Шилдэг Мал аж Онлайн USMLE Алхам 1 Сургалт

Choosing the right USMLE Алхам 1 live prep course is the most important decision you will make on your journey towards passing.

You will be spending countless hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the USMLE course that best fits your learning style and background. Амжилттай өнгөрөх буюу USMLE Алхам чадахгүй хоёрын хооронд ялгаа 1 шалгалт нь ихэвчлэн таны судалгааны материал, үүний төлөө та нарыг бэлтгэх хэр сайн шалтгаална.

Using a review course that isn’t a good match for your learning style can cause you to score lower or even fail your exam, Судалгааны хугацаанд сар, нэмэлт шалгалтын хураамж нь танд үнэтэй. Crush тийм юм болоогүй эсэхийг шалгах хэрэгтэй энд байна!

Энд сайн мэдээ байна: we have personally researched and reviewed all the USMLE Step 1 prep courses below to make it easier for you! The comparison chart will help you decide which online course best fits your needs.

Энэ цаасан дээр холбоосууд зарим салбар холбоосууд байна, гэсэн утгатай Би бага шимтгэл авах (Энэ вэбсайтыг санхүүжүүлэхэд ашиглаж) Та дамжуулан дарж худалдан авах үед. Гэхдээ санаа зовох хэрэггүй, USMLE сурталчилгааны код болон USMLE тойм Мэдээж хөнгөлөлт ашиглан та хамгийн сайн гэрээ авч болно.


Шилдэг Мал аж Онлайн USMLE Алхам 1 Сургалт

USMLE Алхам 1
Live Онлайн сургалт
COMLEX Pass хөтөлбөр тоймШилдэг USMLE Prep сургалт



КОМПАНИЙНХөтөлбөрийн USMLE дамжуулаарайКаплан USMLE
ҮНЭ $4.390 $3,999
ХөнгөлөлтАль нь ч бишАль нь ч биш
METHOD OF INSTRUCTION8 Weeks of Live-Online Instruction7 Weeks of Live-Online Instruction
COURSE FORMATClass Options 8:30am-5pm EST (Monday-Friday)Class Options 11am-9pm EST (7 Days a Week)
Сурагчдын SUPPORTDedicated Instructor Email SupportБагш И-мэйл дэмжлэг
Одоогоор ACCESS ХУГАЦАА4 буюу 8 Weeks7 буюу 14 Weeks
Миний бүрэн УНШИХ
Бүрэн тойм уншина ууБүрэн тойм уншина уу
ЭХЭЛЦГЭЭЕОдоо эхэлОдоо эхэл



USMLE Live In-Person Step 1 Prep сургалт

1. MedSmarter Test Prep

Best USMLE Live Course


Located in Atlanta, GA 30096, USA

Enroll Anytime: While other courses make you wait, MedStarter doesn’t. Continuous enrollment means that you can start the MedSmarter USMLE program at anytime. This is a huge advantage bcause you’ll have no downtime.
Experienced Instructors: MedSmarter’s faculty has experienced professionals who have taught around the world including the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Middle East, and South Asia. Their instructors hold MDs and/or PhDs, and have years of experience in preparing future physicians for the USMLE.
  • 6 to 7-week comprehensive review course to prepare for USMLE Step 1 Exam
  • Subject and System-Based Teaching approach
  • Small Class Sizes
  • 1 on 1 Study Plans
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Exam Related Anxiety / Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Study Lab Available for Self Study
  • Coffee and Tea Provided
  • End of Course Self Assessment

For a limited time get $500 off MedSmarter USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 CK here.

харуулах купон


The MedSmarter courses are for students who are interested in a more focused and individualized approach to studying for their USMLE prep. The programs can be best described as a “hybrid” of tutoring and class room learning.

Classes are offered Monday thru Friday, usually from 9:30 AM t0 3:00 PM (depending on the subject/topic some classes may be longer or shorter). A typical day consists of lectures, u-world questions, and group discussions. Students are asked to subscribe to UWorld Qbank.

Алхам 1 болон Алхам 2 CK courses are continuous enrollment, meaning students can enroll at any time and start classes at beginning of the next subject/topic. Алхам 1 Course is 6-7 weeks and Step2 CK course is 4-5 долоо хоног. The difference in weeks is due to accommodating for any holidays that may come up during a cycle.

For Step 2 CS, the scheduling is based on the students’ needs. They ask students to enroll at least 2-3 weeks prior to wanting to attend the review program so that they may schedule the standardized patients and instructors accordingly. They also advise students to leave at least a one week gap in completion of the course and the actual exam date; to ensure time to overcome any weaknesses identified.

  • 5 Day CS Course: Monday thru Friday, with a Mock Exam on Saturdays
  • 3 Day CS Course: Wednesday thru Friday, with a Mini-Mock on Saturdays


Мед / Ухаалаг USMLE сэтгэгдэл:

"Миний бодлоор MedSmarter явах арга зам юм. Каплан ба шонхор агуулгын мэдлэг тусалж, ном, маш их нөөц байдаг боловч энэ нь түүнийг юм байна. Та төвлөрсөн авч чадахгүй байна, тохирсон, Та амжилтанд хүрэх шаардлагатай байна тойм.

Хэрэв та өөрийн USMLE Алхам шалгалтанд судлах нь төвлөрсөн, илүү тохирсон арга сонирхож байгаа бол MedSmarter маш их бэлтгэл хөтөлбөр юм. Би Гэсэн хэдий ч би шалгалтуудаа мэдлэг хэрхэн анхаарч мэдэхгүй байсан мэдлэг нь олон хувь хүн чиглэсэн нь нарийвчилсан байна. Тэд ихэвчлэн туршиж сэдэв хайж байгаа үед би олонтаа дэлгэрэнгүй хариулт сонгох. MedSmarter шалгалтанд амжилттай байх шаардлагатай бүх мэдээллийг хянаж, Харин тэд та дараах зүйлсийг мэдэх шаардлагатай юу хэлж байгаарай, and for me they were extremely helpful with test taking skills!!! I improved my score from original assessment to actual test over 25 points. I also finished blocks with 10-15 minutes left because I was confident in the answers. I picked and moved on. Even on the exam! It was crazy how well I improved and how easy the questions were after opening my eyes to how to take the test. I am forever indebted to them for helping me be successful on my step 2ck as I have graduated Med school and well on my way to securing a residency position!!

At the end of the day if you want content knowledge any program will work, but if you want someone to understand and point out your strengths and weaknesses and work with you to improve those strengths and eliminate weakness MedSmarter is the way to go!!




Best Амьд-Онлайн USMLE Алхам 1 Prep сургалт

Шилдэг USMLE Алхам 1 Prep сургалтҮнэ
Хөтөлбөрийн USMLE дамжуулаарай4,390
Каплан USMLE4,000
Med Smarter LIVE USMLE2,299

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