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D&D offers a comprehensive, multi-approach prep course for both the NCLEX-RN and PN exams. Their program is structured around an online study portal with access to instructors, study plans, a video library, and other student resources. D&D’s course breaks down concepts and information to make them easier to understand, and offers coaching to help students with memorization and retention. A 3-day live review course is offered in San Bruno and in Stockton, California as well.

D&D’s review courses include multi-format learning for online students, and their video lectures focus on providing quality over quantity. The result is a course that cuts out unnecessary information in favor of key points and facts to memorize.

Instructor-Driven, Customizable Course

D&D offers an instructor-driven study program that includes individual assessment and study plans based on your current strengths and weaknesses. Students can create a study plan by identifying areas that need additional help and concentrating on those. Personal coaching is available for a small fee for those students interested in a custom study plan in addition to personal assessments and coaching throughout the program. This personalized assessment and review means you’ll get a study plan designed around your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all course.

Complete Online Study Toolkit

D&D’s study tools for the NCLEX-RN or PN exams allow you to study at home or work from your computer or tablet. The Toolkit includes more than 160 video clips,  3,500 practical test questions, a simplified course book, and email support (you’ll get a response within 12-24 hours). You will also learn information and strategies for analyzing and breaking down test questions to improve your critical thinking.

Concise Study Material

To cut down the number of hours you will need to study, D&D offers a more concise course that focuses only on the critical information you need to know to pass the NCLEX. By leaving out unnecessary information, this program makes it possible to memorize less material and study more efficiently. Students who have very little time to study before the exam and those who have a hard time memorizing information will appreciate this more stripped down and condensed course.

Free Trial

If you are uncertain if D&D’s prep course is a good fit for your needs, you can check out the promo video on their website to see how it works or contact them for a free version of their online review. By sampling their video lectures, you’ll be able to see how they are structured and whether they match your individual learning style

Numerous Study Tools

D&D offers dozens of student resources and tools to help you learn the material and memorize facts. These include flash cards, study tips, time management resources, test and study plans, games, and notebooks that you can refer to and print out. They also offer guides for writing academic papers, which many students find helpful.

Add-Ons Cost More

Students who prefer to study with a physical course book or with the help of a personal coach will have to pay extra for those services. While D&D’s initial price is low, many of the additional features included in other programs will bring the price up substantially if you have to buy them one by one. If you are on  on a budget, it may be wise to tally up everything in advance to ensure that it’s still in your price range.

Course Access Period

The basic Online Plus study option costs $150 and offers you access to the online study portal for a total of three months. For quick learners, this is plenty of time to master the RN or PN NCLEX material. However, students who need more time to absorb the study material will have to pay an extra $50 per month. Overall, this is still a pretty good value for the course materials they provide.

Live Courses Limited to California Locations

For students who want to attend a live course, the three-day live review sessions take place only in San Bruno and Stockton, CA once or twice a month. This is obviously only convenient for nursing students located nearby.


D&D NCLEX Review is a streamlined prep course that is a good fit for students who prefer to study as efficiently as possible and focus their efforts on learning the most crucial information. Their helpful email support and individual coaching program complements their library of online study resources, even though their live review sessions are limited to one geographic location.  Their experienced and qualified facilitators and coaches explain the material in a clear and concise way that will prepare most students adequately for the NCLEX.



Books – D&D’s Essential NCLEX Course Book
Videos – Over 160 Videos and Video Lectures
Question Bank – 3,500+ Individual Questions
Lectures – Lectures Added Weekly
Review – Live and On-demand Student Review




Pricing: $50/month
Instructors: 24/7 Email Access; Individualized Live Coaching For Additional Fee
Study Time: Choose from 1 or 3 Months Access, May Be Extended Month-to-Month
Course Features: Video Lectures, Video Lessons, Games, Course Book, Resources, Charts, Study Plans
Practice Questions: 3,500+
Course Delivery: Video, Books, Online Reading Material, Question Bank, Final Review






Email – 12-24 Hour Response Time
Phone – D&D Phone Support Available During Business Hours
Study Guarantee – Pass Guarantee




Online Plus NCLEX Review Price: $150
Delivery: Online Study Portal, Course Book, Student Resources, Video, Student Coach, Review
Monthly Online Review Price: $50 Per Month
Delivery: Online Study Portal, Student Resources, Video, Review
Individualized Coaching Price: $50/hour; $120 for 3 hours; $150 for 4 hours
Delivery: Personal Coach
NCLEX Concepts Simplified Course Book Price: $50
Delivery: Book delivered in 3-10 days


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