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James Edge
Bu yazı Reklamverenlerimizin bir və ya daha çox məhsul istinadlar var. Bu məhsulları bağlantıları basın zaman kompensasiya ala bilər. Bizim Reklam Siyasəti izahı üçün, ziyarətbu səhifə.

Smash USMLE Step 1 BaxışREYTİNQ:

Smash USMLE was founded by Dr. Adeleke Adesina, a practicing ER physician and experienced USMLE instructor. Smash USMLE’s goal is to offer students engaging video lectures and study materials that will help them pass the Step 1 və Step 2 CK exams on the first attempt.


smash usmle video lecture1. video mühazirələr

The company stresses its commitment to providing students with straightforward, encouraging video lectures presented by an experienced and upbeat instructor. In hundreds of hours of recorded videos, Dr. Adesina explains key terms and conditions and uses a white board to illustrate and emphasize his main points. Many students prefer this more dynamic approach compared to the standard narrated Powerpoint presentations, which can be quite dull.

2. Böyük Sual Bank

With more than 3,500 high quality questions in total for the Step 1 və Step 2 CK imtahanları, the test banks for this course give students ample opportunity to practice thousands of questions before they take their exams. The test bank can be reset twice, and the questions are reviewed by clinicians to make sure that they remain up-to-date.

3. Content is Very Popular with Students

Dr. Adesina has a large number of fans. His extremely popular videos have been downloaded MILLIONS of times on YouTube and students love his great explanations and straightforward teaching style. Whatever this course may lack in advanced web design and appearance is made up for by Adesina’s enthusiasm and genuine desire to help medical students pass the USMLE exams.

audiobook image4. Image Bank & Audio Books

These are two nice features that are typically not included in other USMLE prep courses. Students can review information while they are commuting, exercising, or when they are out and about by listening to the audio books. Detailed medical images are also available to increase your understanding and aid memorization while you study.

5. Progress and Performance Feedback

You can see your progress in the course in the dashboard area of the Smash USMLE site. A pie chart shows you exactly what percentage of the videos you have watched, and how much you have left to review. In the test bank, questions come with complete, detailed explanations for the correct answer choice, and the software keeps track of how you are performing in various categories.

6. Money Back Guarantee

Smash USMLE wants its customers to be absolutely satisfied with their products. They offer a 100% refund if you do not pass your boards. You must provide documentation/proof of your board scores in order to receive a full refund. Please see the Smash USMLE website for additional details and requirements regarding their refund policy.

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1. Low-Budget Video

The video lessons are very basic. As you can see in the free trial videos, Dr. Adesina typically stands in front of a white board with a lot of writing on it, and lectures about specific topics. Most of the drawings are good, but the text is can be small and difficult to read at times.

Adesina’s English is excellent, but his accent is somewhat distracting and makes it difficult to understand certain topics in some of the lectures. The videos cannot be downloaded because of copyright concerns, onlar öyrənmək möhkəm internet bağlantısı lazımdır deməkdir cihaz axın olmalıdır.


Dr. Adesina nin təşviq şəxsiyyəti və sadə çatdırılması tez-tez anlamaq üçün asan USMLE imtahan test hətta ən mürəkkəb tibbi mövzu edir. Əlbəttə saytında məşhur aktyor və kino səhnələri olan bir motivasion video clip onlar öz arzularını nail qədər vermək heç vaxt tibb tələbələri ruhlandırmaq üçün xidmət.

Bu hazırlayıcı kurs aşağı-tech və bir qədər kustar bəzi funksiyaları baxmayaraq, Dr. Adesina onun-anlamaq asan və dostluq mühazirələr vasitəsilə işıq saçır ümidverici şəxsiyyət var. O, bir çox xoşbəxt azarkeşləri və tərəfdarları var ki, təəccüblü deyil.

If you are looking for a review course that breaks the most commonly tested medical concepts and topics down into more easily digested and comprehensible segments, and if you don’t care so much about more advanced features or course analytics, the videos are worth watching for their upbeat and helpful message alone. Be sure to take advantage of their 15-day free trial to determine if this is the right course for you!

USMLE Smash məni!



  • 450+ total hours of video lectures for Step 1 və Step 2 CK
  • 3,500+ total number of practice questions for Step 1 və Step 2 CK
  • Flash cards
  • 2 study guides/test prep books
  • USMLE Advisor
  • Progress tracking (percentage of videos watched)
  • Performance analysis
  • Audio book guide
  • Online calendar
  • Money-back guarantee


Addım 1 Membership Plans: $595 (3 ay) / $795 (6 ay) / $1295 (12 ay)
Review course with 250+ hours of lectures, question bank with 1,900+ təcrübə suallar, flash cards, tracking of viewing progress of video lectures, USMLE addım 1 study guide/prep book, USMLE Advisor (exam tips via video), audio book guide, online calendar, and performance analysis.

Addım 1 Qbank Only: $59.99 (1 ay) /$99.99 (3 ay) / $119.99 (6 ay) / $149 (12 ay)

Addım 2 CK Membership Plans: $595 (3 ay) / $795 (6 ay) / $1295 (12 ay)
Review course with 220+ hours of lectures, question bank with 1,700+ təcrübə suallar, flash cards, image bank, USMLE addım 2 study guide/prep book, USMLE Advisor (exam tips via video), audio book guide, and online calendar.

Addım 2 CK Qbank Only: $59.99 (1 ay) /$99.99 (2 ay) / $119.99 (6 ay) / $149 (12 ay)

*Don’t miss out on your chance to Save 10% OFF all Smash USMLE products with this coupon code!

USMLE Smash məni!


Smash USMLE Review Breakdown

GÜCLÜ mühazirələr
2.Böyük Sual Bank
3.Very Popular Content
4.Helpful Image Bank & Audio Books
5.Progress & Performance Feedback




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    • Josh
      Josh deyir:


      Yes Smash is a great option for the lower price point. Dr. Adesina has a huge following and many people like him a lot. Be sure to use our coupon code if you decide to go with them.

      -Team USMLE əzmək

  1. Molly
    Molly deyir:

    Smash USMLE is a great course. I love Dr. Adesina! He makes the video lectures and material more exciting than it usually is. If you don’t have the cash to buy one of the higher ranked courses go with Smash.


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