as med school, it’s still an extremely difficult process that doesn’t guarantee matriculation.  According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, only 22,666 MCAT takers were admitted into medical schools during the 2021-2022 academic year— out […]

Best NRP Certification Courses Online

Online Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Certification Courses Managing cardiopulmonary emergencies in newborns needs qualified professionals. That’s why the importance of training cannot be overemphasized. This post has been designed to give you information on how you can access NRP certification online. So, if this is your area of interest and you’ve been wondering where you can […]

Best Dental CE Courses Online

Continuing Education Courses for Dentists Online We all know how busy medical practitioners such as dentists can be. If you’re not attending a patient, you’re probably moving from one place to another to attend other related assignments. In such circumstances, there’s a high chance you might end up forgetting or not finding time to renew […]

Best Internal Medicine Board Review Courses

If you’re a professional in a high-skill field like medicine, you know that the learning never stops. You’re always working hard to keep informed about the latest developments and ensure your existing knowledge is still accurate— whether or not you’re preparing for your internal medicine board review. But if you do find yourself preparing for […]

BoardVitals CME Review Courses Online

The field of medicine is constantly evolving. In order to adapt to this ever-changing landscape, medical professionals need to maintain their credentials with Continuing Medical Education (CME). But you probably already know that— what you may not know, however, is where to go in order to meet your CME requirements. If that’s what you’re currently […]

Best Nursing Continuing Education Courses Online (CEU’s)

Earn Your Nursing CEU’s Online As a nurse, keeping your license current can sometimes be a challenge, thanks to busy schedules. This is especially true if you’re a travel nurse who might find it difficult to get access to free CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) due to frequent travel. Also, when busy with assignments, it becomes […]

Best CPR First Aid Certification Courses Online

  Best CPR Certification Courses Are you interested in taking training classes that would make you a helpful person during health related emergencies? And after training, do you wish for a way to validate your skills? You need to consider earning a CPR, AED & First Aid Certification. But remember this isn’t just about earning […]

Best Nutrition Certifications for Fitness Experts

Finding the best nutrition program is not an easy task. This is because there are numerous certifications in the market. So, we decided to come up with a guide that helps you choose the best certification. The majority of people tend to confuse between earning a nutrition credential and being a dietitian. They also confuse […]

Best Family Medicine Board Review Courses

If you want to achieve excellence in your medical career, then you need to consider getting board certification. Instead of just being able to call yourself a medical doctor, becoming board-certified will demonstrate your competence to practice medicine professionally.  If the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) is one of the boards that interest you, […]