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Энэ бичлэг бид зар сурталчилгаа нь нэг буюу түүнээс дээш бүтээгдэхүүн лавлагааг агуулсан. Хэрэв та эдгээр бүтээгдэхүүний холбоосууд дээр товшино уу үед бид нөхөн төлбөр хүлээн авч болно. Бидний Зар сурталчилгаа бодлогын тайлбар нь, Бичигчийн энэ хуудас


GraduateX USMLE review prep gives you a simple and customizable way to study for the United States Medical Licensing Examination, Алхам 1. Энэ нь таны суралцах зам үед аль болох эрт энэ сургалтыг ашиглах хамгийн сайн, аль болох түргэн хувьд та платформ-ийн сайхан хөгийг нь тааруулсан стратеги ашиглан ухаж судалж, the less time you’ll have to devote to your preparation. With a number of features that are available either online or via mobile devices, you’ll have plenty with which to work wherever you are.

While they may not have video lectures and don’t offer some of the features that the heavy hitters of the USMLE prep industry do, it’s a simple and cheaper route on which to go. Тэгэхээр, if you’re in the market for a smaller, yet still comprehensive option, this could be your best bet.


1. Mobile Option

While it’s not the best mobile application within the USMLE prep industry, GraduateX offers a great tool for anyone who needs to bring their studying on the road. The app gives you the chance to access the many strategic lessons or practice questions that will get you ready for the exam via your mobile device. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that not all preparatory courses offer. Тэгэхээр, take advantage of the mobility that GraduateX provides.

2. баталгаа

Some of the top-rated courses don’t have any type of refund or guarantee. While this isn’t a huge detriment, the ones that do offer this assurance definitely score some points with students. GraduateX offers test-takers a 30 day money back guarantee. This gives prospective medical professionals a chance to really dip their toes in and test the waters with this course. If you’re not happy with how it is structure and the overall structure, don’t fret, as you’ll get your money back!

GraduateXImage23. Дадлага асуултууд

With more than 1,500 практик асуултууд, you’re not going to run out of material with this course. GraduateX includes a number of relevant queries and organizes them into a learning path that’s unique to each test-taker. Since the content is available via mobile, you’re going to enjoy taking these questions with you on the road. And, if you have any questions, the GraduateX team will answer them and guide you through the answer.

4. Memory Enhancement

Part of the difficulty of the USMLE is the sheer amount of information that is necessary for you to store inside that already cramped brain of yours! Тэгэхээр, GraduateX culled through the mountains of memory-enhancing guides and found several key strategies to include in its course. One of its main and unique topics focuses on the many ways you can bolster your memorization skills—this helps with formulas, terms, and diagrams. Мөн, it should help to cut down on the total amount of time that you need to study!

GraduateXImage15. Simplicity

You’re going to see something similar in the Cons section, with regard to this course being “basic.” But, while some consider simplicity to be a bad thing, there are many learners who prefer a black and white approach to studying. GraduateX USMLE prep is the bare bones version of a review course—there’s nothing outside of the essentials for this product. The company has gathered only the most important information and strategies for taking the test, and grouped these nuggets of wisdom into a palatable online prep course. You’re going to get community questions as a unique feature, but other than that, this is a limited prep tool.


1. Видео лекц

With the GraduateX USMLE review, you’re not going to get access to an extensive video collection, as the lectures are constrained to a written version. While it’s not an essential for this type of prep, other companies offer the video services. Тэгэхээр, if you’re an independent learner who doesn’t require visual cues and lectures, this won’t be an issue for you. Гэсэн хэдий ч, if you prefer being dropped into a classroom via a video link, this will be a turnoff for you during the buying process.

2. Үндсэн

While other courses have invested significant amounts of time and money into their online dashboards and programs, GraduateX is on the simpler side. There really isn’t too much to this course, as it’s about as simple as it gets. Though that may not be ideal for some learners, others will like the simplistic take on USMLE prep. There’s nothing here but strategies, асуултууд, and terminology breakdowns—you just need to decide if this is what you want out of your course.


GraduateX’s USMLE review is one of the best options for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on test prep. There’s not any shiny bells and whistles in this course, but it has the essentials and a lot of test-taking strategies and memorization technique tips. If you want to just try it out, use the money back guarantee to assure that you pay only if you are satisfied with the layout and structure of the course.

Thanks to the mobile prep tool and flexible year one plan, you’ll have plenty of time to get through the course’s 1,500+ асуултууд. If you have questions of your own, the experts at GraduateX will provide thorough answers to your inquiries. Мөн, the community for this course will help you through certain sections, as you can see with what other students are struggling. Ер нь, this is a great review tool for people who just need some general direction and targeted practice.


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4.Гар утас
5.Дадлага асуултууд
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      Тийм, Graduate X is an excellent review course if you are looking for something much more basic than one of the higher priced courses with extra features like video lectures. If you are motivated and don’t need the full suite of features you can do just as well with Graduate X. Сайн Luck!

      -Багийн USMLE Crush


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