Review Process

How Our Team Reviews and Rates Test Prep Courses

In response to the surface-level educational product reviews dominating the internet, we embarked on a mission to deliver substantive evaluations from unbiased experts. Our objective is to offer well-researched, honest, and comprehensive reviews providing actionable advice for our readers.

To achieve this, we curated a team of seasoned education experts to establish an industry-leading review framework. Each meticulous step guarantees our content is free from bias, ensuring our reviews, comparisons, and buyer guides hold genuine value for aspiring learners.

Here’s an insight into our meticulous process for crafting thorough educational and e-learning reviews:

  1. Data Gathering:
    We kickstart our review process by amassing comprehensive data on study materials or e-learning products, covering features, specifications, practice resources, pricing, and more.
  2. Thorough Testing:
    Our team extensively tests every prep course, language learning app, or study product, having purchased and evaluated each ourselves. This stands in contrast to sites that merely rehash product specifications.
  3. Student Review Evaluation:
    After our internal testing, we cross-reference our insights with verified student reviews. Real user experiences serve as invaluable benchmarks in forming our opinions.
  4. Scaled Rating:
    Following data aggregation, testing, and user feedback analysis, we utilize a proprietary formula considering weighted factors like pricing, content quality, lesson effectiveness, and live class offerings to rate each course or app.
  5. Publication:
    Upon completing our comprehensive assessments and expert verification, we craft detailed, firsthand reviews supported by industry experts before publishing. Our aim is to provide articles and videos brimming with insights and practical tips.

Crush stands apart in delivering unparalleled depth and expertise in educational and e-learning reviews. Our framework ensures readers receive authoritative advice, making us the foremost trusted source for education reviews online.

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