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Tá an post seo tagairtí do tháirgí ó cheann amháin nó níos mó ar ár fógraíochta. D'fhéadfaimis cúiteamh a fháil nuair a chliceálann tú ar nasc leis na táirgí sin. Le haghaidh míniú ar ár Polasaí Fógraíocht, cuairt an leathanach seo

top óir cúigYou will be spending many hours preparing for the USMLE Step 2 CK, so it’s crucial to find a study guide that best fits your learning style and background. Don’t let a prep course that is not compatible with your learning style get in the way of passing this important exam!

Your goal is to pass the Step 2 CK exam the first time you take it, so you need to pick the course that is the best fit for your schedule and individual learning style. Otherwise, you will waste money and many hours of studying with materials that won’t help you succeed. Is é an jab atá againn ar crush a lámh tú go leor eolais chun an bealach is fearr do duit!

Ar an gcuis, we have personally researched and reviewed every major Step 2 cúrsa prep CK ar an margadh! Beidh an chairt comparáide cabhrú thíos leat an figiúr amach a oireann ar líne cúrsa is fearr do do riachtanais.

Céim USMLE 2 Comparáidí Cúrsa CK Rangú & Lascainí

Céim 2 CK
Smash USMLE Céim 2 cúrsa athbhreithnithe CKCOMLEX Pass Clár AthbhreithnitheCéim USMLE Fearr 2 CK Scrúdaithe Cúrsa verbCéim USMLE Fearr 2 CK verb Cúrsa BoardVitals Céim 2 CKBarr Céim USMLE 2 Cúrsa verb CKCéim USMLE Fearr 2 Cúrsa verb CK - Becker USMLE







COMPANYSmash USMLEPas Clár Céim 2Kaplan Céim 2Vitals bordDochtúirí OiliúintBecker USMLE
PRAGHAS $1,295$1,295$2,999 $199 $799$1,500
LascainíSábháil 10%

Taispeáin Cúpón

Sábháil 10%

Taispeáin Cúpón

Sábháil 10%

Taispeáin Cúpón

CEISTEANNA CLEACHTAS2,0002,0002,000 900+350 2,000
LÉACHTAÍ VIDEO200 Uaireanta150 Uaireanta120 Uaireanta 55 Uaireanta 200 Uaireanta
SAOR IN AISCE smartphone APP
TACAÍOCHT DO MHIC LÉINNTeagascóir Tacaíochta RíomhphostTeagascóir Tacaíochta RíomhphostTeagascóir Tacaíochta RíomhphostTacaíocht r-phost Live Chat, Ríomhphost, & Tacaíocht Fón Tacaíocht r-phost
TRÉIMHSE ACCESS LÍNE6 Míonna6 Míonna7 Míonna6 Míonna45 laethanta 6 Míonna
Léigh Athbhreithniú IomlánLéigh Athbhreithniú IomlánLéigh Athbhreithniú IomlánLéigh Athbhreithniú IomlánLéigh Athbhreithniú IomlánLéigh Athbhreithniú Iomlán

If you’re a student who prefers more hands-on interaction then attending a Céim USMLE 2 cúrsa prep beo ar líne Is fíor-riachtanach. The ability to study on the go and attend sessions at times that are convenient for you is key to a great course experience.

Is féidir Ag baint úsáide as cúrsa athbhreithnithe nach bhfuil ar chluiche maith do do stíl foghlama a chur faoi deara leat chun scór níos ísle nó fiú theipeann ar do scrúdú, chosnaíonn tú mhí ón am staidéir agus táillí na scrúduithe sa bhreis. Is crush anseo chun a chinntiú ní tharlóidh!

Best Live-Online USMLE Step 2 CK Courses

Céim USMLE 1
Live Online Courses
COMLEX Pass Clár AthbhreithnitheFearr Cúrsaí USMLE verb



COMPANYPas Clár USMLE Céim 2 Beo Ar LíneKaplan USMLE Céim 2 Beo Ar Líne
LascainíSábháil $439
Taispeáin Cúpón
Ar bith
METHOD OF INSTRUCTION8 Weeks of Live-Online Instruction8 Weeks Live-Online Instruction
COURSE FORMATClass Options 8:30am-5pm EST (Monday-Friday)Class Options 11am-9pm EST (7 Days a Week)
TACAÍOCHT DO MHIC LÉINNDedicated Instructor Email SupportTeagascóir Tacaíochta Ríomhphost
TRÉIMHSE ACCESS LÍNE4 nó 8 Weeks7 nó 14 Weeks
Léigh Athbhreithniú IomlánLéigh Athbhreithniú Iomlán
TOSAIGHTosaigh AnoisTosaigh Anois

2018 Céim USMLE Fearr 2 CK Prep Course Rankings

1. Smash USMLE Céim 2 Cúrsa verb CK

Best USMLE Exam Prep Course SMASHUSMLE


Popular and Engaging Video Lectures: The Smash USMLE founder, Dr. Adeleke Adesina, has an impressive following among medical students, who love his upbeat and straightforward video lectures and explanations. Some of his most popular videos have been watched millions of times on YouTube!
Fhairsing Banc Ceist: The Smash USMLE Question Bank includes more than 2,000 practice questions to help students prepare for the Step 2 CK exams. Detailed explanations help students learn why specific answers are right or wrong. The test bank can also be reset twice, and questions are reviewed regularly to ensure they are up-to-date. Practicing thousands of quality questions is a great way to raise your score on the USMLE!
Performance Feedback and Analytics: The course dashboard makes it easy to monitor your progress and evaluate your performance as you study for the USMLE exams. One glance at the pie chart shows you the percentage of videos you have watched, and software keeps track of your performance on the practice questions so that you can tailor your studies to those areas that would benefit from additional practice.
Low-Budget Videos: The streaming videos in this course may be popular and dynamic, but they are not in the same league as the professional videos created by more well-known review companies. Adesina’s accent is also somewhat difficult to understand in certain videos, although his English is very good.

The Bottom Line: Students who enroll in Smash USMLE’s Step 2 prep course will have access to 2,000 comprehensive practice questions backed by helpful analytics. Their video lectures are popular too, despite their low budget.


2. Pas Clár USMLE Céim 2 Cúrsa verb CK

Pass Program Best USMLE Prep Course


Cabhair Nuair is gá duit é: There is a fantastic team of USMLE Step 2 CK instructors that are ready and willing to help with any question you have. Ar ndóigh ní bheidh siad teagascóir tú, but if you miss a key concept you can reach out and get detailed answers quickly.
Rochtain: The USMLE Pass Program Advanced package includes 6 months of access. This is something that other USMLE providers have cut back on so keep an eye out when you’re comparing with other courses. Tá sé an-tábhachtach a chinntiú go bhfuil tú go léir an t-am is gá duit agus mar sin ní gá duit a cheannach cúrsa eile in éag tar éis mise.
Fun Lectures: Dr. Francis knows how to motivate students and keep them engaged even online. His upbeat and comprehensive approach to teaching will ensure you understand all the key USMLE Step 2 CK concepts.
Lesson Pacing: Exceedingly Long lectures that some of the competition offers make it hard to focus or even fit in time to study. The Pass Program has the ideal lesson pacing. Not too long or too short, enuring you aren’t overwhelmed with new information or bored with not enough.

The Bottom Line: Pass Program’s USMLE Step 2 prep course is well-paced and entertaining, ensuring that enrolled students stay motivated throughout its duration. If they are struggling with certain sections or concepts, qualified instructors will provide additional help.


3. Kaplan USMLE Céim 2 Cúrsa verb CK

kaplan usmle step 1 USMLE review


Large Question Bank and Video Collection: Kaplan Medical’s USMLE Step 2 CK course give students access to a large number of exam-like questions in a Qbank and include an extensive video library with 2,000+ Ceisteanna. Cut hours off of your review time by watching videos at 1.5x their regular speed. The high-quality videos are informative and entertaining, making the large body of material less daunting.
Scrúduithe Diagnóiseacha, Quizzes, agus Scrúduithe Cleachtais: There are many opportunities for students to test themselves on the knowledge they must master before they sit for the exam. trialacha diagnóiseacha, shorter quizzes and full-length simulated exams give students practice and targeted feedback on their ability and performance.
Mobile Friendly: All lectures can be viewed from your iPhone an Android device, making it easy to get your study hours in, no matter where you are located. An Céim 2 CK Qbank includes a free app for you to work on practice questions and check answers as well.
International Student Friendly: Kaplan Medical has first-rate options for International Students who are preparing to apply for a residency program in the USA. Live, Live Online and On Demand options are supplemented by immersive In Center learning opportunities and study centers with state-of-the-art facilities, computers, internet access, and helpful staff to answer questions.

The Bottom Line: It doesn’t matter where they are in the world: Acmhainní Kaplan don mhic léinn ag staidéar do Chéim 2 den USMLE atá ar fáil go héasca. Cuireann siad le linn mór ceisteanna agus tráthanna na gceist is féidir teacht air freisin trí app soghluaiste handy.


4. Bord vitals USMLE Céim 2 Cúrsa Athbhreithniú CK

BoardVitals Céim 1 - Cúrsa Athbhreithniú USMLE


Tástálacha Cleachtais Scrúdaithe-Cosúil: Cuidíonn lasc ama daltaí súil a choinneáil ar a ndul chun cinn maidir le gach ceist agus an scrúdú iomlán. Is féidir leat dul ar ais agus amach i measc ceisteanna, atá deartha chun freastal ar an leibhéal deacrachta de na ceisteanna ar an scrúdú iarbhír. You can also choose between the Timed Mode and the Review Mode when answering practice questions or taking a practice exam.
Large Question Bank with Explanations: Detailed explanations and answers for every single practice question form the core of this prep program. You’ll have access to 1,500 board review questions to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 CK exam. Questions are written and reviewed by practicing physicians, medical faculty, or come from 3 leading medical publishers.
Adaptive Learning Technology: You’ll get individualized question recommendations based on your performance. Tar éis duit fhreagair ceisteanna cleachtais agus glacadh tástáil chleachtas, you can compare your performance to that of other students. Your performance allows the program to suggest specific practice questions for additional study, so that you can focus on those areas that will benefit most from review.
Great Price: For the quality of the material, you can’t beat the price. Priced between $79-$199 for up to 6 months of access, this course is a bargain and could easily be combined with other study materials. The pass guarantee makes this offer even better: Bord vitals Cuireann síntiúis leathnaithe saor in aisce do do chúrsa mura bhfuil tú pas a fháil sa scrúdú a bhfuil tú ag déanamh staidéir ar.

The Bottom Line: BoardVitals does a fantastic job emulating the real test experience through their timed practice tests. Cuireann siad chomh maith ceisteanna chleachtas lán de mhionsonraí an tacaíocht ag teicneolaíocht foghlama oiriúnaitheach ag pointe phraghas an-réasúnta.

TÓGANN ME dul ar bord vitals USMLE

Céim USMLE Fearr 2 Lascainí CK

Bain USMLE Cód Lascaine

Smash USMLE, Speisialta, Céatadán Lascaine 39 úsáideann inniu
Smash USMLE 39 úsáideann inniu

Tóg $200 Off Bain USMLE Cód Lascaine

Faigh suas go dtí $200 nó 10% Off Bain Táirgí USMLE! Áirítear leis seo a Céim USMLE 1 agus Céim 2 Bainc Ceisteanna CK agus Ballraíochtaí Cúrsa.
Last Úsáidte 27 nóiméad ó shin
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 27, 2018

SAVE $800 OFF bain USMLE – Ar ais go Sale Scoil!

Smash USMLE, Dollar Méid Off, Speisialta 35 úsáideann inniu
Smash USMLE 40 úsáideann inniu
SAVE $800 amach ar Smash USMLE cúrsaí ar líne! Ar ais go díol scoile!
Last Úsáidte 2 hours ago
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 26, 2018

Sábháil 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – I duine

Kaplan USMLE, Lascainí eisiach, Dollar Méid Off 35 úsáideann inniu
Kaplan USMLE 40 úsáideann inniu
Sábháil 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – I duine
Last Úsáidte 2 hours ago
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 23, 2018

Sábháil 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – Ar éileamh

Kaplan USMLE, Speisialta, Céatadán Lascaine 41 úsáideann inniu
Kaplan USMLE 34 úsáideann inniu

Sábháil 25% le Kaplan USMLE ar éileamh

cód Cúpón bailí ar feadh Kaplan USMLE Céim 1, 3, & 3
Last Úsáidte 2 hours ago
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 23, 2018

Bord vitals NCLEX Cód Cúpón

Vitals bord, Speisialta, Céatadán Lascaine 36 úsáideann inniu
Vitals bord 40 úsáideann inniu

Sábháil 10% Bord vitals NCLEX Cód Cúpón

Sábháil suas go dtí 10% ar ábhair BoardVitals staidéir! Áirítear leis seo a Tástálacha Cleachtais NCLEX agus Banc Ceist.
Last Úsáidte 5 hours ago
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 25, 2018

Bord vitals USMLE Cód Cúpón

Vitals bord, Lascainí eisiach, Dollar Méid Off 37 úsáideann inniu
Vitals bord 41 úsáideann inniu

Sábháil $17.90 Bord vitals Cód Cúpón

Sábháil suas go dtí $17.90 ar ábhair BoardVitals staidéir! Áirítear leis seo a Céim USMLE 1, Céim 2, agus Céim 3 Tástálacha Cleachtais agus Banc Ceist.
Last Úsáidte 53 nóiméad ó shin
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 27, 2018

USMLE Clár Pas Lascaine – Sábháil 10%

Pas Clár USMLE, Lascainí eisiach, Céatadán Lascaine 36 úsáideann inniu
Pas Clár USMLE 34 úsáideann inniu
Sábháil 10% ar an EduMind USMLE Clár Pas cúrsaí ar éileamh ar Chéim 1, 2, & 3
Last Úsáidte 1 hours ago
Éag Dáta: Deireadh Fómhair 26, 2018

Cad iad na Céim USMLE fearr 2 Cúrsaí CK prep?

Céim USMLE Fearr 2 Cúrsaí CK verb

Céim USMLE 2 CK Courses Ceisteanna Cleachtais
Kaplan 2,000
Vitals bord900+
Smash USMLE2,000
Dochtúirí in Oiliúint350

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