What Is A Good MCAT Score?


Do you want to spend your life helping people stay healthy and overcome severemedical conditions? Have you wanted to be a doctor since you were a child? If so, you’ll need to prepare for the MCAT test before applying to a medical school, and you’ll want to get a good MCAT score.

In this guide, you will learn all about the typical ranges, percentiles, and averages of MCAT scores. You will also read about the best MCAT prep courses and MCAT practice exams to help ensure you get the score you want.

Keep reading to learn all about the MCAT test and ensure you get a good MCAT score.

The Ranges of the MCAT Exam

According to The Princeton Review, every section of the MCAT exam is scored from a range of 118 to 132. The total range of a possible MCAT exam score starts at 472 and ends at 528. This is a sum of all the sections of the MCAT test.

However, the average scale will differ between test versions, as some are more difficult or easier than others. Essentially, the scale will vary from each MCAT exam orchestration. 

The Percentiles of a Typical MCAT Test

When you complete an MCAT exam and receive your score, you will also receive information regarding the percentile you reached compared to the other test takers around the country. 

If you’re wondering if you have a good MCAT score, you’ll want to compare it to other scores and see what percentile you reached. For example, if you earned a percentile rank of 80, that means you have performed better than 80 percent of other MCAT test-takers.

The higher your percentile is, the better your MCAT score is and the greater likelihood you’ll get into medical school. 

Below, we have provided a table of the MCAT test percentiles from 2018. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released these MCAT test percentiles.

MCAT Total ScoreMCAT Percentile Rank

If you’re looking for a great MCAT score that gets you into medical school, you’ll want to aim for a general score of around 509 or higher. 

This is the general score that medical school admissions representatives are looking for. AAMC reports that this score will usually place you in the 80th percentile of all MCAT exam scores.

The Averages of the MCAT Exam

Results from 2017-2018 show that the average MCAT exam scores are between 504 and 505. However, your goal is to get into medical school and become a doctor. As such, pay attention to the following average.

The average MCAT test score of students accepted and registered in a medical school is between 510 and 511. Below, we have put together a table outlining the average MCAT scores from 2021-2022 for every test section.

ApplicantsAccepted and Registered
MCAT CPBS126.3127.9
MCAT CARS125.7127.0
MCAT BBLS126.7128.2
MCAT PSBB127.3128.8
Total MCAT505.9511.9

Now that you know the average MCAT scores of accepted medical school applicants, you know what to aim for to get a good MCAT score and get into the school of your choice. 

Below, we further define how to get the best MCAT score you can and the preferred MCAT prep courses to help you get there. 

How Do You Know If You Got a Good MCAT Score?

Essentially, you will know that you have a good MCAT score if you have reached the average or higher accepted score of the medical school that you’ll be applying to. You can also consider a medical school’s cutoff or threshold for MCAT test scores.

Every medical school has its preferences, so while one school may not accept a student scoring below 511, others will be happy to accept that student, especially when their overall grades and application are superior.

If you want to have an amazing MCAT score and get into a top medical school like Harvard Medical School, you’ll need to score at or above the 90th percentile. This means you’ll need a score of 515 at least. If you can get a score greater than 517, you’ll likely have tons of medical schools looking to accept you.

The Best MCAT Prep Courses Available on the Market

According to Test Prep Insight, the best MCAT prep courses include:

Kaplan is also a very popular choice among those applying to medical school. If you’re looking for an MCAT prep course that has the most study material, then choose the Gold Standard prep class. Altius provides the most immersive preparation for the MCAT exam.

BluePrint MCAT provides more than 150 hours of video instruction, while The Princeton Review has more than 500 lessons of video instruction and Magoosh has about 380 video lessons. On the other hand, Kaplan has more than 150 hours of video instruction, while Altius has about 100 hours of video.

Each MCAT prep course offers a discount, with Altius offering $800 off while BluePrint offers $500 off. The BluePrint MCAT Prep course has excellent visual animations and the best video lessons available on the market. It also includes more than 4,000 practice problems.

The Best MCAT Practice Exams to Help Boost Your Score

What is considered a good MCAT score on MCAT practice exams? These scores will align with the same type of scores on the actual, official MCAT exam you take. However, remember that practice exams are less stressful, and you’ll likely be under greater pressure when taking the official MCAT test.

The best MCAT practice exams available on the test prep market include:

  • Princeton Review MCAT Practice Test Bundle
  • Kaplan MCAT Practice Test Bundle
  • Blueprint MCAT Practice Test Bundle
  • Gold Standard MCAT Practice Test Bundle

The Princeton Review includes several practice tests and many questions to help you prepare for the MCAT and boost your score. There are three-course exclusive tests and five practice exams from the Random House Series. These eight tests are both challenging and extensive in testing the full spectrum of medical knowledge expected before beginning medical school.

The Kaplan MCAT test bundle includes more than 2,900 practice questions, while the Blueprint MCAT test bundle incorporates a study planner tool, test performance analytics, and six months of access to a practice test platform. 

The Gold Standard test bundle also includes a detailed analysis of practice test scores as well as more than 1,600 practice test questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions to consider as you prepare for your MCAT exam:

What is a Top 10 Percent MCAT Score?

A top 10 percent MCAT score is usually 514 or 515. To figure out the top 10 percent MCAT score for a particular year when medical school applicants took the test, the AAMC usually gathers this data and outlines the percentiles. You’ll need to look for the 90th percentile scores.

Furthermore, if you want to know how well you scored compared to others, you’ll need to look at the percentiles that are sent to you with your score after you take the MCAT exam.

What is Considered a Good MCAT Score in 2021?

You should consider a good MCAT score in 2021 by basing it on the average scores accepted into top medical schools as well as the average percentiles of MCAT scores this year. 

You will want to aim for a score no lower than the 50th percentile of the MCAT scores among accepted students at your preferred medical school. To be truly competitive in your medical school applications, you’ll want to aim for the 75th percentile.

In general, the average MCAT total score among all medical school accepted students in 2021-2022 has been 511.9. If you can reach a score around that number, you should be competitive when it comes to getting into medical school.

Should I Retake the MCAT Exam?

If your original score on the MCAT exam was not high enough and you weren’t able to get into the medical school of your choice, you can always try again. Medical school admissions committees tend to see such actions as a strong level of determination. 

The only issue that could occur when it comes to getting into medical school is if your MCAT score on a second attempt is lower than your first attempt. You’ll need to prepare significantly to get a higher score and ensure you get into your favorite school.


Now that you know what a good MCAT score is, you will know exactly what you should aim for when preparing for and taking the MCAT exam. You can choose from a variety of MCAT preparatory courses to get ready for this test.

Before you know it, you’ll have the score you want, an acceptance letter to medical school, and a secure future as a physician.

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