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James Edge
Šis pranešimas yra nuorodos į produktus iš vienos ar daugiau iš mūsų reklamuotojams. Mes gali gauti kompensaciją, kai paspausite ant nuorodos tiems produktams. Dėl reklamavimo politikos paaiškinimas, apsilankymas šitas puslapis


What are the best MCAT prep courses?

Compare the Best MCAT prep courses online – 2018 MCAT Guide

Magoosh MCAT$150Prisijungę savarankiškas darbas, Live Online
Kaplanas MCAT$1999Prisijungę savarankiškas darbas
Prinstono MCAT$1699Prisijungę savarankiškas darbas, Live Online
The Gold Standard MCAT$1750Prisijungę savarankiškas darbas
Adapt Prep MCAT$99Prisijungę savarankiškas darbas
Rasti tinkamą MCAT prep kursą yra vienas iÅ¡ svarbiausių žingsnių kelyje į tampa daktaras. JÅ«s iÅ¡leisti daug valandų studijuoja, todėl labai svarbu, kad jums rasti kursą, kuris atitinka jÅ«sų unikalią mokymosi stilių geriausią. No one wants to waste hours, days and weeks studying for no reason. Let’s make sure you pass the MCAT exam the first time. That’s why we have detailed comparison tables below to help you pick the best MCAT Prep Žinoma eiti su. Čia galite palyginti MCAT praktikos egzaminus, korteles, Vaizdo paskaitos ir daugiau. This is all here to help you pass. Jei turite klausimų ar pastabų nedvejodami palikite juos žemiau esančioje komentarų skiltyje.

Best 2018 Online Medical College Admission Test MCAT Review Courses & studijų medžiagos [COMPARED]

Best MCAT Prep Courses Online
  1. Prinstono Apžvalga MCAT prep kursai
  2. The Gold Standard MCAT Review Course
  3. Kaplanas MCAT prep kursai
  4. Adapt Prep MCAT Review Course
  5. Magoosh MCAT Study Materials
MCAT Exam CoursesPrinstono Apžvalga MCAT testas prep Geriausias MCAT prep kursai Best MCAT Prep CourseMagoosh MCAT Prep Course






BENDROVĖPrinstono Apžvalga MCATGold Standard MCAT Kaplanas MCAT Adapt Prep MCATMagoosh MCAT
KAINA $1,999-$2,799$1750$1,999-$2,799 $199$149
NUOLAIDOSIšsaugoti $400 Rodyti kuponoNė vienas Išsaugoti $250 Nė vienasNė vienas
Kursų FORMATAI Prisijungę savarankiškas darbas, Live OnlinePrisijungę savarankiškas darbasPrisijungę savarankiškas darbas, Live Online Prisijungę savarankiškas darbasPrisijungę savarankiškas darbas
Pilnametražis praktikos egzaminus 132013 User Generated 3
VIDEO LECTURE HOURS 52530+100 Nė vienas 300
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1,0009,0001,000 4,000 735
PREMIUM priedai
KURSŲ PABAIGA 12 Mėnesių12 mėnesių Until You Pass 180 Dienos 270 Dienos

1. The Princeton Review MCAT Review Course

Geriausias MCAT prep kursai


  1. Self-Paced, Prisijunges, Live and Tutoring Options: Students can choose from a different number of course options that will appeal to virtually every type of learner from visual, auditory and more. Whether you want to learn from the comfort of your own home, attend a live, in person class, or spend six weeks in the summer at an intense workshop, The Princeton Review has a flexible course option for you.
  2. Kokybė ir kiekybė tyrimo medžiaga: No matter which course they choose, students will benefit from an impressive number of practice questions, praktikos testai, medžiaga internete, Vaizdo įrašai, ir patentuota mokymosi programinė įranga (amplifire learning tool). The Princeton Review also stands by the quality of its instruction by offering satisfaction and money back guarantees.


  1. Nėra Nemokama bandomoji arba Flashcards: Daugelis studentų norėtų išbandyti peržiūros metu iš pamatyti, jei ji yra suderinama su jų mokymosi stilių, arba palyginti ją su kitų variantų. The Princeton Review MCAT invites students to take a free online test and attend a free workshop, bet išbandyti realius medžiagas reikalingas pirkimo kursą.
Esmė: The Princeton Review offers MCAT students the ability to choose a self-paced, live online, or in-person tutoring course, although no flashcards are included. Fortunately, one thing students don’t have to choose is quality or quantity, as they provide both in spades.


The Princeton Review MCAT Coupon Codes

IÅ¡saugoti $150 Off The Princeton Review MCAT

The Princeton Review, asimiliacija, IÅ¡skirtinis Nuolaidos, Dolerio suma IÅ¡jungtas 36 naudoja Å¡iandien
Prinstono Apžvalga MCAT 39 naudoja šiandien
IÅ¡saugoti $150 off The Princeton Review MCAT Course
Paskutinis naudotas 5 prieš valandas
Galiojimo laikas: birželis 29, 2018

2. The Gold Standard MCAT Prep Course

Geriausias MCAT peržiūrą


  1. praktikos klausimai: The Gold Standard MCAT has more practice questions than any other MCAT course in our rankings. This ensures you probably won’t ever see repeats and you’ll always have plenty of fresh content to review.
  2. Great Value: Offering more for less is the Gold Standard’s motto and they back that up with more questions, practice tests and a better guarantee than many of the other MCAT course providers.
  3. Free Resources: Even if you decide to go with another course the Gold Standard MCAT has free resources on their site, including practice questions.


  1. Dated Platform: Compared to the other MCAT prep course options the Gold Standard just isn’t as flashy or new. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you prep better with the least amount of distractions but it does leave a bit to be desired.
Esmė: With their large quantity of practice questions and free resources, The Gold Standard offers a very appealing MCAT course at a low price. Deja, the platform used for their service is disappointingly outdated.


2. Kaplanas MCAT prep kursai

Kaplanas MCAT prep kursai apžvalga


  1. MCAT kanalas: Kaplan’s MCAT Channel gives students access to live lectures from 1st-rate, Patyrę MCAT mokytojai 6 dienas per savaitę be paklausos, pre-recorded content that is available 24/7. Geriausias iš visų užfiksuotų epizodų galima ieškoti pagal interesus, studijų poreikius, ar net jūsų mėgstamiausias profesorius!
  2. Wide Range of Course Options: Kaplan provides students different options to prepare for the MCAT above and beyond the competition. This makes it more convenient for you for studying anywhere. Choose from in-person classes, a live online course, an on-demand self-paced class, an intense 6-week summer live session in any of the 4 cities across the USA. Gyventi ir gyvi prisijungę privačios pamokos parinktys taip pat galima.
  3. Didesnis balas garantija: Kaplan kursai ateiti su garantija mes visi galime tikėti. Jei jūsų rezultatas neturi eiti, Jūs galite padaryti tą pačią programą vėl be papildomo mokesčio, arba (geriausia dalis) galite paprašyti savo pinigus atgal. Jūs galite mokytis iki pat dienos egzaminams su Kaplano kurso medžiagos, kurios neturi galioti, kol vartojate MCAT.
Esmė: MCAT students who sign up for Kaplan’s prep course will enjoy many different study packages and convenient access to live lectures with real instructors. Best of all is their impressive higher score guarantee.


Kaplan MCAT Coupon Codes

IÅ¡saugoti $100 Kaplan MCAT/OAT/PCAT

Kaplanas MCAT, Dolerio suma Išjungtas, Specialūs pasiūlymai 33 naudoja šiandien
Kaplanas MCAT 39 naudoja Å¡iandien

Sutaupykite iki $100 with Kaplan MCAT/OAT/PCAT Coupon Code

Paskutinis naudotas 1 prieš dienas
Galiojimo laikas: birželis 23, 2018

3. Adapt Prep MCAT Prep Course

Adapt Prep MCAT Review Course


    1. Flexible Pricing: Students can save some money on registration costs by reducing the amount of access time or limiting their study material to specific sections.
    2. Unlimited Quizzes: With the option of generating custom quizzes, there’s no limit to the variety and quantity of practice tests students can use to study.
    3. Feedback and Analysis: Thanks to a section report generator and discussion forum, students can receive the proper feedback and analysis to improve their studying.


  1. Inconsistent Pricing: Despite offering a wide variability of prices, some courses offer less material for the same price.
  2. No Lectures: A complete absence of video or audio lectures means that students won’t have the ability to brush up on certain concepts before answering practice questions.
Esmė: AdaptPrep is a great choice for students on a budget since they can adjust the price of their MCAT courses based on access time and resources. The only downside is that they offer no lecture content whatsoever.


4. Magoosh MCAT Study Materials

Top MCAT Prep Course - Magoosh MCAT Prep


  1. Visuals: When it comes to study guides, this package provides you with in-depth explanations and advice like other products, but it also has an amazing visual representation of many concepts. With full color visuals on every page, you’re going to really see what is being covered. This type of visual experience also breaks up the content, giving you a breather during your study sessions.
  2. Encompassing Package for Students: The study package comes replete with six preparatory materials that cover physics, chemistry (orgo and general), psychology & sociology, biology 1 ir 2, and reasoning skills. taip pat, within each section, there are lectures – 24 questions for each lecture to reinforce the learned concepts – and plenty of descriptive information to hammer home the key concepts.
  3. Exams : Though there are plenty of study materials within this package, the simulated MCAT practice is really unmatched. The practice section of this package comes with 32 topical exams that are 30 minutes each and mimic the actual MCAT format. This should be plenty of practice for any test taker, especially given that this is a supplemental study package.


  1. Content: While Magoosh provides quality content, the amount of MCAT study materials they have is far less than The Princeton Review MCAT or even Kaplan. If you want a ton of multiple choice questions, books, videos and more then you might want to consider a different course.
Esmė: Although Magoosh doesn’t offer much in their MCAT study course when compared to their competitors, the quality of their visuals and exam simulations make up for this in the eyes of many students.


Best MCAT Tutoring Services Online

What are the best MCAT tutoring services? We recommend Tutor The People MCAT!

Tutor The People MCAT Tutoring Online Tutor the People’s expert team will help you every step of the way to ensure the best chance of acceptance. All through private tutoring from real doctors and medical students that create specific plans to target your weak areas and enure you succeed. With all their MCAT tutoring packages you not only receive a top-percentile scoring MCAT tutor who creates an unique study plan tailored to your needs, but a medical student advisor who will help you with your application timeline and essays, and a personal academic strategist who is there to support you each step of the way.


  1. Monday Back Guarantee: All students get a FREE Introductory Hour, so you get to meet your tutor and develop a customized study plan before beginning your paid package hours. All unused hours are refundable, so you can try their MCAT tutoring risk-free!
  2. FREE AAMC Materials Included: Prepare for your exam using materials from a wide variety of companies with all their study packages plus the AAMC® materials issued directly from the test-makers.
  3. Individualized Scheduling: Use your study hours how it fits your schedule. Some students meet with a tutor every day, while others space it out to weekly or longer meetings.
Esmė: Students who prefer to study on their own schedule will appreciate Tutor The People’s MCAT prep course. They also offer several free resources and a money-back guarantee.


MCAT Financing Services

Need help paying for your MCAT course? Consider getting a private student loan with an affordable rate.


The Medical College Admission Test (asimiliacija) is one of the toughest standardized exams around. Especially when considering you may be balancing work, school and a host of other responsibilities. The MCAT testing period of 7.5 hours can be brutal without the best MCAT prep course. These courses not only include all the study materials you’ll need to pass, but also help you to create a study schedule. That way you’ll stay on course with a defined structure for the months of exam preparation. The best MCAT courses will also help you stay on task while providing clear explanations, interactive study tools, and practice exams that are similar to the real MCAT experience.

What are the best MCAT Prep Courses? How did you find them?

We looked for intuitive dashboards, mobile capabilities, adaptive study plans, and engaging instructors

We started by compiling a list of the top MCAT prep course providers online. There’s many reviews out there already and we took the top courses from all of them. Then we separated their courses into two categories: self-paced, live online. Some reviews include in-person but since we can’t afford to fly around the world to attend these courses we had to skip them for now. Some test prep companies offer on-demand, live-online and in-person classes, while others only have one single format. We evaluated each method individually as most students are only considering one option. Generally each teaching method has different advantages, and we created specific criteria for each method to rank the best prep courses in each.

Self-Paced MCAT Prep Courses Online

A self-paced course provides the most versatile learning options. Flexibility is key here and it often gives you the ability to study around your schedule as opposed to making your schedule around your classes. Having this option gives you ultimate control of your MCAT exam prep. Tačiau, with this comes the responsibility of sitting down and sticking to a schedule on your own. You also won’t have open access to instructors, although many of the self-paced options do provide forums, email and phone support. The best self-paced courses have customizable study plans and interactive tools that adapt to you. This allows you to target your weaknesses and progress at a faster pace than a class experience may offer. Adaptive learning is new and not all the self-paced courses have it, but it does offer you a distinct advantage of focusing on your problem areas to pass faster. Really that’s the ultimate goal and that’s why we focused on the self-paced courses the most.

Live Online MCAT Prep Courses

Live online courses are best for those who appreciate the in person classroom experience. If you like being able to ask questions and get answers in real time then this is definitely the way you’ll want to go for your MCAT prep. The best part about live-online courses is you don’t actually have to drive to them. You can take the class almost anywhere as long as you hear what’s going on. Having the extra guidance and feedback of an instructor is a huge advantage over the self-paced course. When you’re taking one of the most challenging standardized exams this can be a game changer. The only disadvantage is the pre-scheduled sessions mean you won’t have control over your study schedule. Instead you’ll need to create your schedule around classes, this can be a deal breaker if you have other responsibilities. The best MCAT live online courses have engaging instructors to keep you awake and focused during the entire lecture. The ideal instructors provide feedback and answer questions both in and out of class. The MCAT courses with the most instructor interaction ensure you can get the help you need and all your questions answered quickly. It goes without saying that your instructor should be experienced and knowledgeable about the MCAT exam. We liked that The Princeton Review offered six instructors who were all subject matter experts in specific topics. This ensures not only will your question get answered but it will be correct. In any case, we gave final preference to the course that had the best instructors and online tools to help you succeed.

We looked for straightforward explanations, quality resources, and feedback

You’ll find that most review courses don’t really have many huge advantages over others, and each of them will have different pros and cons based on how you learn. There’s also the problem that many of the providers all assert they have the same technology or features. We reached out to each provider to get course access and to compare the features first hand. While we took these courses for a test drive we looked for straightforward explanations, engaging lectures and easy to use dashboards. Believe me when I say they were not all created the same! Pavyzdžiui, some providers like Gold Standard MCAT prep, impressed us with their content in both quantity and quality. However their dashboard and mobile capabilities left a lot to be desired. Their videos even more so, but if you don’t need a flashy dashboard and power points then they would be a great option. No matter what way you choose to study having help from a MCAT prep course will ensure you plan and prepare the most effectively. Deja, even the best MCAT prep course won’t do it all for you. There’s still going to be countless days spent studying, so it’s best to get started with your MCAT prep today.

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