USMLE World Step 1 Review

Last Updated:Maris 19, 2018
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USMLE Duniya, kuma aka sani da UWorld, is an online prep course that focuses on self-assessment exams and includes an excellent question bank. This affordable option is best paired with additional study materials, as there are no video lectures or textbooks.


1. M Tambaya Bank

USMLE World’s question bank is quite extensive and includes more than 2,200 yi tambayoyi. It’s an excellent learning-tool for anyone taking the exam because the questions are frequently updated to ensure they remain closely aligned with the latest version of the Step 1 USMLE. Working your way through the entire Qbank one or even several times should dramatically increase your chances for a good score. All of the questions also come with detailed explanations and you can compare your performance scores with those of other UWorld users.

2. Self-assessment Exams

Su kai-kima jarrabawa ne sosai amfani da. Da ciwon da wani ra'ayin na matakin da ikon kafin ka yanke shawara inda ya mayar da hankali your binciken kokarin zai cece ku lokaci da kuma samun ku acclimated ga jarrabawa format. Created by physicians, da kai-kima jarrabawa yi kama da mataki 1 format, kamar yadda suke rushe a cikin 4 blocks of 46 mahara-zabi tambayoyi. Ko da yake ainihin jarrabawa ya ƙunshi 7 tubalan tambayoyi, kammala da dama kai-kimomi zai ba dalibai a da kyau gabar su karfi da kasawan. Dalibai sun samu wadannan jarrabawa zama da taimako sosai, musamman saboda kowane kima zo tare da cikakken bincike na karfi, kasawan, da kuma wani m 3-lambobi ci dangane UWorld ta ilimin kididdiga data.

3. Free Mobile App

Da ciwon free mobile app ne ko da yaushe wani maraba alama a wani Prep shirin. This means that busy students can practice questions from UWorld’s extensive Qbank on the go, whenever they have a few minutes to spare. The app is compatible with iOs and Android. Everything is synced to a central database, so you can move seamlessly between various devices while you study.

4. Affordable Pricing

For the amount of practice and feedback provided, UWorld’s prep option is competitively priced. The extensive question bank, self-assessment exams, a mobile app, and in-depth progress tracking, students will get a lot for their money.


1. No Video Lectures

This course consists primarily of practice questions, yi jarrabawa, and the feedback generated from your performance. You won’t get any lectures or review in the form of videos or study guides.

2. No Study Books or Notes

USMLE World offers subject review materials in biostatistics for students who are preparing for the USMLE Step 1, but these are only available in electronic form, and the material isn’t designed to replace lecture notes or study books. If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive prep course, USMLE World may not be the best option. It may be a good idea to use additional materials to study for the exam.


USMLE World provides future physicians a more affordable way to study for the USMLE Step 1 Exam. They provide great tools to help students practice and assess those areas that need improvement. Although this course is not as comprehensive prep course as some of the competition, it would make a great supplementary study tool for those who are looking for extra practice.

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Features and Pricing:

Mataki 1 tambaya Bank (30 days) & Self-assessment Form 1 da kuma 2 (two weeks each): $169

Mataki 1 tambaya Bank (60 days) & Self-assessment Form 1 da kuma 2 (two weeks each): $219

Mataki 1 tambaya Bank (90 days) & Self-assessment Form 1 da kuma 2 (two weeks each): $259

Mataki 1 tambaya Bank (180 days) & Self-assessment Form 1 da kuma 2 (two weeks each): $329

Mataki 1 tambaya Bank (360 days) & Self-assessment Form 1 da kuma 2 (two weeks each): $429

Biostatistics Subject Review Subscription (90 days): $25

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USMLE World Review Breakdown

1.M Tambaya Bank
2.Self Assessment Exams
3.Free Mobile App
4.Affordable Pricing

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USMLE World Step 1 Review
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