Nursing students who intend to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) understand the need for preparation.  The average nursing education program will cost several thousand dollars in tuition, require several years of study, and will require numerous sacrifices in order to graduate with licensing as a nurse. 

It would be the height of infamy to pursue a nursing degree only to fail the NCLEX due to a lack of preparation.  While there are numerous print and digital resources available to assist nursing students in preparing for the exam, the courses are worth investigating.

Who is

Since its inception, has assisted thousands of nursing students in preparing for the NCLEX exam, boasting a success rate of around 99 percent for those who use the course. 

Recognizing that students learn and review educational content in a variety of ways, the course includes ebooks, practice tests, and video review segments, all of which are meant to assist students in retaining information and preparing for the exam’s rigors. 

The exam simulator makes use of an adaptive algorithm that adapts to your learning style and focuses on the areas in which you require the most assistance.

Let’s consider the costs associated with the course.


Materials for Preparation

Is the cost of’s preparatory resources justified? Consider some of their offerings.

NCLEX Practice Exam Questions

The service provides access to over 6,000 continuously updated practice exam questions, significantly more than printed resources can provide.  The questions are written and formatted to closely resemble the types of questions you would see on the actual exam. 

After responding to numerous sets of questions, you will receive a report outlining your success and failure rates, allowing you to monitor your progress and growth over time. NCLEX Review Course - Testing

Study Outlines

The program provides students with a variety of study strategies based on their level of comprehension and learning style. The majority of these are pre-generated by an experienced team at who create the plans based on the most frequently used study methods. 

A study plan can be chosen in two to twelve-week increments depending on the amount of time available to prepare for the exam.


The curriculum includes over 300 video lessons delivered by licensed nurses, in brief, easy-to-understand pieces lasting no more than ten minutes. 

They are presented in the form of slideshows- similar to what students might encounter in class- and include an onscreen outline. They are available on-demand, which means they may fit into any study schedule.

NCLEX Study Guide & eBook

All subscription packages include a 400-page eBook that is divided into short sections with bullet points, making it ideal for general study.  

Students frequently comment on how valuable the eBook is as a supplement to the course material.  It can be utilized in conjunction with’s digital offerings, as well as various resources on the company’s approved list of print study materials.

Mobile App

All subscription tiers include complimentary access to the mobile application.  This is extremely beneficial for the busy student who is constantly juggling classes, work, or some other activity that makes studying regularly tough.  In the app, you’ll have access to the eBook, videos, and study resources.

NCLEX Pricing

If you’re unsure whether the resources given by will meet your needs, the company offers a three-day trial period for just $1, during which you’ll have access to all of their materials, including practice exams. 

This distinguishes’s preparation materials from similar online resources in that the student isn’t limited to only a few trial features, but rather has access to the whole library of’s preparation materials.  During the trial term, you may cancel at any time.

After the three-day trial period has expired, you will be presented with several payment and access choices.  You can opt for the monthly pay-as-you-go option for $39 per month, which allows you to cancel at any time but doesn’t provide complete access to all materials.

Additionally, one-year and two-year packages are available that include preparation resources in addition to nursing school study materials.  This is advantageous for students who are still enrolled in school and have a year or two remaining, as the school’s study resources can provide a reasonable benefit for classwork while preparing for the NCLEX.

A one-year subscription costs $89 per month for three months, with an additional nine months included for free ($250). The two-year plan costs $82 for six months and includes an additional 18 months for free ($500).  This enables the student to spread the expense of the course over time rather than paying the complete sum upfront. 

After you sign up, you have a short time period to cancel and receive a full refund.  Additionally, if you complete all of the practice material included in the course and still fail the NCLEX, the company will reimburse you for the cost of your subscription, even if your trial period has elapsed.  The website’s FAQ offers many answers about the courses and pricing.


Is It Worth It?

If’s claim that 99 percent of their clients pass the NCLEX without difficulty is true, and given the quality of the resources supplied, this preparation course appears to be well worth the fee.  

The practice examinations include an adaptive algorithm that adjusts the complexity of the practice questions based on a student’s ability level, allowing students who excel in one area to spend less time there and more time on areas that require additional effort.  

This feature alone distinguishes from the competition.  When a student answers a question incorrectly, the correct answer is detailed, and these questions have been validated by licensed nurses.

On the other hand, the service isn’t without flaws.  There is no live help for the content, as it is entirely self-guided via digital material access.  Certain subscription plans do not include complete access to the course catalog.  Additionally, there are no print versions of the texts used in the classes, which presents a challenge for certain students.

None of these difficulties, however, should prevent a nursing student who is serious about passing the NCLEX on the first attempt from choosing’s offerings.  The lessons are comprehensive and conveniently accessible across a range of media. 

There are a variety of learning materials and study programs available to accommodate all types of learners, and the content is collected and validated by professional nurses.  Clients of the service also often write glowing reviews about how happy they are with the program.

For the price of the course, the resources offered by are well worth the money, especially given the guarantee of a refund if the unimaginable occurs and you do not pass the test despite diligent preparation.