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Are you a pre-med student studying for the MCAT exam? Is going to medical school and becoming a doctor your biggest dream? Then you’ll need all the help you can get to make your dreams come true!

I’ve done all the research for you and have everything you need to learn about Blueprint and how they can help you ace the MCAT. Best of all, this guide details multiple Blueprint MCAT discounts and top rated Blueprint MCAT coupon codes.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using Blueprint to improve your MCAT score..

The Blueprint MCAT Prep Course Discounts


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Who Is Blueprint Learning?

Blueprint is a test preparation company that aims to improve the scores of students taking different standardized exams. Veteran teachers and instructors founded Blueprint in 2005 to help students learn more by providing a fun experience.

LSAT and somewhat later MCAT, used to be Blueprint’s only focus but lately they have been acquiring competitors and integrating their content into their platform. They now feature courses for the USMLE, nursing, PA’s and more. Their top instructors utilize a unique learning platform that provides students with excellent scores and improved results in terms of test preparation.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Blueprint?

There are multiple benefits that Blueprint provides to its students, such as:

  • Better scores on the MCAT test
  • Exciting and fun learning experience
  • High-quality teaching strategies and top instructors
  • The chance to obtain the career one only dreams of
  • Greater engagement when preparing for the MCAT exam
  • Gamified online experience
  • Pop culture references in test preparation materials
  • Animation and videos to bring the text to life

These are just some of the significant advantages of Blueprint tutoring services when preparing for the MCAT exam. You can even get Blueprint MCAT promo codes or discounts if your finances can’t handle the total cost.

What Type of Services Does Blueprint Offer?

The company provides a variety of different services to help students improve their exam scores. Some of the typical services Blueprint provides are described in the table below.

LSAT Services MCAT Services
Classes and self-paced courses with top instructors Online courses with the best instructors on the market who have office hours five days per week
Superior technology with video platforms A personalized study planner tool 

Furthermore, Blueprint offers multiple free MCAT and free LSAT resources, such as a free practice exam for both the MCAT and LSAT, a free online MCAT study planner, and an LSAT study plan generator.

If you’re looking for other free resources to prepare for the MCAT, you could enjoy using Blueprint’s 1600 no-cost MCAT flashcards. There are also no-cost live and recorded webinars you can access on the company website to study for the MCAT.

What Are the Best Blueprint MCAT Discounts?

If you enjoy implementing the free resources from Blueprint, then you may also prefer trying out their paid services at a discounted price. 

Some of the best Blueprint MCAT discounts include purchasing a 12-month plan at only $208 per month instead of the six-month plan at $300 per month. This ensures you save a total of $1,104 within one year.

If you’d like to save $100, you can use the Blueprint MCAT discounts by bundling the 10 MCAT practice exams and the Blueprint MCAT QBank. Military and first responder students are also given Blueprint MCAT discounts of $500 in certain areas, such as a live online course, an in-person class, or a tutoring package.

Are There Any Blueprint MCAT Coupon Codes?

There are some Blueprint MCAT coupon codes you can use to save some cash. For one of the MCAT courses, you can use the promo code MSHQ to save $100. You can also find other Blueprint MCAT coupon codes on the MCAT discounts page.

What Are the Best Blueprint MCAT Promo Codes?

You can find the absolute best Blueprint MCAT promo codes by simply going to the Blueprint MCAT promotions website page and entering your name, email address, phone number, graduation year, and test date. Doing so will provide you with a $100 off promo code.

Along with Blueprint MCAT promo codes, you can also consider gaining MCAT financial aid assistance. The company provides eligible students with tuition at 50 percent off for MCAT programs lasting six months or longer. 

Essentially, students eligible for the AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program can receive reduced tuition scholarships. However, this decreased tuition opportunity does not pertain to exams, QBank, tutoring, or other products.

All of these programs will make it more possible for you to prepare for the MCAT exam properly, gain entrance into medical school, and make your dreams come true.

My Course Rating: 95% – I rated Blueprint MCAT highly for it’s effective, engaging and easy to understand course. All of their study tools are up to date, simple to navigate and overall are just significantly better when compared to competitors such as Princeton Review.

Pricing: Blueprint offers competitive pricing options, and you can always check this page that I update regularly with their promos or their website to find the best current offers.

Key Features:

  1. Customized Study Calendar: Blueprint provides a personalized study planner to structure your MCAT prep efficiently. I found this tool very helpful allowing you to manage your time effectively.
  2. Course Design: The courses are structured into simple learning modules that use a combination of proven teaching methods to enhance understanding and retention.
  3. Video Lessons: I found the videos to be high-quality and engaging. They incorporate visual animations to explain complex concepts clearly and engagingly. Various formats are available, including Live Online, Online Self-Study, and physical Books, along with extensive Question Banks.
  4. Practice Questions: There are more than 4,000 practice questions, each with detailed explanations to help you understand the reasoning behind each answer and learn from mistakes. I found this is more than enough to pass the exam.
  5. Access to Practice Tests: Blueprint allows access to full-length practice tests without the need to purchase the entire course, offering flexibility in study options.
  6. Flashcards: More than 1,600 digital flashcards are available, enabling you to study and revise concepts from anywhere, at any time.
  7. Prep Books: For those who prefer traditional learning methods, Blueprint offers high-quality hardcopy prep books.
  8. Free Trial and Tutoring: A free trial is available for new users to explore the resources, with additional tutoring services offered for an extra fee.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Practice Time: I found that plans should allocate more time for practicing questions to better reinforce learning.
  • Answer Explanations: Reddit users have mentioned that the explanations provided for correct and incorrect answers could be more detailed to enhance understanding.
  • Class Hours: I found the availability of live class hours to be limited, which may be a drawback for learners who prefer extensive live instruction.


Is Blueprint helpful for increasing my MCAT scores?

According to Blueprint MCAT reviews, this company is beneficial for increasing students’ MCAT scores. The company reviews are at 4.7 out of 5 stars.

How long can I access Blueprint MCAT materials once I sign up?

You can sign up for a six-month account or a 12-month account. Therefore, you should have access to Blueprint MCAT materials for at least six months, and you will have five attempts to take each practice exam.

How can I get free Blueprint MCAT materials?

You can access free Blueprint MCAT preparatory materials on the company website. The free materials include an MCAT practice exam, an online MCAT study planner, and a sample of Blueprint’s online MCAT class.

When can I take the MCAT exam? How can I register for it?

The MCAT exam is given up to 20 times per year. You can check out the future MCAT test dates here, and you can register for the test on AAMC’s website.

Where do I take the MCAT exam?

The MCAT testing sites are available throughout North America and around the globe. Experts designed these sites for taking the test by computer.

How much does the MCAT cost?

It costs $335 in 2024 to register for the MCAT exam.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you should know exactly how helpful Blueprint can be in terms of helping boost your MCAT score. Best of all, there are multiple Blueprint MCAT discounts you can benefit from. 

Soon enough, you’ll ace this test and follow your dreams at medical school!

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James Edge

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