Medical Terminology Training Courses

For anyone wishing to be a medical terminology expert, it’s important for them to take a course in Medical terminology. Finding a course that meets your needs can at times be challenging. This is especially because there a number of courses online that train in the same field. That’s why as you aspire to be a master in this field, you need to know which courses are best for you. In this post, we’ve outlined for you Best Free Medical Terminology Online Training Courses.

The post also covers tutorials, classes, and certification courses you can take and pursue. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate learner, or an expert, this list will help you choose the best medical terminology course to take.


7 Best Free Medical Terminology Online Training Courses

1. Penn Foster Online Medical Terminology Certification Course

Enhancing your medical career takes a number of dimensions that include pursuing the right course. This best online medical terminology course offered to you by Penn Foster Career School will help you succeed in your healthcare profession. This is because beside taking you through the fundamental aspects of healthcare, the course also enables you to learn important medical terminologies and their application to healthcare. You’ll also become an expert in identifying medical words and terms based on their components, defining of body structure as well as its systems, positions, cavities, planes, and more.

The course rated 4.7 out of 5 has managed to equip more than 44,000 students with required material. At the end of your learning, you’ll earn a Medical Technology certification which you can use to showcase your rich understanding of medical terms.

Key Course Highlights


Access to customized learning through mobile phones
Access to tools to help track your progress and set your goals
Guided course content coverage from expert certified trainers, training assistants, success coaches, as well as student support, making your learning an easier and enjoyable experience
Enables access to multiple training video courses, practical exercises and quizzes, and real-world tasks to enable you to go in-depth into the course content
Available flashcards to enable interactive learning and testing of your medical terminology knowledge before taking your exam
Learners access the course content through flexible and affordable payment choices to ensure their learning is smooth and is reachable to all
Course Length: Up to 3 months of self-paced learning

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Free Medical Terminology Courses Online

2. Coursera’s Clinical Terminology for International & US Students

If you prefer online learning, then this course is the right one for you. The Clinical Terminology for International & US Students fully online course is brought to you by University of Pittsburgh. As a student, you’ll be learning about common clinical terms as well as abbreviations used in hospitals in the US. This great course with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and an enrolment of over 22,000 learners so far targets both US and international students.

Through auditory as well as visual learning, you’ll manage to enhance your knowledge in the required clinical abbreviations and terms. And the most interesting bit about this course is how you’ll be accessing it for free. You won’t have to pay anything to learn and master the medical abbreviations and terms you’ll be learning.

Key Course Highlights


It’s an extensive course focused on helping beginners, through a straightforward manner, to understand various clinic terms as well as abbreviations
The course is flexible and allows you to get access to its content anytime and from anywhere
Includes practices tests and quizzes to help improve and strengthen your learning and mastery of the medical terms and abbreviations
Takes you through advanced learning techniques related to clinical terms and varied diseases affecting the human body
The course enables you to get guided instructions from Coursera’s training course experts at no extra cost to you
Course Length: 17 hours, 6 hours per week

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Best Medical Terminology Certification Trianing Courses Online

3. edX Free Medical Terminology Course

Learners for this free medical terminology course will be able to acquire foundational coursework material targeting programs for undergraduates. The course is available through Doane University Open Learning Academy. The course content is brought to you through exhaustive instructions on developing your fluency of medical terms. It’s rated at 4.6 out of 5 and has so far enrolled over 15,742 learners.

You’ll be studying foundational medical terminologies that include prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Amanda McKinney, the creator of the course and also an instructor has ensured the course will enable you to comprehend multiple terms related to physiology, anatomy, pathology as well as diagnostic tests. Once you complete the course, you can decide to enrol in the course’s certification program if you need a certification signed by a Doane University’s instructor.

Key Course Highlights


It’s among leading and most preferred medical terminology courses
Learners get to understand what stem words are all about and should be able to breakdown many-sided medical terms as well as their components with an intention of deciphering the meaning
You’ll get to understand the identification and interpretation of common suffixes and prefixes used in clinical and medical terms
Makes it possible to learn the usage of typical medical abbreviations in standard medical documents in interpreting a physician’s notes
Learners will understand the writing and application of medical based terms in a context suitable for reports as well as various medical documentations
The course is free of charge, but if you need a certification from edX, you have to pay for it
Course Length: 8 weeks, 5-10 hours/week

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4. Ashworth College Online Medical Terminology Course

This medical terminology course online brought to you by Ashworth College helps learners understand complex terms in the medical world. So if you want practical knowledge applicable in the real world, then this is the course to take. Through it, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of well-known healthcare settings such as medical practices, clinics, and hospital. At the end of the curriculum, you’ll have mastered things like anatomy, diseases, and treatments that enable us to remain healthy.

Those who take this highly rated course at 4.5 out of 5 will access course content materials that include a study book. They’ll also get access to Binder, a mobile phone app. Access to student dashboard, online libraries, online lessons, and labs as well as ProQuest, which allows digital access to numerous research sources are other important aspects of this online course. And if you’d like to be interacting with other students, graduates, and staff, then you get that too.

Key Course Highlights


The course enables you to enjoy a career of a lifetime in healthcare
You get to enjoy flexibility as the course material is accessible from anywhere
Enjoy flexible and affordable payment options that ensure you take your studies without committing yourself in loans
Course encourages career growth since you’re going to approach your service in the healthcare field from a point of knowledge
Interaction with an online community that ensures you learn from others as well as share your personal experience
The course opens other opportunities to continue learning
Course Length: Self-Paced

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5. Des Moines University Online Medical Technology Course

This free course targets those who wish to learn and have a deep knowledge of common medical terms, words as well as meanings but don’t necessarily need a certification on completion. This Online Medical Technology Course offered by Des Moines University and with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 targets to give you educational as well as informational help only. This implies you won’t be able to use the knowledge you gain through the course in diagnosing or treating a patient’s health problem.

Designed by expert instructors from the university, the course content helps you learn basic medical terms. This to make you understand these terms for your own benefit. The course actually acts as a prerequisite for those who wish to join college or a medical academic program.

Course takers who would like to receive a certification have to take another step of registering and completing the course.

Key Course Highlights


Includes 15 modules coming free of charge to learners
Access to audios to help you get the correct pronunciation of medical terminology
Post-module practice questions and assessments as well as a 30-question quiz at the end of course coverage
Includes gaining of foundational knowledge in basic medical terms for you to understand the healthcare world better and accurately
Covers topics like circulatory system, urinary system, digestive system, male reproductive system, terms related to cancer, and more
Enables learners to understand new healthcare field terms
You get to read and understand various theories about how medical terms have evolved over the years
Affordable certification plan on completion of the course for those who wish to earn one
Course Length: Self-paced

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6. Universal Class Medical Terminology 101

The healthcare industry has specialized terminology specific to it. Universal Class has a medical terminology course geared at assisting learners in building foundational knowledge in the field. Topics covered include abbreviations, word origins, body systems as well as disease. On course completion, graduates are able to understand and apply their newly acquired knowledge in various sectors of the healthcare industry.

The purely online course is flexible and affordable to allow anyone wishing to master the required terminology to access it. Over 29,000 students have learnt through this popular course with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It targets those who work with nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. It’s also meant for those who desire to pursue a career in any medical field, medical billing, medical transcription, and medical coding. And if your interest is to work as a medical support staff, this course will also work well for you.

Key Course Highlights


Completely online
Support from qualified medical instructors
Students have 6 months to finish the course
Accessible through PC, Mac, Android, and iOS
Printable lessons
Covers medical language as well as terminology used in the health care industry
Includes easy to review course content presented in a format that’s user friendly
Learners get a strong foundation in medical terminology and language
Course content includes rich text, HD videos, diagrams, pictures and interactive exams and assignments
You’ll be able to analyze medical word parts like prefixes, suffixes as well as roots
Students also learn about dynamics of body system, body orientation, medical language, health, wellness as well as disease terms
There’s a completion certificate from CUE at an extra cost for anyone wishing to get one
Course Length: Self-paced

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7. National Cancer Institute Cancer and Medical Terminology Course

If you’re interested in taking a medical terminology online course free that includes coverage of common cancer and other medical terminology, then this is for you. The modules in this course introduce you to terminology common in medical records used to describe cancer and other medical conditions. This is to ensure cancer registry workers are able to recognize related terminology so as to have complete and accurate records. The course modules are funded by US National Cancer Institute’s SEER (Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results) program.

Key Course Highlights


Study of Greek and Latin roots used in the medical field
Students learn how to define common symptomatic prefixes and common diagnostic suffixes
Course content also includes coverage of abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols that are part of medical terminology used in healthcare field
Resources include online as well as downloadable manuals, databases, and more
Links to cancer and registry websites and forums for coding as well as staging questions

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This list of the best medical terminology courses will help you choose the one that fits your study needs. What you get out of each one of these courses will not just help you understand the medical field better but will also help you build your healthcare profession. Anyone who’s serious about how they turn out should consider registering and studying any of these courses. Go through the list, settle on the one you’d wish to go for and register right away.