Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Mistoqsija Banek

Starting a career in medicine is no easy feat. Whether you’re interested in becoming a doctor, a nurse, or any other medical professional, the educational requirements are steep and will often incorporate a combination of university education, postgraduate education, and additional certifications. One of these certifications is the USMLE, a notoriously difficult licensing exam that comes in multiple parts.

Looking to pass the USMLE? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back:

One of the best ways to prepare for taking this exam, or any similar exam for that matter, is to answer practice questions. High-quality practice questions can provide simulations of the real exam-taking experience by imitating the structure and content of the real thing. Answering a large quantity of practice questions correctly can help to reduce your anxiety when taking the USMLE, greatly increasing your chance of passing as a result.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

Question banks can come in a few different formats. Many are included in USMLE review courses as part of their learning curriculum. Many more are sold in standalone books or eBooks, with even some of the aforementioned prep course providers selling theirs in this way. Often times, USMLE question banks will be separated by each level, or Step, of the exam.

Finding the right question bank can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Għalhekk, we’ve created this list of the best USMLE Step 1 Question banks in order to help you skip this entire process and get down to what matters most: studying so you can CRUSH the USMLE!

What is the best USMLE Step 1 mistoqsija Bank?

1. Kaplan USMLE Stadju 1 Qbank

kaplan usmle step 1 USMLE review
Although it may not offer as many questions as our #1 pick, Pass Kaplan 1 USMLE Qbank comes closest out of all competing providers. Their flexible pricing and streamlined interface offer many positive additional benefits as well.

Pro: Ipprezzar

In a move that may seem out of the ordinary for a high-end prep course provider, Kaplan offers access to their Step 1 practice questions at a few reasonable tiered prices. If students choose to purchase 12 months or 18 xhur ta 'aċċess, the cost per month is less than $20!

Pro: Interface

Kaplan’s QBank is delivered through an interface that is streamlined to the point where it is very easy to access all important information such as progress reports and test simulations. This is an important design factor for relieving stress and saving time during the study process.

Con: Covered Material

Despite this QBank having a large pool of questions for students to access, some areas of the USMLE Step 1 exam have more questions than others. According to one reviewer of Kaplan’s practice questions, there aren’t enough regarding neurophysiology.


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2. BoardVitals USMLE Step 1 Qbank

BoardVitals Pass 1 - USMLE Reviżjoni Kors With a smaller pool of questions than the two best question banks on this list, BoardVitals makes up for this shortcoming by providing study content crafted by highly qualified medical professionals and excellent customer support.

Pro: Professional Expertise

As was previously mentioned, BoardVitals employs a team of doctors and experts to create all of their practice material. Thanks to this highly qualified group of instructors with skin in the game, customers can take comfort in the knowledge that they are learning from the best.

Pro: Customer Support

Although issues with their service are rare, BoardVitals still places considerable emphasis on providing an excellent support system for students experiencing any problems. Students can reach out to their support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either through phone or email.

Con: Accessibility

All of BoardVitals’ educational content, including their practice questions, are meant to be accessed on a standard personal computer. This means that no mobile app has been developed for use on a tablet or smartphone. While some resources can be reached on mobile, the lack of a dedicated app can negatively impact students’ performance on mobile devices.

TIEĦU ME lill-bord vitals USMLE

Bord vitals NCLEX Kupun Kodiċi

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Bord vitals USMLE Kupun Kodiċi

Vitals bord, Skontijiet esklussiva, Dollaru Ammont Off 38 użi llum
Vitals bord 35 użi llum

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Save sa $17.90 fuq materjali ta 'studju BoardVitals! Dan jinkludi Pass USMLE tagħhom 1, Pass 2, u Pass 3 Testijiet Prattika u Mistoqsija Bank.
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Data ta 'skadenza: settembru 29, 2018

3. GraduateX USMLE Step 1 Qbank

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Exam Prep Course
Despite being low on our list, GraduateX’s USMLE Step 1 practice questions are still an excellent educational resource for any student looking to prepare for the exam. A helpful community and easy-to-navigate curriculum make this a stress-free learning resource.

Pro: Curriculum

GraduateX divides all of the important information covered on the USMLE Step 1 exam into 90 steps. These steps devote a decent amount of time to each aspect of the exam with reading material that serves as a companion resource.

Pro: Community

Upon signing up for access to GraduateX’s practice material, students will gain access to their community resources. This allows students to contact other students or GraduateX team members to devise study plans or resolve issues.

Con: mistoqsija Bank

Although all of the material provided by GraduateX is easy to access and divided into sections that make sense, the actual size of their content is low. At only 1,500 mistoqsijiet prattika, this provider offers the lowest number out of all services on this list.


GraduateX USMLE Kupun Kodiċi

gradwati X, Skontijiet deep, Offerta finanzjament 39 użi llum
gradwati X 35 użi llum

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4. UWorld USMLE Step 1 Qbank

best usmle step 1 prep uworld step 1
UWorld has a substantial USMLE Step 1 QBank that does a fantastic job imitating the real thing.

Pro: Volume

Out of all the educational resources on this list, UWorld has the one QBank with the highest number of questions. Over 2,400 multiple choice questions are included in their product, meaning that students who use their QBank won’t run out of learning material for quite some time.

Pro: Device Compatibility

It can be difficult for students juggling multiple responsibilities to find time for studying. To help mitigate this concern, UWorld’s QBank is compatible on mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. With the option to access these practice questions from other devices, students can more easily squeeze in a quick study session while on break or during a commute.

Pro: Simulation

According to many students and reviewers, including those from competing USMLE prep course providers, UWorld’s question bank offers an experience most similar to actually taking Step 1 of the exam. This means that it is far and away the best method for students to acclimate to the time constraints and pressures of the real exam in a controlled environment.

Con: Time-Consuming

It is no doubt that having a large volume of questions to pull from can be a major benefit for a student looking to pass the USMLE. It’s also very helpful that these questions can be accessed on mobile devices. Madankollu, the fact remains that answering all of these questions will take a great deal of time, making UWorld one of the most time-consuming QBank resources.

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Prep Course

Liema huma l-aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Qbanks?

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Mistoqsija Banek 2018 – Compared

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Korsijiet prepBest Feature
Kaplan USMLEMost comprehensive
Vitals bordBest Value
gradwati XCommunity Forums
UWorldUSMLE Exam Simulation


What is the difference between the USMLE vs Comlex

What’s the difference between the COMLEX vs USMLE?

If you are just starting the process of acquiring a license to practice medicine in the United States, be prepared: Medical licensing in the United States can be confusing. For US-based allopathic students, the path forward is fairly straight forward. But if you fall outside of that category (US-based osteopathic student, international medical graduate (IMG)), the path forward is likely a little more convoluted. Let’s consider a simple case first: International Medical Graduates. For all physicians licensed to practice in the US (with few exceptions), you’ll be required to enter a residency match program (either allopathic or osteopathic programs) and complete additional clinical training. As it currently stands, international medical graduates (IMG’s) are only eligible for the allopathic National Residency Match Program (NRMP) and thus should only consider taking the USMLE, not COMLEX (the licensing exam for osteopathic physicians). Hekk, as of now, it’s a relatively simple answer for IMG’s: Take the USMLE exam, not COMLEX.

Who should take both the USMLE and COMLEX?

What if you are an osteopathic student based in the US? You currently are required to take and pass COMLEX in order to practice as a osteopathic physician and be eligible for an osteopathic residency program. Madankollu, osteopathic students have another option: Take the USMLE AND COMLEX. Many students may wonder why it would be worth subjecting yourself to multiple exams (3 for COMLEX, u 4 for the USMLE including Step 2 KEFA). Students decide to not take the USMLE for many reasons: It can cost A LOT of money – cost preparation, exam registration, travel, additional fees. It can take A LOT of time – anywhere from a week to a few months depending on when you decide to take the exam. An allopathic residency isn’t something they want to pursue. Madankollu, there are multiple reasons students decide to take it: If you time it correctly, it can overlap with preparation for each COMLEX level, limiting additional study time required. It makes you eligible for allopathic residency programs AND osteopathic programs, expanding your options for post-graduate training. It can increase your competitiveness for both types of residency programs if you perform well. USMLE Competitiveness It can be taken at any time during your training as it is not required for graduation from osteopathic programs. If you are still on the fence about doubling down and taking the USMLE, try to answer this one question: What do you want to do for your residency training? At the end of the day, your choice of specialty, program location, type of residency will dictate whether or not it’s a good idea to take both exams. If you’re interested in something highly competitive (dermatology, plastic surgery, radiation oncology), in many cases it makes sense to broaden the number of programs for your application, especially for very specialized fields. Because there are many more allopathic residency programs than osteopathic, if location for residency training is important to you, it may make sense to take the USMLE increasing your chance of being able to match in a specific location. Residency is a difficult and exciting time in your training, so it’s worth considering what your goals are as early as possible to make sure you can take appropriate steps to prepare for the necessary exams. Based on your answer, you may decide the USMLE is not for you. If, madankollu, you decide to take the USMLE in addition to COMLEX, it is important to have a plan. Here are key things to consider:
  1. Timing – Because there is a sizeable amount of overlapping information across both COMLEX and the USMLE, many students opt to take them at the same time, or in close proximity. Because COMLEX is required for graduation, it’s often recommended you focus on passing those exams first. Upon completing COMLEX, students often go directly into a brief study period for the USMLE and take the exam soon after. Madankollu, some students opt to take the USMLE first as it is considered to be more difficult, and then take a brief period to study COMLEX specific topics, such as OMM, before sitting for COMLEX.
  2. Overlapping information – similar to timing, the overlap of information allows the use of similar resources. In selecting resources, follow this mantra: “As much as necessary, as little as possible.” Select the fewest number of resources you need to ace both COMLEX and the USMLE. Know them inside and out. Being familiar with all the material through the entirety of the study period will help on both exams.
  3. Question styles – COMLEX questions and USMLE questions test much of the same material but with different styles of questions. It is important to expose yourself to both styles of questions before each exam. Using QBanks specific to each is an option followed by many students. Alternatively, students choose a single comprehensive QBank (such as Kaplan’s USMLE Qbank) and use National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) practice exams to learn question styles.
In the end, it’s always worth speaking to an academic advisor to discuss what your goals are and the best way to reach them. School advisors can also give insight as to how test preparation fits into your school’s curriculum and what previous students in your program have had success with in the past. For IMG’s, there are advisory services available through US based companies that help develop a plan and help prepare applications for the residency match program. And many of these services can include help in preparing for exams. It’s also worth noting that the ACGME and AOA (the governing bodies for allopathic and osteopathic residency programs, respectively) have reached an agreement that will allow a single application service and match program across all types of residencies. This program is set to go into effect in 2020, but it is still unclear exactly how this will impact COMLEX and USMLE examinees, both US-based and abroad.

FREE Prattika USMLE test Online

FREE USMLE Step 1 Practice Tests Smash USMLE Stadju 1 reviżjoni Il-Pass USMLE 1 Exam is your first board exam to take during medical school. Start off right by taking your studying seriously and being consistent with taking USMLE Step 1 mistoqsijiet prattika.

FREE USMLE Step 1 Questions

Here are 50 free USMLE Step practice test from the Smash USMLE Step 1 question bank. What was your score? Are you ready to take the USMLE Step 1 eżami? Il-Pass USMLE 1 Exam is administered over the course of one day consisting seven 60-minute sessions. Each session will have 40 or fewer questions. The following topics are found on this exam:
  • Anatomy
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
In addition to the above topics, il Pass USMLE 1 Exam also covers interdisciplinary areas related to the following:
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Nutrition
Smash USMLE provides a USMLE Step 1 Prep Courses and Qbanks which have 2,000+ Pass USMLE 1 mistoqsijiet prattika. These questions are written in the same format found on the exam and have detailed explanations like the ones you’ll see here. Each of the categories found on the exam is covered by the Smash USMLE question bank and will provide you with hands-on experience for what to expect on the testing day. Trid aktar prattika? Qabbel l-aħjar Pass USMLE 1 korsijiet ta 'reviżjoni hawn.
USMLE Exam Strategies & Tips

Eżamijiet USMLE: miti, Fatti u Strateġiji għall Negħlbu Ħsarat

Kull student mediku li japplikaw għall-programmi ta 'residenza dreads l-idea ta' nuqqas l-eżami USMLE, jemmen theres ebda mod biex tegħleb dan in-nuqqas u għandhom jitqiesu għall-intervisti. Madankollu, mhuwiex verament l-aħħar tad-dinja, u hemm ħafna inti xorta tista 'tagħmel għas-suċċess USMLE. Ejja jiddekowdja xi miti komuni dwar l-USMLE, u tħares lejn xi strateġiji għall-applikazzjonijiet ta 'residenza ma tentattivi multipli.

Miti USMLE komuni vs. il-verita

Hawnhekk huma koppja ta 'miti dwar eżamijiet USMLE:
  • Tentattivi USMLE - Hemm leġġenda wiesgħa li inti mhux se tikseb intervisti minn programmi residenza fil-U.S. ma 'tentattivi USMLE multipli. Ħafna kandidati residenza jemmnu dan ifisser it-tmiem tal-karriera medika tagħhom, qabel anki jibda!
Il-fatt hu, programmi residenza ħafna ma jimpurtahom dwar tentattivi fallew fil-eżamijiet USMLE. Xi wħud jistgħu jittrattaw dan bħala difett, iżda anke dawn jistgħu jagħmlu eċċezzjoni jekk int lesti li jqiegħdu fil-isforz żejjed fuq il-bqija tal-applikazzjoni tiegħek.
  • Old / Gradwati internazzjonali - Mit ieħor komuni hija li gradwati mediċi anzjani, Gradwati mediċi speċjalment Internazzjonali jew IMGs, ma tistax jmorru tajjeb fil- eżamijiet USMLE jew tikseb residenza f'xi U.S. programmi residenza.
Dan mhux kompletament veru, peress li m'hemm l-ebda limitu ta 'età għat-teħid tal-eżami. Madankollu, IMGs Old li ggradwaw skola medika barra tal-U.S. aktar minn 5 snin lura ma jiġux ikkunsidrati għall-programmi ta 'residenza aktar fil-pajjiż. Japplikaw għal Residenza bil Tentattivi Multipla Hawn huma xi strateġiji għall-applikazzjoni ma 'tentattivi USMLE multipli:
  1. Xogħol iebes fuq Passi oħra - Fin-nuqqas fi stadju wieħed ta 'eżami ta' spiss ifisser li jaħdmu aktar diffiċli fl-istadji futuri biex turi l-impenn tiegħek. Jekk inti nqast Pass USMLE 1, per eżempju, il Pass USMLE 2 CK / KEFA toffrilek l-opportunità li juru l-abbiltajiet tiegħek. Scoring tajjeb ħafna f'dan l-istadju jista 'jgħinek tikseb residenza.
  2. Iċċekkja Restrizzjonijiet Istat - F'xi stati, inti huma permessi biss numru limitat ta 'tentattivi ta' l-eżamijiet USMLE. Kun żgur li int mhux qed tapplika għall-programmi fl-istati fejn il-flus tiegħek u l-ħin ser ikunu moħlija minħabba tentattivi multipli, u l-kontroll din il-lista b'attenzjoni għall-istati kompatibbli.
  3. Iċċekkja Restrizzjonijiet Programm - Flimkien mal-kontrolli jekk hemmx xi limiti tentattiv japplikaw f'kull stat, jivverifika wkoll jekk il-programm residenza inkwistjoni timponi limitu tagħha stess għall-kwalifika. Hemm ħafna programmi li kandidati intervista ma 'tentattivi multipli, sabiex tfittex għal dawn minflok.
  4. Għid Programmi Story tiegħek - Jekk inti kellna nuqqas USMLE qabel ma jgħaddu, tuża din bħala opportunità biex juru programmi residenza kif inti tagħmel handling kontrattempi. Jaqsmu l-istorja fil Personali Dikjarazzjoni tiegħek juri li inti tista 'tieħu r-responsabbiltà għall-iżbalji tiegħek u jitgħallmu minnhom, li huwa importanti għall-programmi.
  5. Build a Strong Application – Make sure that your Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) application, CV and Personal Statement are strong, well-written and error-free. Huma jeħtieġu wkoll li jkunu speċifiċi għall-ispeċjalità inti għażilt, ma Ittri reċenti ta 'Rakkomandazzjoni mill-esperjenza klinika tiegħek fil-U.S.
  6. Ħu l-Pass 3 exam - Tikkunsidra li tieħu l-Pass USMLE 3 eżami jekk għandek tentattivi multipli li jqajmu mistoqsijiet jew tħassib bi programmi ta 'residenza. Kun żgur li int kompletament lest għat-test, għalkemm. tentattivi multipli flimkien ma 'Stadju 3 nuqqas se jkunu agħar minn tentattivi USMLE multipli waħdu.
Kemm jekk int student internazzjonali jew U.S. gradwati medika, ma let yourself jsiru skoraġġuti minn nuqqas USMLE. Poġġi fl-isforz u l-istudju diffiċli biex tikseb punteġġ aħjar ħin li jmiss! addizzjonali Referenzi: http://blogs.askdoc-usmle.com/advice-for-the-old-img-taking-the-usmle/ http://blogs.askdoc-usmle.com/am-i-too-old-to-take-the-usmle/ Bio awtur: Oriġinarjament mill Philadelphia, Eric Brown huwa residenti ta 'New York, fejn jaħdem bħala pazjent standardizzat (SP) and advises NYCSPREP with their Ħiliet kliniċi Kors. Bil-ħafna snin ta 'esperjenza u għarfien industrija fis-affarijiet kollha relatati SP-, huwa jgħin lill-istudenti ass eżamijiet CS tagħhom billi jissimulaw pazjenti se taħdem ma. Huwa wkoll tibqa 'aġġornata ma' l-aspettattivi, tendenzi, u l-iżviluppi fil-eżamijiet CS, biex jgħinu NYCSPREP iżommu kors attwali tagħhom. Fil-ħin liberu tiegħu, Eric jħobb tħollija billi jaraw baseball u jistgħu jinstabu fil-logħba meta l-Phillies (tim dar tiegħu) huma playing. Jekk għandek xi mistoqsijiet dwar eżamijiet CS standardizzati jew korsijiet fl NYCSPREP, email Eric fuq [email protected] jew żjara www.nycsprep.com.

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Materjali Studju prep

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Korsijiet prep Finding the right Pass USMLE 1 Study Materials could be the single most important decision you will make on your journey towards passing your exam. You will be spending countrless hours studying, hekk huwa kruċjali biex isibu l-kors li taqbel istil ta 'tagħlim tiegħek u l-isfond. The difference between passing or failing your exam largely depends on how well your USMLE Step 1 study materials prepare you for it. Using a course that isn’t a good match for your learning style can cause you to score lower or worse, fail your exam. No worries though we’res here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Hawn l-aħbar tajba: we have personally researched and reviewed the USMLE Step 1 study materials below. The comparison chart will help you decide which course best fits your needs and compares students most important features. Uħud mill-links fuq din it-tabella huma links affiljat, meaning I can get a small commission (użati biex jiffinanzjaw din il-websajt) meta inti tixtri billi tikklikkja permezz. Tinkwetax għalkemm, billi tuża l-kodiċijiet promo USMLE u l-iskontijiet kors reviżjoni USMLE int ser tingħata l-aħjar possibbli.

Best USMLE Step Study Materials Comparisons & Skontijiet

  • Smash USMLE Stadju 1 Study Material
  • Għaddi Programm USMLE Stadju 1 Study Materials
  • Kaplan USMLE Stadju 1 Kors reviżjoni
  • Bord vitals USMLE Stadju 1 Study Materials
  • GraduateX USMLE Step 1 Study Material
  • Backer USMLE Step 1 Prep Course
Pass USMLE 1 korsijietFuq USMLE Prep Kors - smash USMLEGħaddi Programm tal-Kors Aħjar USMLE PrepBest Korsijiet USMLE PrepFuq USMLE Kors prep exam - BoardVitals Pass 1aħjar Kors USMLE PrepTop New USMLE Prep Kors Becker USMLE







KUMPANIJAsmash USMLE Għaddi Programm USMLEKaplan USMLEVitals bordGraduateX USMLEBecker USMLE
PREZZ $1995 $1,795 $1,690 $1,521 $3,999 $3,699 $179 $161 $289 $231 $1,500
SkontijietĦlief $200 Uri Kupun Ħlief $170 Uri Kupun Ħlief $300 Uri Kupun Ħlief $17.90 Uri KupunĦlief $57.80 Uri KupunXejn
MISTOQSIJIET PRATTIKA2,000 2,0002,0001,6001,500+ 2,000+
Prattika eżamijiet SĦIĦA-TUL
lectures VIDEO250 sigħat 150 sigħat200 sigħat200 sigħat
FREE smartphone APP
APPOĠĠ STUDENTIstruttur Appoġġ Email Istruttur Appoġġ EmailIstruttur Appoġġ Email Istruttur Appoġġ Emailemail Appoġġ email Appoġġ
PERJODU AĊĊESS ONLINE12 xhur 12 xhur10 xhur6 xhur12 xhur12 xhur
READ MY FULL ANALYSISAqra Reviżjoni sħiħa Aqra Reviżjoni sħiħaAqra Reviżjoni sħiħaAqra Reviżjoni sħiħaAqra Reviżjoni sħiħaAqra Reviżjoni sħiħa
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See Our Best Live Online USMLE Step 1 Course Comparison Here.

2018 Best USMLE Step Study Material Rankings

1. Smash USMLE Stadju 1 Study Material

Aħjar exam USMLE Prep Kors SMASHUSMLE


Exciting & Popular Video Lectures: Smash fundatur USMLE, dr. Adeleke Adesina, has an impressive fan base among medical students, who love his upbeat and easy to follow video lectures and explanations. Some of his most popular videos have been watched millions of times on YouTube for a reason!
Kbar Mistoqsija Bank: The Smash USMLE Question Bank includes everything you need with more than 3,500 prattika mistoqsijiet li jgħinu lill-istudenti jippreparaw għall-Pass 1 u Pass 2 eżamijiet CK. Detailed and easy to understand explanations help students learn why specific answers are right or wrong. Il-bank tat-test tista 'wkoll tkun reset darbtejn, and questions are reviewed regularly to ensure they are they most up-to-date. Practicing thousands of quality questions is one of the best ways to raise your score on the USMLE!
Feedback prestazzjoni: The course dashboard makes it easy to measure your progress and evaluate your performance as you study for the USMLE exams. Wieħed t'għajn lejn il-mappa pie turik il-persentaġġ ta 'videos għandek jaraw, and software keeps track of your performance on the practice questions so that you can change your studies to those areas that would benefit from additional practice.
Videos Low-Baġit: The streaming videos in this course are popular and dynamic, but they are not in the same league as the professional videos created by more well-known USMLE prep companies. aċċent Adesina hija wkoll pjuttost diffiċli biex jifhmu f'ċerti videos, għalkemm Ingliż tiegħu hija tajba ħafna.


2. Għaddi Programm USMLE Stadju 1 Study Materials

Għaddi Programm tal-Kors Aħjar USMLE Prep


Help When You Need It: There is a great team of instructors that are ready and willing to help with any question you have while studying for your USMLE Step 1 eżami. Of course they will not tutor you (unless you want to pay extra), but if you’ve missed a key concept, you may reach out and get detailed answers in 10-20 minutes.
Access: The USMLE Pass Program by Edumind includes 12 xhur ta 'aċċess. This is something that other providers have cut back on, so keep an eye out when you’re comparing with other courses. It is very important to ensure you have all the time you need to prepare and don’t feel rushed.
Engaging Lectures: dr. Francis is a teacher that knows how to motivate students. His classes will actually keep you engaged and even excited at times.
Not Too Long Or Too Short: The lesson pacing is ideal, not too short and not too long. These bit sized lessons really help when you’re busy and just want to get a quick study session in. This ensures you get just enough information but overwhelmed.


3. Kaplan USMLE Stadju 1 Study Materials

kaplan usmle step 1 USMLE review


Huge Question Bank and Video Collection: Pass USMLE Kaplan Mediku ta 1 study materials give students access to a large number of exam-like questions in a Qbank and include an extensive video library with 2,000+ mistoqsijiet. Pro tip: Cut sigħat off ta 'ħin reviżjoni tiegħek billi jaraw vidjos fuq 1.5x veloċità regolari tagħhom. The videos are both informative and entertaining, making the large body of material less daunting than usual.
Eżamijiet dijanjostiċi, Kwiżżijiet, u Eżamijiet Prattika: Hemm ħafna opportunitajiet għall-istudenti biex jittestjaw lilhom infushom fuq l-għarfien iridu kaptan qabel ma joqogħdu għall-eżami. testijiet dijanjostiċi, kwizzijiet iqsar u tul sħiħ eżamijiet simulati jagħtu lill-istudenti prattika u feedback mmirati fuq il-ħila tagħhom u l-prestazzjoni.
Mobile Friendly: Kollha lezzjonijiet jistgħu jitqiesu mill iPhone tiegħek mezz Android, li jagħmilha faċli li tinkiseb sigħat ta 'studju tiegħek fi, irrispettivament minn fejn int tinsab. il-Pass 1 Qbank includes a free app for you to work on practice questions and check answers as well.
Internazzjonali Student Friendly: Kaplan Mediku għandu għażliet l-ewwel rata għall Internazzjonali L-istudenti li qed jippreparaw biex japplikaw għal programm residenza fl-Istati Uniti. Jgħix, Live Online u Min għażliet Demand huma supplimentati minn immersive Fil opportunitajiet ta 'tagħlim Center u studju ċentri ma state-of-the-art faċilitajiet, kompjuters, aċċess għall-internet, u persunal ta 'għajnuna biex twieġeb mistoqsijiet.


4. Bord vitals USMLE Stadju 1 Study Materials

BoardVitals Pass 1 - USMLE Reviżjoni Kors


Practice Tests That Mimic The Exam: An easy to use timer helps students keep track of their progress on each question and the overall exam. Tista 'timxi l quddiem u lura fost mistoqsijiet, li huma mfassla biex jaqblu mal-livell ta 'diffikultà tal-mistoqsijiet dwar l-eżami attwali. Tista 'wkoll tagħżel bejn il-Modalità Timed u l-Modalità Reviżjoni meta jwieġbu mistoqsijiet prattika jew tieħu eżami prattika.
Question Bank with Descriptive Explanations: Detailed explanations plus answers for every single practice question form the core of the Board Vitals USMLE Study Materials. Int ser ikollok aċċess għall 1,500 board review questions to prepare for the exam. Questions are written and reviewed by current practicing physicians, fakultà mediku, jew ġejjin minn 3 jwassal pubblikaturi mediċi.
Adattivi Tagħlim Teknoloġija: You’ll get individualized question recommendations based on your performance to help you pass faster. Wara li tkun ħadthom wieġeb mistoqsijiet prattika u meħuda minn test prattika, inti tista 'tqabbel l-prestazzjoni tiegħek għal dik ta' studenti oħra. prestazzjoni tiegħek jippermetti lill-programm biex jissuġġerixxu mistoqsijiet speċifiċi prattika għall-istudju addizzjonali, sabiex inti tista 'tiffoka fuq dawk l-oqsma li se jibbenefikaw l-aktar minn reviżjoni.
Best Price: Għall-kwalità tal-materjal, you can’t find a better price. pprezzati bejn $79-$199 sa 6 xhur ta 'aċċess, this course is a true bargain and could easily be combined with other study materials. Il-garanzija pass jagħmel din l-offerta anki aħjar: Bord vitals toffri abbonamenti estiżi ħielsa li kors tiegħek jekk inti ma jgħaddu mill-eżami li għalih inti qiegħed tistudja.

TIEĦU ME lill-bord vitals USMLE

5. GraduateX USMLE Step 1 Study Materials

Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Exam Prep Course


Kbar Mistoqsija Bank: GraduateX’s USMLE Step 1 study materials give students access to a vast bank of practice questions. For a fraction of the price, you get almost as many questions as the larger, more comprehensive courses. You’ll have plenty of time to get through all of the different sections, so don’t worry about trying to squeeze all of your studying into a short window.
Mobile: Don’t worry about being in front of the computer for your studying—you can take your USMLE prep on the go with the GraduateX mobile app. While it’s not anything earth shattering, it has all of the basics. Hekk, enjoy your access to the study materials when you’re out of the office or not at home, as you’ll be able to knock out some key lessons while commuting or traveling.
Limited Course: While this prep tool is great for people who are great at studying at their own pace and with written content, there’s a lot that’s missing from this review program. Per eżempju, there’s no video content and it covers only the first step of the USMLE. Madankollu, there’s plenty of materials for students who have a handle on the information and really just need some repetitive reinforcement and test-taking tips.


Aħjar Pass USMLE 1 Prep Course

Best USMLE Step Study Materials

Study MaterialsPrezz
Becker USMLE$1500
Kaplan USMLE$2399
Vitals bord$179
smash USMLE$1295
Tobba Fil Taħriġ$825

Pass USMLE 2 Korsijiet CS

top 2Tagħżel il-Pass USMLE dritt 2 CS kors prep hija essenzjali jekk inti tixtieq li tgħaddi l-eżami l-ewwel darba li inti teħodha. Hija se jiffrankaw il-ħin u flus jekk inti tieħu l-ħin biex tesplora l-għażliet varji online qabel ma jimpenjaw ruħhom għal programm prep speċifiku. Jekk inti tagħżel kors prep li mhix tajba tajbin għall-istil ta 'tagħlim tiegħek inti mhux se tkun ippreparata kif ukoll għall-eżami. Inti tista 'anki jonqsu t-test u għandhom jibda minn wieħed kwadru. CRUSH trid li tiżgura dan ma jseħħx! Hekk, l-aħbar tajba hija li aħna personalment riċerkati u riveduti kull Pass USMLE maġġuri 2 KEFA kors prep fis-suq biex jgħinuk tagħmel l-aħjar deċiżjoni! Il-grafika paragun t'hawn taħt tiddeskrivi l-vantaġġi u liżvantaġġi ta 'kull kors u tgħinek tagħżel il-kors li tikkomplementa saħħiet tiegħek. Iċċekkja l-rakkomandazzjonijiet tagħna hawn taħt!

Pass USMLE 2 KEFA Kors Paragun Ċart & klassifiki

Pass 2 KEFA Korsijiet prepAħjar Pass USMLE 2 KEFA Prep KorsPass USMLE Fuq 2 KEFA Prep Kors



KUMPANIJAKaplan Pass 2 KEFAUWorld Pass 2 KEFA
lectures VIDEO 12 sigħat Live Videos Eżami Fiżika
FORMATI Kors Online Live Kors online, awto Studju
GĦAŻLIET tutoring
APPOĠĠ STUDENT Fil-Klassi Interazzjoni & Istruttur Appoġġ Emailemail Appoġġ & Forum
PERJODU AĊĊESS ONLINEPermezz Kors Tlestija Data2 xhur

Ħlief 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – ondemand

Kaplan USMLE, Specials, Discount Perċentwali 36 użi llum
Kaplan USMLE 36 użi llum

Ħlief 25% ma Kaplan USMLE On-Demand

kodiċi tal-kupun valida għall Kaplan USMLE Pass 1, 3, & 3
aħħar Użati 19 minuti ilu
Data ta 'skadenza: settembru 29, 2018

Aħjar Pass USMLE 2 Korsijiet KEFA Prep

Pass USMLE 2 Korsijiet CSvideo Lectures Prezz
Kaplan12 sigħat Live $700
USMLE Dinja Videos Eżami Fiżika $70

Pass USMLE 3 Korsijiet reviżjoni

Tagħżel il-Pass USMLE 3 prep course that is the best fit for your individual learning style is the most important decision you will make when it comes to passing this final USMLE test on the first try. Inti ser tkun infiq ħafna sigħat jistudjaw, u d-differenza bejn għaddiet b'suċċess jew fin-nuqqas tal-Pass USMLE 3 eżami tista 'ukoll jiddependi fuq kif ukoll materjali ta' studju tiegħek tipprepara lilek. A prep course that isn’t a good fit for your learning style might result in a lower score or even failing the exam, inti tiswa xhur ta 'ħin ta' studju u ħlasijiet eżami addizzjonali. Here at CRUSH the USMLE we have personally researched and reviewed every major Step 3 review course on the market so you don’t have to!

Pass 3 Paraguni kors & Skontijiet

  • Kaplan USMLE Stadju 3 prep course
  • Bord vitals USMLE Stadju 3 Study Materials
  • Tobba Fil Taħriġ USMLE Stadju 3 review course
Pass USMLE 3 korsijietAħjar Pass USMLE 3 Prep CourseBoardVitals Pass 3 - Pass USMLE Fuq 3 Prep CourseAħjar Pass USMLE 3 Korsijiet reviżjoni




KUMPANIJAKaplan USMLEVitals bordTobba Fil Taħriġ
lectures VIDEO 60 sigħat10 sigħat
FREE smartphone APP
APPOĠĠ STUDENTIstruttur Appoġġ Emailemail AppoġġLive Chat, email, & phone Appoġġ
PERJODU AĊĊESS ONLINE3 xhur6 xhur45 jiem
SkontijietĦlief 10% Uri Kupun

Aħjar Pass USMLE 3 Korsijiet prep

Pass USMLE 3 korsijietprattika Mistoqsijiet
Vitals bord 1200
Tobba Fil Taħriġ500
USMLE Dinja1400
becker usmle

Becker USMLE Reviżjoni

RATA: Becker USMLE offers a number of decent products for medical students who are taking the USMLE exams. The company’s options include live, live-online, and self-study courses, none of which are done especially well. Becker’s self-study option (eCoach) għall-Pass 1 and Step 2CK exams is an abbreviated course that includes over 200 hours of multimedia material, eBooks, access to the Step 1 question bank, audio lectures and summaries, all in an online self-study format. Its live online prep course consists of a USMLE Step 1 review that includes 275 hours of live online lectures, 30 hours of integrated cases, access to eCoach, a question bank, textbooks, and one NBME exam with assessment.



1. Live Online Classes

Pass 1 students who want a more structured course can sign up for 10 weeks of daily live online virtual classes (filgħaxija u fil-weekend għal total ta ' 275 sigħat) u 30 sigħat ta 'Każijiet integrati ħajjin online ma membru fakultà espert mediku. Dan il-kors jinkludi wkoll aċċess għall-appoġġ eCoach għall 9 xhur, li jkun utli jekk is-sostenn kien effettivament kompetenti.

2. Annotated Audio Lectures and Video Introductions

pass becker 1 istruzzjoni multimedja Becker tkopri aktar minn 200 sigħat ta 'materjal fir-reviżjoni tagħha. fakultà skola medika jiddiskutu l-materjal ta 'studju li tinsab fil-lekċers f'dettall kbir. Il- "modalità Fastplay" jippermetti lill-istudenti biex tara annotata lectures awdjo fil regolari, 1.25xu 1.5x veloċità, which kind of shows the lack of engaging content if it needs to be sped up so much.


3. mistoqsija Bank

becker usmle Becker has a question bank with more than 2,000 exam-like questions. While the bank is decent, you’ll pay about $100-$300 depending on how many months you want to subscribe, which is a pain for people who want this included in the course price. Detailed explanations help you understand which answers are correct and why, and your results are tracked so you can see your progress and spend the most time on your weaker areas.

4. Free Resources and Demos

Becker’s courses are more expensive than average, but you can take advantage of offers to sample the Step 1 eCoach Demo for free. This is a way for students to check out the content and layout of the course to see if it is a good match for their learning style without paying the obnoxiously high price for Becker’s offering.



1. Prezz

Becker’s Live Online course is priced at $3,949, making this prep course a large investment and one of the most expensive options among the competition, by quite a bit. For what you get, it’s overpriced, especially considering the lack of any type of pass guarantee. It’s not anything we would recommend, unless your last name is Gates or Buffett. If you are within commuting distance to one of their live review courses, the live review is the least expensive (without hotel room) fil $3,399, but let’s be serious, who wants to pay that much for just the course.

2. No Money-back Guarantee

The “Becker Promise” offers students who failed to pass the USMLE after enrolling in Becker’ USMLE Step 1 and Live Online Review Courses the option to repeat the applicable review course for $1,500 off the regular retail price. There are many requirements and stipulations, li jagħmilha diffiċli li jkunu jafu jekk jew le inti se jikkwalifikaw għall-Wegħda. Jekk jogħġbok ara l-websajt tagħhom għal dettalji addizzjonali, imma aħna qed tmur biex raden li inti mhux ser tikkwalifika għal din il-garanzija terribbli.

3. Interactive Chapter Review Questions

Wara kull online video, -istudenti jiksbu l-opportunità li twieġeb mistoqsijiet reviżjoni biex titkejjel kemm huma jifhmu l-kontenut tal-lecture. Din il-karatteristika jgħin jagħmlu l-istudenti konxji ta 'xi oqsma batuti sabiex ikunu jafu meta għandhom imorru lura u tirrevedi materjal speċifiku, iżda l-mod huwa ppreżentat l-informazzjoni ma tkunx ideali. Other courses do it better, trust us.

4. 3D Graphics and Animations

Becker uses technology to enhance studying and comprehension of complex processes and concepts with full-color illustrations, motion graphics and 3D animations, but the presentation is extremely confusing. Becker went overboard on this, making its course more expensive without adding any tangible value.


Becker USMLE’s online study material and live-online courses are disorganized, but take advantage of technological advances in graphics and animations. Madankollu, the cost is passed off to the consumer, as this offering is out of many people’s price range. The main drawback of Becker’s courses are the price and the quasi guarantee that it tries to pass off as an actual way to get your money back. Although students will get some quality materials, Becker’s courses do include an almost overwhelming amount of information. For what you’re paying, you really should get a better organized offering, a good guarantee, and something that justifies such an expensive asking price.


Becker USMLE Review Breakdown

1.Live Online Class
2.Annotated Audio & video Lectures
3.Interactive Chapter Review Questions
4.3D Graphics & animazzjonijiet
5.20% OFF USMLE Step 1
6.20% OFF USMLE Step 1 mistoqsija Bank
Kaplan NCLEX discount coupon code

Kaplan USMLE Review

RATA: Meta niġu għall USMLE prep, Kaplan USMLE stands out as the industry leader. Pass Kaplan 1, Pass 2 CK, Pass 2 KEFA u Pass 3 prep courses include excellent content and quality materials for all in-person, live online and on demand options. Comprehensive course materials, including instructional lectures and/or videos, question banks, practice exams, and lecture notes give US and international students access to a wealth of material to prepare them to master the USMLE exams.



1. Extensive Video Library

Access to more than 100 video hours for USMLE step 1 and step 2 preparation (and more than 2oo hours for courses aimed at international medical graduates) convey the large body of information covered on the exams in an entertaining and informative way. Videos are of high quality and can be viewed at 1.5 times their regular speed. Watching videos at top speed allows students to shave hours off of their study time, especially for topics that are more familiar.

usmle step 1 book2. Enormi Mistoqsija Bank

Kaplan has one of the largest question banks in the business. Questions are presented in an exam-like interface and are continually updated by medical faculty and former NBME writers. Students can select questions based on difficulty and high yield, and the question banks for all the different USMLE exams include full explanations for each question, as well as diagnostic and practice tests, overview tables, images, clinical videos and heart sounds. Page references to First Aid (għall Pass 1) and USMLE Master the Boards (Pass 3) point to external resources for additional information. For the hardest questions you’ll also get 200 mini-lectures (“Qutorials”) from expert medical faculty. A free mobile App compatible with both iPhone and Android) gives students the flexibility to study on the go.

3. Well-Structured and Organized

Kaplan’s methodological approach provides a good amount of structure for students who choose an online, on-demand option rather than a live course. An intuitive online platform with access to diagnostic assessments, mistoqsijiet prattika, videos, and full-length practice exams keeps students focused and on track. Multi-volume sets of carefully constructed lecture notes are included for the Step 1 u Pass 2 courses to help you memorize essential information. You’ll also be able to take shorter quizzes, diagnostic tests, as well as one full-length simulation exam for most courses.

4. International Course Options

Kaplan offers a suite of courses aimed specifically at international students who have attended medical schools outside of the US. In addition to various options to prepare for USMLE Step 1, Pass 2 CK, u Pass 3 in a Live, Live Online, and On Demand format, international graduates can take an In-Center course at their own pace, which provides live interaction with peers, Kaplan staff, and top-of-the line computer labs to help students with focused review for their exams. There is also a Step 2 KEFA kors prep, and additional online courses are available to help foreign students navigate the residency application process, learn more about interview preparation, and get answers to questions about medical residency in the US. Kaplan Medical’s Plus Programs also allow students to bundle In Center with Live or Live Online programs for a reduced price.

kaplan app5. Mobile App

The mobile app offers the ultimate in convenience for busy medical students. Practice and review USMLE questions for the different exams from your smartphone whenever you have a few extra minutes. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.



1. Information Overload

ammont impressjonanti Kaplan ta 'materjali ta' studju garantit kontroll sħiħ tal-kontenut ttestjati fuq l-eżamijiet, iżda jista 'jkun diffiċli għaliha istudenti li diġà qattgħu eluf ta' sigħat jistudjaw fi skola medika. Inti żgur ser bżonn li jeħel mal-pjan ta 'studju tajjeb biex nikseb permezz numru enormi Kaplan ta' mistoqsijiet reviżjoni, video lectures, u materjali anċillari.

2. Prezz

materjali prep USMLE komprensiva Kaplan mediċi li ma jkunux irħas. These first-rate courses have the most updated material from medical experts, so you can expect to pay a premium price. There is so much material that you may not get your money’s worth if you don’t budget enough time to study for the USMLE exams. If you are looking for Kaplan USMLE discounts get our exclusive coupon code here: .


Kaplan Medical’s comprehensive and user-friendly on demand, live online, and in-person prep courses for students preparing for the USMLE Step 1, Pass 2 CK and CS, u Pass 3 are an excellent way to prepare for these challenging exams. Their courses cover all topics in detail, are well thought-out, and come with a number of convenient features that make it easier to remember the material, regardless of your learning style. Aimed at both US and International medical school graduates, their courses deliver an abundance of study material and practice questions. Kaplan’s USMLE courses should definitely be your first choice if you want to pass your exams on the first try.



  • Hundreds of hours of high quality video lectures
  • Question Banks for each USMLE Step Exam containing practice questions, explanations, and references
  • Mini-tutorials for harder questions
  • testijiet dijanjostiċi, subject-based assessment tests, full-length simulated exams
  • Full suite of separate options for International Medical Graduates
  • A full-length simulated exam with detailed explanations
  • Multi-Volume Lecture Notes for Step 1 & Pass 2 eżamijiet USMLE
  • On Demand, In Person, Live Online, and In Center options for certain courses

Kaplan USMLE Discounts:

Ħlief 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – ondemand

Kaplan USMLE, Specials, Discount Perċentwali 33 użi llum
Kaplan USMLE 33 użi llum

Ħlief 25% ma Kaplan USMLE On-Demand

kodiċi tal-kupun valida għall Kaplan USMLE Pass 1, 3, & 3
aħħar Użati 19 minuti ilu
Data ta 'skadenza: settembru 29, 2018

Korsijiet għall-Istati Uniti Istudenti tal-Mediċina

Pass 1 Kors Rendiment Għoli: $599 (3 xhur) / $799 (12 xhur) jinkludi: Pass 1 QBank, 55 sigħat ta 'video lectures u għażla wiri veloċità 1.5x, 28 tisħon eżerċizzji, kwizzijiet multiple choice ġejjin lectures, jikkorrelata kliniċi, ħsejjes tal-qalb u visuals dinamiku, referenzi paġna għal kotba ta 'referenza mediċi (L-ewwel għajnuna, Pathoma, medEssentials), u daxxbord rapporti ta 'progress.
Pass 1 Qbank biss: $99 (1 xahar) /$299 (12 xhur)
Pass 2 Kors CK Għoli Rendiment: $699 (3 xhur) / $499 (12 xhur)
jinkludi: Pass 2 CK QBank, 45 sigħat ta 'struzzjoni u wiri veloċità 1.5x għażla (aċċessibbli wkoll fuq iPad & iPad mezz mini), 150 Għoli ta 'rendiment, każijiet eżami stil, 450+ images, 140 algoritmi kliniċi, 25 clinical videos, 10 ħsejjes tal-qalb, online survival guide and study plan, 1 diagnostic exam and 2 full-length simulated exams, u Pass 2 Qbank mobile app.
Pass 2 CK Qbank biss: $99 (1 xahar) /$299 (12 xhur)
Pass 3 Qbank: $79 (1 xahar) /$179 (12 xhur)

Courses For International Medical Graduates*

Pass 1 Comprehensive Courses

Jgħix: $3,999 (7 ġimgħat) / $5,999 (14 ġimgħat)
jinkludi:Live instruction in various US metro areas, small groups, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, 2 simulated exams, med advising, guided study, and study centers.
Live Online: $3,999
jinkludi: Online interaction with master faculty through chat and online polling, lecture notes, access to 200+ hours of video lectures, 3900+ quiz questions, jikkorrelata kliniċi, animations, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, 2 simulated exams, and med advising.
In Center: $4,099 (4 xhur) / $6,499 (7 xhur) / $7, 999 (10 xhur)
jinkludi: 200 hours+ of video lectures by master faculty, self-paced study, 3,900+ quiz questions, jikkorrelata kliniċi, animations, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, 2 simulated exams, guided study, I20-eligible full-service study center, and med advising. &
On Demand: $1,999 (4 xhur) / $2,999 (7 xhur)
jinkludi: 200 hours+ of video lectures by master faculty, self-paced study, 3,900+ quiz questions, jikkorrelata kliniċi, animations, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, u 2 simulated exams.

Pass 1 Live Online Question-Based Integration: $599

jinkludi: 7 sessions (28 sigħat) of live online, case-based review (Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Microbiology), and real-time answers by faculty and physician teaching assistants.

Pass 2 CK Comprehensive Courses:

Jgħix: $3,799
jinkludi: 6 ġimgħat ta 'istruzzjoni ħajjin minn fakultà kaptan fl-oqsma varji metro Istati Uniti, 219 sigħat lecture, small groups, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, 2 simulated exams, guided study, med advising, and I20-eligible study centers.
Live Online: $3,499
jinkludi: 12-iskeda ġimgħa, 7 xhur ta 'dwar l-aċċess domanda, interazzjoni online ma fakultà kaptan permezz chat u votazzjoni fuq l-internet, lecture notes, access to 213 sigħat ta 'lezzjonijiet, 115 hours of video lectures, 1,700+ quiz questions, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, 2 simulated exams, and med advising.
In Center: $3,999 (4 xhur) / $5,999 (7 xhur)
115+ siegħa ta 'video lectures minn fakultà kaptan, self-paced study, 1,700+ quiz questions, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, 2 simulated exams, guided study, ċentru ta 'studju, faċilità tat-I20 eliġibbli, and med advising.
On Demand: $1,999 (4 xhur) / $2,999 (7 xhur)
115+ siegħa ta 'video lectures minn fakultà kaptan, self-paced study, 1,700+ quiz questions, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, exam-like practice questions, Qbank, u 2 simulated exams. Personalizzata analiżi kompjuter miżuri sistema Komunikazzjoni u l-Ħiliet interpersonali (CIS), Profiċjenza Ingliż mitkellem (settembru), u l-Laqgħa klinika Integrata (ICE).

Pass 2 Korsijiet KEFA komprensivi

LivePrep: $2,999
jinkludi: Fil-fond, small-group training on effective physician-patient communication, conducting patient histories, performing a focused physical exam, and writing concise patient notes in a well-equipped Kaplan learning center. Simulated clinical skills assessment and feedback. Pass 2 CS lecture notes.
1-Day Practice Exam: $1,499
jinkludi: Practice Exam in Newark, NJ; Chicago, IL; or Monrovia, CA. Practice under exam-like conditions with 11-12 standardized patient encounters, and receive a detailed performance analysis report with feedback.
Live Online: $700
Four 3-hour sessions to review Step 2 CS exam content, patient notes, strategies for passing the exam, videos of full-length encounters with certified standardized patients, answers to questions and live feedback from instructors, live chat, and ability to compare your performance with that of other students.

Pass 3 Comprehensive Courses

Jgħix: $1,499
jinkludi: 100 hours of lectures taught by master faculty over a 12-day schedule, additional videos on patient safety and quality improvement, lecture notes, diagnostic test, 900 exam-like practice questions in Qbank, guided study, med advising, and I20-eligible study centers.
Live Online: $1,299
jinkludi: 5-iskeda ġimgħa, interazzjoni online ma fakultà kaptan permezz chat u votazzjoni fuq l-internet, lecture notes, access to 100+ hours of video lectures, can access all lectures from your smartphone, diagnostic test, 900 exam-like practice questions in Qbank, and med advising.
In Center: $2,799
100+ siegħa ta 'video lectures minn fakultà kaptan, self-paced study, access all lectures from smartphone, lecture notes, diagnostic tests, 900 exam-like practice questions in Qbank, guided study, ċentru ta 'studju, faċilità tat-I20 eliġibbli, and med advising.
On Demand: $499
100+ siegħa ta 'video lectures minn fakultà kaptan, self-paced study, access all lectures from smartphone, lecture notes, diagnostic test, 900 exam-like practice questions in Qbank, and additional practice questions in assessments. *Prices for Step 1, Step 2CK, u Pass 3 Qbanks only are same as for US medical students, above.
Kaplan’s Plus Programs let inti jikkombinaw On Demand ma 'programmi ħajjin u Fil-programmi Ċentru. Jekk jogħġbok ara l-websajt Kaplan Mediku għal dettalji addizzjonali fuq bundling korsijiet u iskonti relatati.


Kaplan USMLE Review Breakdown

1.Extensive Video Library
2.Enormi Mistoqsija Bank
3.ukoll Strutturat & organizzata
4.International Course Options
5.Mobile App
6.industrija Leader
Board Vitals NCLEX test prep

Bord vitals USMLE Reviżjoni

Vitals bordRATA: Bord vitals USMLE toffri lill-istudenti mistoqsijiet banek il-kbar għall-Pass 1, Pass 2, u Pass 3 eżamijiet. The practice questions come from expert sources along with detailed explanations to help students learn exactly why specific answers are correct or incorrect. L-istudenti jistgħu jagħżlu bejn il-Modalità Timed u l-Mode Reviżjoni meta jitwieġbu l-mistoqsijiet jew it-teħid eżami prattika, kollha bi prezz irħis.


bord vitals USMLE1. Eżamijiet Prattika ttajmjati

L-istudenti jista 'jara tajmer għal kull mistoqsija individwali flimkien mal-timer għall-eżami prattika kollu biex tgħinhom jaħdmu fuq is-sejba l-pass id-dritt li tirnexxi fuq l-eżami. Il-mistoqsijiet reviżjoni bord huma mfassla biex jissimulaw kemm il-livell ta 'diffikultà u l-ħin meħtieġ għall-mistoqsijiet attwali dwar l-eżami. Kif fuq l-eżami attwali, huwa possibbli li jivvjaġġaw lejn u fost mistoqsijiet u l-bidla tweġibiet tiegħek.

2. Kbar Mistoqsija Bank

Il-benefiċċju reali ta 'dan il-programm taqa' fil-ispjegazzjonijiet dettaljati u tweġibiet għal kull kwistjoni prattika waħda. L-istudenti se jkollhom l-ebda nuqqas ta 'opportunitajiet għall-prattika, b'aċċess għal 1,500 mistoqsijiet għall-Pass USMLE 1, 900+ għall Pass 2, u 1,200+ għall-Pass 3 eżamijiet. Mistoqsijiet huma miktuba billi tipprattika tobba, jew ġejjin minn pubblikaturi mediċi ewlenin u organizzazzjonijiet ta 'riċerka.

3. Punteġġ Paragun Tool

Wara li tkun ħadthom wieġeb mistoqsijiet prattika u meħuda minn test prattika, inti tista 'tqabbel l-prestazzjoni tiegħek għal dak ta' studenti oħra jieħdu l-eżami USMLE. Prestazzjoni tiegħek jippermetti wkoll lill-programm li tissuġġerixxi mistoqsijiet prattika individwalizzati għal studju addizzjonali, sabiex inti se tiffoka fuq dawk l-oqsma li se jibbenefikaw l-aktar mill-istħarriġ.

bord vitals prova ħielsa3. Ħielsa Materjali Studju

BoardVitals jagħti lill-istudenti l-aċċess għall ftit mistoqsijiet prattika ħielsa minn kull eżami, kwistjoni gwida b'xejn għall-Pass USMLE 2 u Pass 3 eżamijiet, u pariri u tips għat-teħid-eżamijiet varji. Huma wkoll post il-Pass USMLE 3 Outline kontenut (minn USMLE) fuq is-sit tagħhom għall-konvenjenza tiegħek.

4. Prezz

Pprezzati għal ftit $79-$199, Vitals bord’ korsijiet prep huma l-għażla inqas għalja minn dawk aħna riveduti. Huma suppliment kbira lil programm ta 'studju rigoruż għall-eżamijiet USMLE, fil-fatt, Bord vitals jirrakkomanda fuq il-websajt tagħhom li tuża kwistjoni bank tagħhom flimkien ma 'materjali ta' studju oħra. *Ħlief 10% OFF Uri Kupun

5. Garanzija Pass

Bord vitals stands bi prodotti tagħhom u joffri abbonamenti estiżi ħielsa li korsijiet jekk inti ma jgħaddu mill-eżami li għalih inti qiegħed tistudja. Klijenti li jikkwalifikaw huma eliġibbli għal abbonament b'xejn għat-tul ta 'żmien li xtraw oriġinarjament. Inti ser tingħata aċċess kontinwu għall sakemm ikollok bżonn tgħaddi miċ-ċertifikazzjoni jew il-bord tiegħek exam. Just jibagħtu kopja tad-ittra jew avviż li jgħid inti ma jgħaddu minn eżami tiegħek. Jekk jogħġbok ara l-websajt vitals Bord għal dettalji u r-rekwiżiti addizzjonali għall-garanzija pass.


1. Nru Lezzjonijiet Video jew Instructional Kontenut

Dawn il-korsijiet prep jikkonsistu esklussivament minn mistoqsija bank diġitali ma 'mistoqsijiet prattika u l-ispjegazzjonijiet, u testijiet prattika. L-istudenti jittamaw li jsibu lectures ħajjin jew irrekordjati jew materjal reviżjoni biex tgħinhom jiksbu ħarsa ġenerali tal-eżamijiet għandhom jfittxu x'imkien ieħor.

2. Ebda Mobile App

Għalkemm il-bank kwistjoni hija aċċessibbli mill-mowbajls, m'hemm l-ebda app mobbli li jagħmilha aktar konvenjenti għall-istudenti ta 'studju. flashcards, logħob jew materjal reviżjoni ieħor b'mod aktar portabbli ikun fattur sbieħ.


Jekk qed tfittex għal ħafna mistoqsijiet prattika f'format li huwa veru li l-eżami attwali bi prezz raġonevoli, Vitals bord’ għażliet prep online għall-Pass USMLE 1, Pass 2 CK u Pass 3 eżamijiet huma għażla tajba. Inti mhux se tikseb l-għażliet ħajjin, lectures jew interazzjoni ma 'għalliema, imma inti se tikseb ħafna ta 'prattika b'mistoqsijiet-ewwel rata u testijiet prattika li huma qrib il-ħaġa reali. Answering the practice questions and reviewing why specific answers are correct or incorrect is one of the best ways to prepare for the USMLE exams.

TIEĦU ME lill-bord vitals USMLE!


  • 1,500 Pass USMLE 1 Reviżjoni Bord Mistoqsijiet
  • 900+ Pass USMLE 2 Reviżjoni Bord Mistoqsijiet
  • 1,200+ Pass USMLE 3 Reviżjoni Bord Mistoqsijiet
  • Abbiltà li Mistoqsijiet Bandiera għal aktar Reviżjoni
  • Tkopri l-kategoriji kollha ppreżentati fuq il-Eżamijiet
  • Tweġibiet u spjegazzjonijiet dettaljati għall Kull Mistoqsija
  • Agħżel Mill Timed Mode u Modalità Reviżjoni
  • Mistoqsijiet Prattika suġġerit ppreżentati abbażi tal-Prestazzjoni
  • Garanzija Pass

Pass 1, Pass 2 & Pass 3 Ipprezzar:

Istess prezz għall-passi kollha (kull jinbiegħu separatament) Aċċess għall 1 xahar: $79 Aċċess għall 3 xhur: $129 Aċċess għall 6 xhur: $199

TIEĦU ME lill-bord vitals USMLE!

Board Vitals USMLE Review Breakdown

1.Eżamijiet Prattika ttajmjati
2.Kbar Mistoqsija Bank
3.Punteġġ Paragun Tool
4.10% Off Materjali Studju
5.Ħielsa Materjali Studju
Graduate X NCLEX test prep

GraduateX USMLE Step 1 reviżjoni

RATA: GraduateX USMLE review prep gives you a simple and customizable way to study for the United States Medical Licensing Examination, Pass 1. It’s best to use this course as early as possible during your studying track, as the sooner you delve in using the platform’s finely tuned strategies, the less time you’ll have to devote to your preparation. With a number of features that are available either online or via mobile devices, you’ll have plenty with which to work wherever you are. While they may not have video lectures and don’t offer some of the features that the heavy hitters of the USMLE prep industry do, it’s a simple and cheaper route on which to go. Hekk, if you’re in the market for a smaller, yet still comprehensive option, this could be your best bet.


1. Mobile Option

While it’s not the best mobile application within the USMLE prep industry, GraduateX offers a great tool for anyone who needs to bring their studying on the road. The app gives you the chance to access the many strategic lessons or practice questions that will get you ready for the exam via your mobile device. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that not all preparatory courses offer. Hekk, take advantage of the mobility that GraduateX provides.

2. garanzija

Some of the top-rated courses don’t have any type of refund or guarantee. While this isn’t a huge detriment, the ones that do offer this assurance definitely score some points with students. GraduateX offers test-takers a 30 flus lura ta 'garanzija jum. Dan jagħti professjonisti mediċi prospettivi ċans biex verament dip għajnen tagħhom u tittestja l-ilmijiet ma dan il-kors. Jekk int mhux kuntent bil kif huwa struttura u l-istruttura ġenerali, ma fret, kif int ser tingħata flusek lura!

GraduateXImage23. prattika Mistoqsijiet

B'aktar minn 1,500 mistoqsijiet prattika, int mhux se jispiċċaw ta 'materjal ma' dan il-kors. GraduateX tinkludi numru ta 'mistoqsijiet rilevanti u torganizza tagħhom fiċ-triq ta' tagħlim li uniċi għal kull test min jakkwista. Peress li l-kontenut huwa disponibbli permezz tal-mowbajl, int ser tgawdi tieħu dawn il-mistoqsijiet miegħek fit-triq. u, jekk għandek xi mistoqsijiet, it-tim GraduateX se tingħata tweġiba għalihom u jiggwidawk-risposta.

4. Memory Enhancement

Parti mill-diffikultà tal-USMLE huwa l-ammont kbir ħafna ta 'informazzjoni li huwa neċessarju għalik li taħżen ġewwa li l-moħħ diġà skomdi tal tiegħek! Hekk, GraduateX maqtula permezz tal-muntanji ta 'gwidi li jtejbu l-memorja u sabet diversi strateġiji ewlenin biex tinkludi fil-kors tiegħu. Wieħed ta 'suġġetti ewlenin u uniku tagħha jiffoka fuq il-ħafna modi kif inti tista jsaħħu memorization tiegħek ħiliet dan jgħin il-formuli, termini, u dijagrammi. wkoll, huwa għandu jgħin biex inaqqsu l-ammont totali ta 'żmien li għandek bżonn biex tistudja!

GraduateXImage15. Simplicity

Inti qed tmur biex tara xi ħaġa simili fis-sezzjoni Cons, rigward dan il-kors li "bażiku." Imma, while some consider simplicity to be a bad thing, there are many learners who prefer a black and white approach to studying. GraduateX USMLE prep is the bare bones version of a review course—there’s nothing outside of the essentials for this product. The company has gathered only the most important information and strategies for taking the test, and grouped these nuggets of wisdom into a palatable online prep course. You’re going to get community questions as a unique feature, but other than that, this is a limited prep tool.


1. video Lectures

With the GraduateX USMLE review, int mhux se tikseb l-aċċess għal kollezzjoni video estensiva, bħala l-lekċers huma limitati għal verżjoni bil-miktub. Filwaqt li mhuwiex essenzjali għal dan it-tip ta 'prep, kumpaniji oħra joffru s-servizzi video. Hekk, jekk int student indipendenti li ma jeħtieġx informazzjoni viżwali u lectures, dan mhux se tkun kwistjoni għalik. Madankollu, jekk inti tippreferi li niżel fi klassi permezz ta 'video link, dan se jkun turnoff għalik matul il-proċess tax-xiri.

2. bażiku

Filwaqt korsijiet oħra jkunu investew ammonti sinifikanti ta 'ħin u flus fil dashboards u l-programmi tagħhom onlajn, GraduateX fuq in-naħa aktar sempliċi. Hemm verament mhux wisq biex dan il-kors, kif huwa dwar sempliċi kemm jiġrilha. Għalkemm dan jista 'ma jkunx ideali għal xi studenti, others will like the simplistic take on USMLE prep. There’s nothing here but strategies, mistoqsijiet, and terminology breakdowns—you just need to decide if this is what you want out of your course.


GraduateX’s USMLE review is one of the best options for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on test prep. There’s not any shiny bells and whistles in this course, but it has the essentials and a lot of test-taking strategies and memorization technique tips. If you want to just try it out, use the money back guarantee to assure that you pay only if you are satisfied with the layout and structure of the course. Thanks to the mobile prep tool and flexible year one plan, you’ll have plenty of time to get through the course’s 1,500+ mistoqsijiet. If you have questions of your own, the experts at GraduateX will provide thorough answers to your inquiries. wkoll, the community for this course will help you through certain sections, as you can see with what other students are struggling. Kollox ma 'kollox, this is a great review tool for people who just need some general direction and targeted practice.


GraduateX USMLE Review Breakdown

3.Memory Enhancement
5.prattika Mistoqsijiet

USMLE Dinja Pass 1 reviżjoni

RATA: USMLE Dinja, magħrufa wkoll bħala UWorld, huwa kors prep online li tiffoka fuq eżamijiet awto-valutazzjoni u tinkludi mistoqsija bank eċċellenti. Din l-għażla affordabbli huwa l-aħjar paired ma 'materjali ta' studju addizzjonali, kif hemm ebda lectures video jew kotba.


1. Estensiva Mistoqsija Bank

Bank kwistjoni USMLE Dinja hija pjuttost estensivi u tinkludi aktar minn 2,200 mistoqsijiet prattika. Huwa eċċellenti tagħlim għodda għal kulħadd tieħu l-eżami minħabba li l-mistoqsijiet huma aġġornati spiss biex tiżgura li jibqgħu allinjati mill-qrib mal-aħħar verżjoni tal-Pass 1 USMLE. Ħidma tiegħek mod permezz tal-Qbank kollu wieħed jew anke diversi drabi għandhom jżidu drammatikament ċansijiet tiegħek għal skor tajjeb. Il-mistoqsijiet wkoll jiġu mal spjegazzjonijiet dettaljati u intom tistgħu tqabblu punteġġi ta 'prestazzjoni tiegħek ma' dawk ta 'utenti oħra UWorld.

2. Eżamijiet Awto-valutazzjoni

eżamijiet awto-valutazzjoni tagħhom huma utli ħafna kif ukoll. Wara idea ta 'livell tiegħek ta' ħila qabel ma inti tiddeċiedi fejn għandhom jiġu ffukati l-isforzi ta 'studju tiegħek ser jiffrankaw il-ħin u inti tikseb akklimatizzati għall-format eżami. Maħluqa minn tobba, the self-assessment exams closely resemble the step 1 format, as they are broken down into 4 blocks of 46 mistoqsijiet multiple choice. Although the actual exam contains 7 blocks of questions, completing several self-assessments will give students a very good sense of their strengths and weaknesses. Students have found these exams to be very helpful, partikolarment minħabba li kull valutazzjoni jiġi ma 'analiżi dettaljata ta' saħħiet, nuqqasijiet, u punteġġ approssimattiva 3 figuri imsejsa fuq dejta statistika UWorld tal.

3. Ħielsa Mobile App

Wara app ħielsa mobbli huwa dejjem karatteristika milqugħa tajjeb fi kwalunkwe programm prep. Dan ifisser li l-istudenti busy jista 'prattika mistoqsijiet mill Qbank estensiva UWorld dwar il-go, kulmeta dawn ikollhom ftit minuti li spare parts. Il-app hija kompatibbli mal IOS u Android. Kollox huwa synced għal database ċentrali, so you can move seamlessly between various devices while you study.

4. Ipprezzar affordabbli

For the amount of practice and feedback provided, UWorld’s prep option is competitively priced. The extensive question bank, self-assessment exams, a mobile app, and in-depth progress tracking, students will get a lot for their money.


1. Ebda Video Lectures

This course consists primarily of practice questions, practice exams, and the feedback generated from your performance. You won’t get any lectures or review in the form of videos or study guides.

2. Nru Kotba Studju jew Noti

USMLE World offers subject review materials in biostatistics for students who are preparing for the USMLE Step 1, but these are only available in electronic form, and the material isn’t designed to replace lecture notes or study books. If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive prep course, USMLE World may not be the best option. It may be a good idea to use additional materials to study for the exam.


USMLE World provides future physicians a more affordable way to study for the USMLE Step 1 exam. Huma jipprovdu għodod kbira biex jgħinu lill-istudenti prattika u jivvalutaw dawk l-oqsma li jeħtieġu titjib. Għalkemm dan il-kors mhuwiex kors prep komprensiva kemm wħud mill-kompetizzjoni, ikun jagħmel kbir għodda supplimentari studju għal dawk li qed ifittxu għall-prattika żejda.


Karatteristiċi u Ipprezzar:

Pass 1 mistoqsija Bank (30 jiem) & Formola awto-evalwazzjoni 1 u 2 (ġimgħatejn kull wieħed): $169 Pass 1 mistoqsija Bank (60 jiem) & Formola awto-evalwazzjoni 1 u 2 (ġimgħatejn kull wieħed): $219 Pass 1 mistoqsija Bank (90 jiem) & Formola awto-evalwazzjoni 1 u 2 (ġimgħatejn kull wieħed): $259 Pass 1 mistoqsija Bank (180 jiem) & Formola awto-evalwazzjoni 1 u 2 (ġimgħatejn kull wieħed): $329 Pass 1 mistoqsija Bank (360 jiem) & Formola awto-evalwazzjoni 1 u 2 (ġimgħatejn kull wieħed): $429 Biostatistics Abbonament Reviżjoni Suġġett (90 jiem): $25 Biex tqabbel l-korsijiet prep Aqwa USMLE, jekk jogħġbok ikklikkja l-buttuna hawn taħt:


USMLE World Review Breakdown

1.Estensiva Mistoqsija Bank
2.Eżamijiet Valutazzjoni awto
3.Ħielsa Mobile App
4.Ipprezzar affordabbli

Tobba Reviżjoni Taħriġ

Ipparaguna IL KORSIJIET USMLE TOP! RATA: Tobba Fil Taħriġ joffri korsijiet prep onlajn faċli għall-utent bi prezz aċċessibbli għall-Pass 1, Pass 2 CK, u Pass 3 eżamijiet USMLE. Il-videos programm huma mgħallma minn edukaturi MD liċenzjati u jkopru ħafna ta 'informazzjoni prinċipali. L-istudenti jiksbu aċċess għal ammont kbir ta 'materjal ta' studju bi spiża aktar baxxa minn bosta korsijiet reviżjoni oħra.


1. Estensiva Video Serje

edukaturi tabib liċenzjati jippreżentaw aktar minn 180 videos biċċiet iqsar għall-għajnuna l-proċess memorization. Il-videos huma partikolarment utli jekk huma jarah immedjatament wara qari (jew għall-inqas xkumar) -kapitoli korrispondenti fil-ktieb Ewwel Għajnuna. Lectures jinkludu istruzzjoni whiteboard interattiv, animazzjonijiet u għajnuniet memorja oħra biex jagħmlu l-stick informazzjoni. il-Pass 1 kors jikkonsisti minn tliet partijiet: 1) -serje primer, li jagħti lill-istudenti l-aċċess illimitat għal 30 vidjos b'informazzjoni aktar importanti li huwa ttestjat fuq il-USMLE, 2) Parti 1 mistoqsijiet, li jinkludi 340 mistoqsijiet studju open-ended (f'lottijiet ta 10, 3 darbiet fil-ġimgħa), u 3) il-Parti 2 video serje, li jkun fiha addizzjonali 70 videos. Kampjun vidjo għall Pass 1 hija disponibbli fuq il-websajt għal dawk li jixtiequ li jiċċekkjaw ewwel. il-Pass 2 kors CK jinkludi wkoll 50+ siegħa ta 'filmati flimkien mal tweġibiet video għall-mistoqsijiet. il-Pass 3 kors jinkludi 37 videos flimkien ma 'materjali ta' studju oħra.

2. Tweġibiet video, Stampi, animazzjonijiet, u X-rays

Tobba fil Pass Taħriġ 1 kors jinkludi mistoqsijiet prattika ħafna li huma akkompanjati mid tweġibiet video. Il-kors jinkludi wkoll mijiet ta 'animazzjonijiet, illustrazzjonijiet, x-rays, ħsejjes tal-qalb, slides patoloġiċi, u stampi kliniċi biex jgħinu lill-istudenti tiftakar l-informazzjoni għall-eżami. A daxxbord personali u studju jitniżżlu gwidi tond l-kors. Ipparaguna IL KORSIJIET USMLE TOP!

3. Ħielsa Pjan Studju

Tista 'tiċċekkja l-DIT dettaljata, pjan ta 'studju b'xejn għall xenarji varji fuq il-websajt tagħhom li tippjana għal quddiem u tieħu idea ta' kif ħafna ġranet fil-ġimgħa u kemm sigħat ser ikollok bżonn biex jitlesta l-programm qabel jum eżami. Il-pjan istudju juri kemm videos ser ikollok bżonn biex jaraw kull jum, skond in-numru ta 'ġimgħat għandek tistudja.

4. student Support

Tobba fil Taħriġ tagħti klijenti tagħha diversi għażliet meta jkollhom mistoqsijiet jew jeħtieġu appoġġ. L-istandard għall-industrija appoġġ għall-istudenti fil-korsijiet prep aktar jaqa 'email mistoqsijiet u stennija għal rispons. DIT joffri istudenti kemm chat u appoġġ tat-telefon. Dan huwa speċjalment utli għall-istudenti online, li spiss ma jkollhomx aċċess dirett għal għalliem.

5. affordabbli Prezz

Għal kors prep ma 'numru tajjeb ta' lectures online kwalità flimkien ma 'bank mistoqsija, Tobba Fil Pass Taħriġ 1 kors huwa ħafna affordabbli. pprezzati għal $825, il Pass 1 Kors Reviżjoni hija l-għażla inqas għalja aħna riveduti li tinkludi video lectures. il-Pass 2 kors CK ispejjeż ugwalment raġonevoli $799, u l-Pass 3 ir-reviżjoni se biss jiswik $249. Jekk għandek bżonn aktar żmien biex tirrevedi, inti tista 'testendi l-Pass 1 u Pass 2 korsijiet CK minn ġimgħa għal oħra $200 kull.


1. Nru Full-Tul Eżamijiet Prattika

Il-kors reviżjoni DIT jinkludi biss kwizzijiet; m'hemm l-ebda eżamijiet prattika li jissimulaw l-eżami USMLE attwali. Websajt tagħhom ma tinkludi informazzjoni dwar it-teħid il-Pass USMLE 1, Pass 2, u Pass 3 eżamijiet prattika offruti mill-NBME, madankollu, ebda eżamijiet prattika full-tul huma inklużi fi kwalunkwe mill-korsijiet DIT ta.

2. Limitata Aċċess Ħin

Għalkemm xi studenti simili li CRAM għall-eżamijiet fl-aħħar minuta, -ħin aċċess limitat għall-korsijiet jagħmilha diffiċli għall-istudenti li jixtiequ jippjanaw minn qabel li jinfirxu ħin ta 'studju tagħhom tul diversi xhur sa sena jekk ma jħallsux għall-estensjoni 1-xahar. Per eżempju, il Pass 1 Kors jippermetti biss 45 ġranet ta 'aċċess illimitat għas-Parti 2 videos.

3. Kwalità tal Letturi Tvarja

Xi studenti rrappurtaw li ċerti videos huma inqas utli għaliex il-lekċers huma wisq wordy jew jinkludu informazzjoni li mhijiex essenzjali għall-Pass 1 eżami. Busy istudenti tal-mediċina ovvjament se jippreferu preżentazzjonijiet fil-qosor tal-aktar informazzjoni kruċjali biex timmassimizza l-effiċjenza. Kien hemm xi kritika tal preżentaturi li qed jippruvaw liven lectures tagħhom sa billi jkunu divertenti għad-detriment ta 'twassil ta' informazzjoni jew strateġiji siewja fl-istess ħin.


DIT s lectures online video u l-bank kwistjoni huma għodod utli biex jippreparaw għall-USMLE bi prezz raġonevoli. Dan il-kors ikun aktar b'saħħitha jekk offriet ukoll eżamijiet prattika biex jippreparaw studenti għall-eżami attwali, u jekk il-lekċers kienu aktar effiċjenti u ffukat aktar fuq informazzjoni ta 'rendiment għoli li huwa kopert fuq l-eżamijiet USMLE. Dawk li jitgħallmu l-aħjar billi jaraw video lectures u tax-xogħol permezz ta 'problemi video se jiksbu l-aktar mill-korsijiet DIT tal. L-aħħar linja hija li DIT huwa riżorsa tajba meta jintuża flimkien ma 'waħda mill-kumpaniji ta' reviżjoni akbar, bħal UWorld jew Kaplan. Ħafna studenti wkoll isibu Pass DIT tal 1 kors li jkun aktar utli mill-Pass 2 CK jew Pass 3 korsijiet.


  • Aktar minn 180 videos biex iħejju lill-istudenti għall-Pass 1, Pass 2 CK, u Pass 3 eżamijiet USMLE
  • 800+ stampi, Stampi, mapep nawtiċi, Grafiċi, animazzjonijiet, X-rays, u Slajds Patoloġija
  • Student Support permezz Live Chat u Phone
  • Emailed Studju Mistoqsijiet
  • Mistoqsijiet Prattika bi Tweġibiet Video for All Passi Tliet
  • Ħjiel ta 'studju u Kwiżżijiet
  • PDF Downloadable Gwidi Studju
  • studju Kalendarju


Pass 1 Kors reviżjoni: $825 Staħbit 2 CK kors Reviżjoni: $799 Pass 3 Kors reviżjoni: $249 Wieħed estensjoni ġimgħa tal-Pass 1 u Pass 2 korsijiet CK: $200 kull. Biex tqabbel l-Pass Aqwa USMLE 1 korsijiet prep, jekk jogħġbok ikklikkja l-buttuna hawn taħt:


Tobba Fil Tqassim Reviżjoni Taħriġ

1.Estensiva Video Serje
2.videos, tweġibiet, Stampi
3.Ħielsa Pjan Studju
4.student Support
5.affordabbli Prezz
COMLEX Pass Reviżjoni Programm

Għaddi Programm USMLE Reviżjoni

RATA: Kollox ma 'kollox, reviżjoni Għaddi Programm kienet esperjenza pożittiva; ħafna minnu utli ħafna, but some aspects of the course seemed a bit amateur. lectures online Pass Programm huma sew tond, u s-suġġetti huma mgħallma sew. Huma jipprovdu wkoll lill-istudenti tagħhom ma jibred online tagħlim tul il-għodda biex verament jenfasizzaw il-punti ewlenin ta 'kull lecture.


1. videos

Pass Programm għandu videos kbira, mainly because of Dr. Francis. He is a very good educator and having him explain all of the topics is a plus. He uses questions well, helping the students understand the concepts and not just memorize them. dr. Francis’ way of teaching might divide opinions as he shouts at times (although, not angrily) to emphasize points, but for the most part it is not disturbing and actually helps with the monotony of long study sessions.

2. Awto-Valutazzjoni Kwiżżijiet

The online lectures come with very useful self-assessment quizzes. The quizzes comprise of 5 mistoqsijiet multiple choice li jkopru l-materjal f'kull lecture. Dak li verament jagħmlu dawn kwiżżis kbira għalkemm, hija l-ispjegazzjoni video għal kull mistoqsija. This really helps you to improve no matter how you performed the first time.

3. Eżamijiet prattika

While the self-assessment quizzes are fantastic, there’s nothing quite like getting 2 NBME practice exams to prepare you for the real deal. Practicing with the actual test format is very important and really helps this course stand out.

4. Demo ħielsa

Pass Programm għandu demo fuq is-sit tagħhom turi kif għandek tuża softwer tagħhom u aħjar għadhom xi lekċers kampjun ftit mill Dr. Francis. Din hija karatteristika ftit sbieħ li jagħtu lill-istudenti prospettivi idea ġenerali ta 'dak li jistennew safejn il-lettur prinċipali u l-portal studju huma kkonċernati. Huma jridu istudenti jkunu jafu dak li qed jkollna, li tagħti l-kredibilità kors aktar.


1. Nru Mistoqsija Bank

Pass Program is not a one-stop-shop kind of deal as they do not provide their online students with access to a question bank. huma jagħmlu; madankollu, jipprovdu 5 videos at the end of each topic that show how to approach different types of questions. In total they have about 180 topical question videos that they provide. Students might want to supplement this course with a question bank from another company.

2. No Guarantee for Online Course

Students taking the 8 week live course with Pass Program are guaranteed their money back in case they fail the step 1. Unfortunately the program doesn’t extend this offer to its online students.


Overall this course has some solid strengths. The videos really drive some important points home in a unique and interesting way, while covering all the main subjects. A main issue with this course was the lack of a question bank, so I’d suggest looking into a more comprehensive USMLE prep course.


  • Online lectures on almost 40 topics
  • Course notes book
  • Questions with video answers
  • Student support
  • Practice exams


3 Month Access: $999 6 Month Access: $1699 12 Month Access: $2750 Biex tqabbel l-korsijiet prep Aqwa USMLE, jekk jogħġbok ikklikkja l-buttuna hawn taħt:


Pass Program USMLE Course Information

Grad Pass Program Strengths
2.Self Assessment Quizzes
3.Eżamijiet prattika
4.Demo ħielsa
5.Audio Review Course
6.Financing Options

Reviżjoni USMLE Suċċess Akkademja

USMLE Suċċess Akkademja Informazzjoni Kors


  • 90+ Sigħat ta 'Online Video Lectures
  • Stampati u Pass Diġitali 1 kotba
  • MP3 Lectures
  • USMLE Prattika Kwiżżijiet, Eżamijiet dijanjostiċi, u Eżamijiet Prattika
  • Appoġġ Email Mill M.D.s kwalifikati
  • Strateġija preparazzjoni & Strateġija Test-Teħid
  • Pjanijiet studju
  • Tgħaddi Garanzija Score

Programmi online & Ipprezzar

Pass 1 Pakketti Programm Online:

Pass bażiku 1 Programm għal sena: $797 Pass standard 1 Programm għal sena: $897 Pass premium 1 Programm għal sena: $1,197

Pass 2 Ipprezzar CK Programm Online:

4 aċċess ġimgħa: $997 8 aċċess ġimgħa: $1,097 12 aċċess ġimgħa: $1,197 24 aċċess ġimgħa: $1,497 1 aċċess sena: $1,997 Stampati Għażla Kors Kotba: $150

Programmi live & Ipprezzar

Live Pass 1 programm (f 'Chicago, IL):

Depożitu li Riserva Seat: $500 3-Ġimgħa Classroom Prep: $2,497 3-Ġimgħa Classroom Prep + 1 Sena Online Prep: $2,997

Live Pass 2 Programm KEFA (fil Schaumburg, IL):

5-Programm jum (ma 3:1 Student li MD Proporzjon) bażiku: $1,497 standard: $1,897 premium: $1,997