When it’s time to prepare for your MCAT test, you would want to consider the available prep options. Choosing one over another can determine the difference between passing and failing your test. You would want to go for an option that would give you a guarantee of doing well in your test. That’s why I want us to look at one of the best MCAT test prep providers around: Princeton Review.


So, who’s Princeton Review?

Princeton Review is a test preparation company that has been around since 1981. Its core mandate is to offer tutoring and exam preparation services to students around the globe. The services and resources include those for official tests such as MCAT, USMLE SAT, NCLEX, LSAT, CFA and more. Their test prep services include admission services, online courses, and study guides with Random House as their publishers.

The Princeton Review Courses Online Review


Why Choose Princeton Review for your MCAT Test Prep?

Here are reasons why Princeton Review would be the best way to prepare for your MCAT test:

Expert Course Instructors

Princeton Review has a team of well-trained tutors that are well-versed with the MCAT subject content. They have many years of experience having successfully trained many students. You also have an opportunity to speak one-on-one with your tutor.

A number of course options

Princeton Review offers you four options to choose from. They are the In-person, Winter Bootcamp, LiveOnline, and Self-paced courses. Each of these options except the self-paced course gives you a chance to choose between two different packages, namely, Strategy and Ultimate packages. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your study needs better. Princeton offers you that flexibility to choose a course that perfectly fits your schedule.

Best Price and Affordability

You get to pick a course that you can afford. Inthis case, everyone has a chance to pick a course depending on the size oftheir pocket. The WinterBootcamp package goes for $2199 for the Strategy package and $2699for the Ultimate package, SummerImmersion for $9499, LiveOnlineStrategy goes for $2199 and the LiveOnlineUltimate package is $2699, while the self-paced course will cost you $1699.

You can also opt for the MCAT Private Tutoring packages that include Intro LiveOnline at $183/hr,Targeted LiveOnline at $200/hr, or the Comprehensive LiveOnline at $11,000 for60 hours.

You are eligible for a discount when you purchase a course from Princeton Review. The Strategy and the Ultimate course packages are currently offered at a discount of $100. They normally cost $2299 and $2799, respectively.

Comprehensive Video Course Coverage

Princeton Review leaves nothing to chance when it comes to giving you the right boost for your MCAT test prep. The video courses consist of long hours of intensive study. The Strategy package takes you up to 44 hours while the Ultimate package takes you up to 123 hours. Each of the course packages consist of more than 500 videos and practice tests that cover all the areas of the MCAT test subjects.

Topic Focus and CARS Accelerator Options

If you are weak in certain topics, Princeton Review ensures all that is taken care of. The MCAT test Topic Focus is designed to help you conquer those hard topics with the help of a qualified instructor. This will cost you $399.

CARS accelerator is for the purpose of helping you to polish up your skills in reading comprehension. Here, you get enough time for practicing using passages and also learning materials that are exclusive. This online course will cost you $499.

Up to 11 Study Guides

Study guides are the best way to prepare for yourtest. With Princeton MCAT Review, you will have an access to about 11 subject-specificcourse books prepared by experts. All the packages, except the Self-Pacedoption which has 10, consist of 11 MCAT books.

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Practice Tests

Each of the MCAT course packages includes a focus on practice test to give you the actual MCAT test experience. You get up to 15 practice tests that are full-length. The tests include some from AAMC, the body responsible for the designing of the MCAT test.

Practice Drills

These are the kind of practice tests that you won’t find anywhere else. They are MCAT-styled, up-to 235 in number and consist of up to 1520 questions. These tests are meant to prepare you and help you test your readiness for the MCAT test.

Score Reports

As you study through the courses and take theinteractive practice and diagnostic tests, you will be able to identify yourweak areas. You will receive a score report for each test you take. You canthen use these score reports to review and identify the weak areas. This way itbecomes easier for you to improve on them.

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Admission Counselling

Princeton Review believes that getting an entry into medical school is not all about your MCAT score. You would require help on how to apply for medical school, prepare, take and pass interviews, among other areas.

The counselling team is available to give you comprehensive guidance through this process. The counselling coach will assess you to check your current status and stand as an applicant, your own MCAT score, and your academic record. All this is done to enable you identify your weak areas and get advice on how you can improve. You are required to pay $3500 for this special package.

Looking at the above, you can tell why Princeton Review is one of thebest in as far as MCAT prep course options are concerned. With Princeton come flexibility,affordability and intensive training courses that give you all you’ll ever needto pass your MCAT.

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