Best USMLE Hatua 1 swali Benki

Kuanzia kazi katika dawa hakuna feat rahisi. Kama wewe ni nia ya kuwa na daktari, muuguzi, au yoyote ya matibabu ya kitaalamu wengine, mahitaji ya elimu ni mwinuko na mara nyingi kuingiza mchanganyiko wa elimu ya chuo kikuu, postgraduate education, and additional certifications. One of these certifications is the USMLE, a notoriously difficult licensing exam that comes in multiple parts.

Looking to pass the USMLE? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back:

One of the best ways to prepare for taking this exam, or any similar exam for that matter, is to answer practice questions. High-quality practice questions can provide simulations of the real exam-taking experience by imitating the structure and content of the real thing. Answering a large quantity of practice questions correctly can help to reduce your anxiety when taking the USMLE, greatly increasing your chance of passing as a result.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

Question banks can come in a few different formats. Many are included in USMLE review courses as part of their learning curriculum. Many more are sold in standalone books or eBooks, with even some of the aforementioned prep course providers selling theirs in this way. Often times, USMLE question banks will be separated by each level, or Step, of the exam.

Finding the right question bank can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Kwa hiyo, we’ve created this list of the best USMLE Step 1 Question banks in order to help you skip this entire process and get down to what matters most: studying so you can CRUSH the USMLE!

What is the best USMLE Step 1 swali Bank?

1. Kaplan USMLE Hatua 1 Qbank

Kaplan hatua USMLE 1 USMLE ukaguzi Although it may not offer as many questions as our #1 pick, Kaplan Hatua 1 USMLE Qbank comes closest out of all competing providers. Their flexible pricing and streamlined interface offer many positive additional benefits as well.

Pro: Bei

In a move that may seem out of the ordinary for a high-end prep course provider, Kaplan offers access to their Step 1 practice questions at a few reasonable tiered prices. If students choose to purchase 12 months or 18 Miezi ya kupata, the cost per month is less than $20!

Pro: Interface

Kaplan’s QBank is delivered through an interface that is streamlined to the point where it is very easy to access all important information such as progress reports and test simulations. This is an important design factor for relieving stress and saving time during the study process.

Con: Covered Material

Despite this QBank having a large pool of questions for students to access, some areas of the USMLE Step 1 exam have more questions than others. According to one reviewer of Kaplan’s practice questions, there aren’t enough regarding neurophysiology.


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Msimbo wa kuponi halali kwa Kaplan USMLE Step 1, 3, & 3
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2. BoardVitals USMLE Step 1 Qbank

BoardVitals Hatua 1 - USMLE Tathmini Course With a smaller pool of questions than the two best question banks on this list, BoardVitals makes up for this shortcoming by providing study content crafted by highly qualified medical professionals and excellent customer support.

Pro: Professional Expertise

As was previously mentioned, BoardVitals employs a team of doctors and experts to create all of their practice material. Thanks to this highly qualified group of instructors with skin in the game, customers can take comfort in the knowledge that they are learning from the best.

Pro: Customer Support

Although issues with their service are rare, BoardVitals still places considerable emphasis on providing an excellent support system for students experiencing any problems. Students can reach out to their support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either through phone or email.

Con: Accessibility

All of BoardVitals’ educational content, including their practice questions, are meant to be accessed on a standard personal computer. This means that no mobile app has been developed for use on a tablet or smartphone. While some resources can be reached on mobile, the lack of a dedicated app can negatively impact students’ performance on mobile devices.

Kuchukua mimi Bodi vitals USMLE

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Bodi vitals, Punguzo Exclusive, Kiasi cha Dola Off 37 inatumia leo
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Save up to $17.90 on BoardVitals study materials! Hii ni pamoja na hatua yao ya USMLE 1, Hatua 2, na Hatua 3 Mazoezi Uchunguzi na Swali Bank.
Ilitumiwa mwisho 16 dakika zilizopita
Tarehe ya kumalizika muda: Julai 28, 2018

3. GraduateX USMLE Step 1 Qbank

Best USMLE Hatua 1 Exam Prep Course Despite being low on our list, GraduateX’s USMLE Step 1 practice questions are still an excellent educational resource for any student looking to prepare for the exam. A helpful community and easy-to-navigate curriculum make this a stress-free learning resource.

Pro: Curriculum

GraduateX divides all of the important information covered on the USMLE Step 1 exam into 90 steps. These steps devote a decent amount of time to each aspect of the exam with reading material that serves as a companion resource.

Pro: Community

Upon signing up for access to GraduateX’s practice material, students will gain access to their community resources. This allows students to contact other students or GraduateX team members to devise study plans or resolve issues.

Con: swali Bank

Although all of the material provided by GraduateX is easy to access and divided into sections that make sense, the actual size of their content is low. At only 1,500 maswali mazoezi, this provider offers the lowest number out of all services on this list.


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Ilitumiwa mwisho 19 masaa yaliyopita
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4. UWorld USMLE Step 1 Qbank

best usmle step 1 prep uworld step 1 UWorld has a substantial USMLE Step 1 QBank that does a fantastic job imitating the real thing.

Pro: Volume

Out of all the educational resources on this list, UWorld has the one QBank with the highest number of questions. Over 2,400 multiple choice questions are included in their product, meaning that students who use their QBank won’t run out of learning material for quite some time.

Pro: Device Compatibility

It can be difficult for students juggling multiple responsibilities to find time for studying. To help mitigate this concern, UWorld’s QBank is compatible on mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. With the option to access these practice questions from other devices, students can more easily squeeze in a quick study session while on break or during a commute.

Pro: Simulation

According to many students and reviewers, including those from competing USMLE prep course providers, UWorld’s question bank offers an experience most similar to actually taking Step 1 of the exam. This means that it is far and away the best method for students to acclimate to the time constraints and pressures of the real exam in a controlled environment.

Con: Time-Consuming

It is no doubt that having a large volume of questions to pull from can be a major benefit for a student looking to pass the USMLE. It’s also very helpful that these questions can be accessed on mobile devices. Hata hivyo, the fact remains that answering all of these questions will take a great deal of time, making UWorld one of the most time-consuming QBank resources.

Best USMLE Hatua 1 Prep Course

What are the best USMLE Step 1 Qbanks?

Best USMLE Hatua 1 swali Benki 2018 – Compared

Best USMLE Hatua 1 Kozi PrepBest Feature
Kaplan USMLEMost comprehensive
Bodi vitalsBest Value
graduate XCommunity Forums
UWorldUSMLE Exam Simulation

USMLE vs. Comlex

What is the difference between the USMLE vs Comlex

What’s the difference between the COMLEX vs USMLE?

If you are just starting the process of acquiring a license to practice medicine in the United States, be prepared: Medical licensing in the United States can be confusing. For US-based allopathic students, the path forward is fairly straight forward. But if you fall outside of that category (US-based osteopathic student, international medical graduate (IMG)), the path forward is likely a little more convoluted. Let’s consider a simple case first: International Medical Graduates. For all physicians licensed to practice in the US (with few exceptions), you’ll be required to enter a residency match program (either allopathic or osteopathic programs) and complete additional clinical training. As it currently stands, international medical graduates (IMG’s) are only eligible for the allopathic National Residency Match Program (NRMP) and thus should only consider taking the USMLE, not COMLEX (the licensing exam for osteopathic physicians). Hivyo, as of now, it’s a relatively simple answer for IMG’s: Take the USMLE exam, not COMLEX.

Who should take both the USMLE and COMLEX?

What if you are an osteopathic student based in the US? You currently are required to take and pass COMLEX in order to practice as a osteopathic physician and be eligible for an osteopathic residency program. Hata hivyo, osteopathic students have another option: Take the USMLE AND COMLEX. Many students may wonder why it would be worth subjecting yourself to multiple exams (3 for COMLEX, na 4 for the USMLE including Step 2 CS). Students decide to not take the USMLE for many reasons: It can cost A LOT of money – cost preparation, exam registration, travel, additional fees. It can take A LOT of time – anywhere from a week to a few months depending on when you decide to take the exam. An allopathic residency isn’t something they want to pursue. Hata hivyo, there are multiple reasons students decide to take it: If you time it correctly, it can overlap with preparation for each COMLEX level, limiting additional study time required. It makes you eligible for allopathic residency programs AND osteopathic programs, expanding your options for post-graduate training. It can increase your competitiveness for both types of residency programs if you perform well. USMLE Competitiveness It can be taken at any time during your training as it is not required for graduation from osteopathic programs. If you are still on the fence about doubling down and taking the USMLE, try to answer this one question: What do you want to do for your residency training? At the end of the day, your choice of specialty, program location, type of residency will dictate whether or not it’s a good idea to take both exams. If you’re interested in something highly competitive (dermatology, plastic surgery, radiation oncology), in many cases it makes sense to broaden the number of programs for your application, especially for very specialized fields. Because there are many more allopathic residency programs than osteopathic, if location for residency training is important to you, it may make sense to take the USMLE increasing your chance of being able to match in a specific location. Residency is a difficult and exciting time in your training, so it’s worth considering what your goals are as early as possible to make sure you can take appropriate steps to prepare for the necessary exams. Based on your answer, you may decide the USMLE is not for you. If, Hata hivyo, you decide to take the USMLE in addition to COMLEX, it is important to have a plan. Here are key things to consider:
  1. Timing – Because there is a sizeable amount of overlapping information across both COMLEX and the USMLE, many students opt to take them at the same time, or in close proximity. Because COMLEX is required for graduation, it’s often recommended you focus on passing those exams first. Upon completing COMLEX, students often go directly into a brief study period for the USMLE and take the exam soon after. Hata hivyo, some students opt to take the USMLE first as it is considered to be more difficult, and then take a brief period to study COMLEX specific topics, such as OMM, before sitting for COMLEX.
  2. Overlapping information – similar to timing, the overlap of information allows the use of similar resources. In selecting resources, follow this mantra: “As much as necessary, as little as possible.” Select the fewest number of resources you need to ace both Comlex and the USMLE. Know them inside and out. Being familiar with all the material through the entirety of the study period will help on both exams.
  3. Question styles – COMLEX questions and USMLE questions test much of the same material but with different styles of questions. It is important to expose yourself to both styles of questions before each exam. Using QBanks specific to each is an option followed by many students. Alternatively, students choose a single comprehensive QBank (such as Kaplan’s USMLE Qbank) and use National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) practice exams to learn question styles.
In the end, it’s always worth speaking to an academic advisor to discuss what your goals are and the best way to reach them. School advisors can also give insight as to how test preparation fits into your school’s curriculum and what previous students in your program have had success with in the past. For IMG’s, there are advisory services available through US based companies that help develop a plan and help prepare applications for the residency match program. And many of these services can include help in preparing for exams. It’s also worth noting that the ACGME and AOA (the governing bodies for allopathic and osteopathic residency programs, respectively) have reached an agreement that will allow a single application service and match program across all types of residencies. This program is set to go into effect in 2020, but it is still unclear exactly how this will impact COMLEX and USMLE examinees, both US-based and abroad.

Simu za USMLE Mazoezi mtihani Online

FREE USMLE Step 1 Practice Tests Smash USMLE Step 1 Tathmini Hatua USMLE 1 Mtihani ni bodi yako ya kwanza ya mtihani wa kuchukua wakati wa shule ya matibabu. Kuanza mbali haki kwa kuchukua kusoma yako kwa umakini na kuwa thabiti na kuchukua USMLE Step 1 maswali mazoezi.

Simu za USMLE Step 1 Questions

hapa ni 50 free USMLE Step practice test from the Smash USMLE Step 1 benki swali. What was your score? Are you ready to take the USMLE Step 1 mtihani? Hatua USMLE 1 Mtihani unasimamiwa katika kipindi cha siku moja yenye saba vikao 60-dakika. Kila kikao itakuwa na 40 au maswali machache. Mada zifuatazo zinapatikana katika mtihani huu:
  • Anatomia
  • Tabia Sayansi
  • Biokemia
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Taaluma ya dawa
  • Tiba
Mbali na mada hapo juu, Hatua USMLE 1 Mtihani pia inashughulikia maeneo fani mbalimbali kuhusiana na yafuatayo:
  • kuzeeka
  • jenetiki
  • Elimu ya kingamaradhi
  • Masi na Cell Biology
  • lishe
Smash USMLE inatoa hatua USMLE 1 Prep Kozi na Qbanks ambayo 2,000+ USMLE Hatua 1 maswali mazoezi. These questions are written in the same format found on the exam and have detailed explanations like the ones you’ll see here. Each of the categories found on the exam is covered by the Smash USMLE question bank and will provide you with hands-on experience for what to expect on the testing day. Unataka mazoezi zaidi? Kulinganisha bora USMLE Step 1 Ukaguzi kozi hapa.
Best PCAT Study Material

Best PCAT Study Materials

USMLE Exam Strategies & Tips

Mitihani USMLE: Myths, Mambo na Mikakati ya Kukabiliana na Kushindwa

Mwanafunzi yoyote ya matibabu ya kutumia programu za makazi dreads wazo la kushindwa mtihani USMLE, kuamini kuna hakuna njia kushinda kushindwa hii na kuchukuliwa kwa mahojiano. Hata hivyo, si kweli mwisho wa dunia, na kuna mengi bado unaweza kufanya kwa ajili ya mafanikio USMLE. Hebu kufumbua baadhi ya hadithi ya kawaida kuhusu USMLE, and look at some strategies for residency applications with multiple attempts.

Common USMLE Myths vs. the Truth

Here are a couple of myths about USMLE exams:
  • USMLE Attempts – There’s a wide-ranging myth that you will not get interviews from residency programs in the U.S. with multiple USMLE attempts. Wengi makazi wagombea kuamini hii ina maana ya mwisho wa kazi zao za matibabu, kabla hata ya kuanza!
ukweli ni, wengi mipango makazi hawajali kuhusu majaribio alishindwa katika mitihani USMLE. Baadhi wanaweza kutibu hii kama kosa, lakini hata wapate kufanya ubaguzi kama wewe ni tayari kuweka katika juhudi za ziada juu ya mapumziko ya maombi yako.
  • Old / Wahitimu International - hadithi mwingine wa kawaida ni kwamba matibabu wahitimu wakubwa, Wahitimu hasa International Medical au IMGs, hawezi alama vizuri katika Mitihani USMLE au kupata makazi katika yoyote Mkondoni. mipango makazi.
Hii si kweli kabisa, tangu hakuna kikomo umri kwa kuchukua mtihani. Hata hivyo, IMGs Old ambaye alihitimu shule ya matibabu nje ya Mkondoni. zaidi ya 5 Miaka ya nyuma si kuchukuliwa kwa programu nyingi makazi katika nchi. Kuomba Residency na Majaribio mbalimbali Hapa ni baadhi ya mikakati ya kutumia na majaribio mbalimbali USMLE:
  1. Kazi Hard juu ya Hatua nyingine - Kushindwa katika hatua moja ya mtihani mara nyingi ina maana ya kufanya kazi kwa bidii katika hatua ya baadaye ya kuonyesha kujitolea kwako. Kama alishindwa USMLE Step 1, kwa mfano, Hatua USMLE 2 CK / CS inatoa nafasi ya kuonyesha uwezo wako. Scoring very well at this stage could help you get residency.
  2. Check State Restrictions – In some states, you are only allowed a limited number of attempts at the USMLE exams. Hakikisha siyo kuomba mipango katika majimbo ambapo fedha yako na wakati itakuwa kupita kwa sababu ya majaribio mbalimbali, na kuangalia orodha hii makini kwa mataifa sambamba.
  3. Angalia Programu Vikwazo - Pamoja na kuangalia kama kuna mipaka yoyote jaribio kuomba katika kila hali, pia kuangalia kama makazi mpango katika swali inatoa kikomo kwa ajili ya kufuzu. Kuna programu ambazo wagombea mahojiano na jitihada nyingi, ili kuangalia kwa haya badala.
  4. Mwambie Mipango Story yako – If you’ve had a USMLE failure before passing, kutumia hii kama fursa ya kuonyesha mipango makazi jinsi kushughulikia vikwazo. Kushiriki hadithi katika Taarifa yako binafsi inathibitisha kuwa unaweza kuchukua jukumu kwa makosa yako na kujifunza kutoka kwao, ambayo ni muhimu kwa mipango.
  5. Kujenga Nguvu Maombi - Hakikisha yako Electronic Residency Maombi Service (eras) maombi, CV na Statement kibinafsi ni imara, kuandikwa vizuri na makosa ya bure. Pia haja ya kuwa maalum kwa maalum umechagua, kwa barua ya hivi karibuni ya Pendekezo kutoka uzoefu wako wa kiafya katika Mkondoni.
  6. kuchukua Hatua 3 mtihani - Fikiria kuchukua hatua USMLE 3 mtihani kama wewe na majaribio mbalimbali ambayo kuongeza maswali au shaka na mipango makazi. Kuhakikisha kuwa wewe ni tayari kabisa kwa mtihani, ingawa. majaribio mbalimbali pamoja na hatua 3 kushindwa itakuwa mbaya zaidi kuliko majaribio mbalimbali USMLE peke.
Kama wewe ni mwanafunzi wa kimataifa au Mkondoni. matibabu ya kuhitimu, si lazima wewe mwenyewe kuwa tamaa na kushindwa USMLE. Weka katika juhudi na kujifunza kwa bidii ili kupata alama bora wakati ujao! Marejeo ya ziada: mwandishi Bio: Awali kutoka Philadelphia, Eric Brown is a resident of New York, ambapo yeye anafanya kazi kama mgonjwa sanifu (SP) and advises NYCSPREP with their Hospitali Stadi Course. Kwa miaka mingi ya uzoefu na sekta ufahamu katika mambo yote SP zinazohusiana, yeye husaidia wanafunzi Ace mitihani yao CS kwa uigizaji wagonjwa wao kazi na. Pia bado hadi sasa na matarajio, mwenendo wa, na maendeleo katika mitihani CS, to help NYCSPREP keep their course current. In his free time, Eric likes unwinding by watching baseball and can be found at the game when the Phillies (timu yake ya nyumbani) are playing. If you have any questions about standardized CS exams or courses at NYCSPREP, email Eric at [email protected] or visit

Best USMLE Hatua 1 Prep vya kifani

Best USMLE Hatua 1 Kozi Prep Finding the right USMLE Hatua 1 Vifaa kifani could be the single most important decision you will make on your journey towards passing your exam. Utakuwa kutumia saa countrless kusoma, hivyo ni muhimu kwa kupata shaka kwamba bora inafaa style yako kujifunza na background. The difference between passing or failing your exam largely depends on how well your USMLE Step 1 study materials prepare you for it. Using a course that isn’t a good match for your learning style can cause you to score lower or worse, fail your exam. No worries though we’res here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Here’s the good news: we have personally researched and reviewed the USMLE Step 1 study materials below. The comparison chart will help you decide which course best fits your needs and compares students most important features. Some of the links on this chart are affiliate links, meaning I can get a small commission (kutumika kwa mfuko tovuti hii) wakati kununua kwa kubonyeza kwa njia ya. Hata hivyo usijali, by using the USMLE promo codes and USMLE review course discounts you’ll get the best possible deal.

Best vya USMLE Hatua kifani Kulinganisha & Punguzo

  • Smash USMLE Step 1 utafiti Material
  • Pitia Programu USMLE Step 1 Vifaa kifani
  • Kaplan USMLE Hatua 1 Tathmini Course
  • Bodi vitals USMLE Step 1 Vifaa kifani
  • GraduateX USMLE Step 1 utafiti Material
  • Backer USMLE Step 1 Prep Course
USMLE Hatua 1 KoziTop USMLE Prep Course - Smash USMLEPitia Programu Best USMLE Prep CourseBest USMLE Prep GofuTop USMLE mtihani prep kozi - BoardVitals Hatua 1bora USMLE Prep CourseTop New USMLE Prep Course Becker USMLE







KAMPUNISmash USMLE Pitia Programu USMLEKaplan USMLEBodi vitalsGraduateX USMLEBecker USMLE
PRICE $1995 $1,795 $1,690 $1,521 $3,999 $3,699 $179 $161 $289 $231 $1,500
PunguzoSave $200 Show Cheti Save $170 Show Cheti Save $300 Show Cheti Save $17.90 Show ChetiSave $57.80 Show Chetihakuna
SWALI mazoezi2,000 2,0002,0001,6001,500+ 2,000+
Urefu kamili mazoezi ya mitihani
Mihadhara video250 Masaa 150 Masaa200 Masaa200 Masaa
PASS dhamana
Simu za smartphone programu
PROGRESS kufuatilia
STUDENT SUPPORTMwalimu pepe Support Mwalimu pepe SupportMwalimu pepe Support Mwalimu pepe SupportBarua pepe Support Barua pepe Support
ONLINE ACCESS KIPINDI12 Miezi 12 Miezi10 Miezi6 Miezi12 Miezi12 Miezi
READ MY FULL ANALYSISKusoma Tathmini Kamili Kusoma Tathmini KamiliKusoma Tathmini KamiliKusoma Tathmini KamiliKusoma Tathmini KamiliKusoma Tathmini Kamili
ANZAStart NowStart NowStart NowStart NowStart NowStart Now
See Our Best Live Online USMLE Step 1 Course Comparison Here.

2018 Best USMLE Hatua kifani Material Rankings

1. Smash USMLE Step 1 utafiti Material

Best USMLE Exam Prep Course SMASHUSMLE


Exciting & Popular Video Lectures: Smash USMLE founder, Dr. Delek Adesina, has an impressive fan base among medical students, who love his upbeat and easy to follow video lectures and explanations. Some of his most popular videos have been watched millions of times on YouTube for a reason!
Kubwa Swali Benki: The Smash USMLE Question Bank includes everything you need with more than 3,500 mazoezi maswali ya kuwasaidia wanafunzi kujiandaa kwa ajili ya hatua 1 na Hatua 2 mitihani CK. Detailed and easy to understand explanations help students learn why specific answers are right or wrong. mtihani benki pia inaweza upya mara mbili, and questions are reviewed regularly to ensure they are they most up-to-date. Practicing thousands of quality questions is one of the best ways to raise your score on the USMLE!
Performance Feedback: The course dashboard makes it easy to measure your progress and evaluate your performance as you study for the USMLE exams. mtazamo mmoja katika chati ya pai inaonyesha asilimia ya video ulizotazama, and software keeps track of your performance on the practice questions so that you can change your studies to those areas that would benefit from additional practice.
Low-Bajeti Video: The streaming videos in this course are popular and dynamic, but they are not in the same league as the professional videos created by more well-known USMLE prep companies. lafudhi Adesina pia ni kiasi fulani vigumu kuelewa katika video fulani, ingawa English yake ni nzuri sana.


2. Pitia Programu USMLE Step 1 Vifaa kifani

Pitia Programu Best USMLE Prep Course


Help When You Need It: There is a great team of instructors that are ready and willing to help with any question you have while studying for your USMLE Step 1 mtihani. Bila shaka hawawezi mwalimu wewe (unless you want to pay extra), but if you’ve missed a key concept, you may reach out and get detailed answers in 10-20 minutes.
Access: The USMLE Pass Program by Edumind includes 12 Miezi ya kupata. This is something that other providers have cut back on, so keep an eye out when you’re comparing with other courses. It is very important to ensure you have all the time you need to prepare and don’t feel rushed.
Engaging Lectures: Dr. Francis is a teacher that knows how to motivate students. His classes will actually keep you engaged and even excited at times.
Not Too Long Or Too Short: The lesson pacing is ideal, not too short and not too long. These bit sized lessons really help when you’re busy and just want to get a quick study session in. This ensures you get just enough information but overwhelmed.


3. Kaplan USMLE Hatua 1 Vifaa kifani

Kaplan hatua USMLE 1 USMLE ukaguzi


Huge Question Bank and Video Collection: Kaplan Medical USMLE ya hatua 1 study materials give students access to a large number of exam-like questions in a Qbank and include an extensive video library with 2,000+ maswali. Pro tip: Kata ya saa mbali ya ukaguzi wakati wako kwa kutazama video kwenye 1.5x kasi yao ya mara kwa mara. The videos are both informative and entertaining, making the large body of material less daunting than usual.
Diagnostic Mitihani, Quizzes, na Mitihani Mazoezi: Kuna fursa nyingi kwa ajili ya wanafunzi mtihani wenyewe juu ya maarifa kuwa zinatakiwa kabla kukaa kwa ajili ya mtihani. Vipimo vya uchunguzi, mfupi Quizzes na urefu kamili uigaji mitihani kutoa wanafunzi mazoezi na maoni walengwa uwezo wao na utendaji.
simu ya kirafiki: mihadhara yote yanaweza kutazamwa kutoka iPhone yako kifaa Android, na kuifanya rahisi kupata masaa yako utafiti katika, bila kujali ni wapi ziko. The Step 1 Qbank includes a free app for you to work on practice questions and check answers as well.
International Student kirafiki: Kaplan Medical ina chaguzi kiwango cha kwanza kwa ajili ya Wanafunzi wa Kimataifa ambao ni maandalizi kwa kuomba kwa ajili ya mpango makazi katika Marekani. Kuishi, Live Online and On Demand options are supplemented by immersive In Center learning opportunities and study centers with state-of-the-art facilities, computers, internet access, and helpful staff to answer questions.


4. Bodi vitals USMLE Step 1 Vifaa kifani

BoardVitals Hatua 1 - USMLE Tathmini Course


Practice Tests That Mimic The Exam: rahisi kutumia timer husaidia wanafunzi kufuatilia maendeleo yao katika kila swali na mtihani wa jumla. Unaweza kuhamisha na kurudi kati ya maswali, ambayo ni iliyoundwa kwa mechi kiwango cha ugumu wa maswali katika mtihani halisi. Unaweza pia kuchagua kati ya Mode wakati muafaka na Tathmini Mode wakati kujibu maswali mazoezi au kuchukua mtihani mazoezi.
Swali Bank na maelezo yenye maelezo: Maelezo ya kina pamoja na majibu ya kila moja mazoezi swali kuunda msingi wa Bodi vitals USMLE vya kifani. Utakuwa na upatikanaji wa 1,500 maswali ya bodi ya marekebisho ili kujiandaa kwa ajili ya mtihani. Maswali zimeandikwa na upya na sasa mazoezi madaktari, matibabu Kitivo, au kuja kutoka 3 kuongoza wachapishaji matibabu.
Adaptive Learning Technology: You’ll get individualized question recommendations based on your performance to help you pass faster. Baada ya umefanya akajibu maswali mazoezi na kupelekwa mazoezi ya mtihani, unaweza kulinganisha utendaji wako na ile ya wanafunzi wengine. utendaji wako inaruhusu programu kupendekeza maswali mazoezi maalum kwa ajili ya utafiti wa ziada, ili uweze kuzingatia maeneo ambayo watafaidika zaidi na ukaguzi.
Best Price: For the quality of the material, you can’t find a better price. Priced between $79-$199 for up to 6 Miezi ya kupata, this course is a true bargain and could easily be combined with other study materials. kupita dhamana hufanya toleo hili hata bora: Bodi vitals inatoa bure usajili kupanuliwa na njia yenu kama huna kupita mtihani ambayo wewe ni kusoma.

Kuchukua mimi Bodi vitals USMLE

5. GraduateX USMLE Step 1 Vifaa kifani

Best USMLE Hatua 1 Exam Prep Course


Kubwa Swali Benki: GraduateX’s USMLE Step 1 study materials give students access to a vast bank of practice questions. For a fraction of the price, you get almost as many questions as the larger, more comprehensive courses. You’ll have plenty of time to get through all of the different sections, so don’t worry about trying to squeeze all of your studying into a short window.
Rununu: Don’t worry about being in front of the computer for your studying—you can take your USMLE prep on the go with the GraduateX mobile app. While it’s not anything earth shattering, it has all of the basics. Hivyo, enjoy your access to the study materials when you’re out of the office or not at home, as you’ll be able to knock out some key lessons while commuting or traveling.
Limited Course: While this prep tool is great for people who are great at studying at their own pace and with written content, there’s a lot that’s missing from this review program. Kwa mfano, there’s no video content and it covers only the first step of the USMLE. Hata hivyo, there’s plenty of materials for students who have a handle on the information and really just need some repetitive reinforcement and test-taking tips.


Best USMLE Hatua 1 Prep Course

Best USMLE Step Study Materials

Vifaa kifaniBei
Becker USMLE$1500
Kaplan USMLE$2399
Bodi vitals$179
Smash USMLE$1295
Madaktari Katika Mafunzo$825

USMLE Hatua 2 CS Kozi

juu 2Haki ya kuchagua USMLE Step 2 CS prep shaka ni muhimu kama unataka kupita mtihani mara ya kwanza kuchukua ni. Itakuwa kuokoa wakati na fedha kama wewe kuchukua muda wa kuchunguza mbalimbali online chaguzi kabla ya kufanya mpango maalum prep. Kama kuchagua kozi prep ambayo si fit nzuri na mtindo wako wa kujifunza huwezi pamoja tayari kwa ajili ya mtihani. Huenda hata kushindwa mtihani na kuwa na kuanza juu ya kutoka kwa mmoja mraba. Kuponda inataka kuhakikisha kuwa haina kutokea! Hivyo, Habari njema ni kwamba tuna binafsi utafiti na kupitia kila kuu USMLE Step 2 CS prep shaka katika soko ili kukusaidia kufanya uamuzi wa haki! kulinganisha chati hapo chini muhtasari faida na hasara ya kila kozi na kukusaidia kuchagua kozi inayosaidia uwezo wako. Angalia mapendekezo yetu chini!

USMLE Hatua 2 CS Kozi Ulinganisho Chati & rankings

Hatua 2 CS Prep GofuBest USMLE Hatua 2 CS Prep CourseTop USMLE Step 2 CS Prep Course



KAMPUNIKaplan Hatua 2 CSUWorld Hatua 2 CS
Mihadhara video 12 masaa Live Physical Examination Video
MUUNDO Live Online Course online kozi, Self Study
Fedha-nyuma kuhakikisha
Kufunza CHAGUO
STUDENT SUPPORT In-Class Mwingiliano & Mwalimu pepe SupportBarua pepe Support & Forum
ONLINE ACCESS KIPINDIKupitia kozi Kukamilisha Tarehe2 Miezi

Save 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – Juu ya mahitaji

Kaplan USMLE, Specials, asilimia Discount 37 inatumia leo
Kaplan USMLE 37 inatumia leo

Save 25% na-Demand On Kaplan USMLE

Msimbo wa kuponi halali kwa Kaplan USMLE Step 1, 3, & 3
Ilitumiwa mwisho 15 dakika zilizopita
Tarehe ya kumalizika muda: Julai 28, 2018

Best USMLE Hatua 2 CS Prep Gofu

USMLE Hatua 2 CS KoziVideo Mihadhara Bei
Kaplan12 masaa Live $700
USMLE World Physical Examination Video $70

USMLE Hatua 3 Tathmini Kozi

Uchaguzi Hatua USMLE 3 prep shaka kwamba ni fit bora kwa ajili ya kujifunza yako binafsi style ni uamuzi muhimu zaidi wewe kufanya linapokuja suala la kupita hii ya mwisho USMLE mtihani juu ya kwanza kujaribu. Utakuwa kutumia masaa mengi ya kusoma, na tofauti kati ya mafanikio ya kupita au kushindwa Hatua USMLE 3 mtihani inaweza pia hutegemea jinsi utafiti vifaa wako kujiandaa kwa. Bila shaka prep ambayo si fit nzuri na mtindo wako wa kujifunza inaweza kusababisha alama ya chini au hata kushindwa mtihani, kugharimu wewe miezi ya muda kujifunza na ada ya ziada ya mtihani. Hapa katika kuponda USMLE tuna binafsi utafiti na upya kila hatua kubwa 3 mapitio shaka katika soko hivyo si kuwa na!

Hatua 3 Kulinganisha Course & Punguzo

  • Kaplan USMLE Hatua 3 Bila shaka prep
  • Bodi vitals USMLE Step 3 Vifaa kifani
  • Madaktari katika Mafunzo USMLE Step 3 ukaguzi shaka
USMLE Hatua 3 KoziBest USMLE Hatua 3 Prep CourseBoardVitals Hatua 3 - Top USMLE Step 3 Prep CourseBest USMLE Hatua 3 Tathmini Kozi




KAMPUNIKaplan USMLEBodi vitalsMadaktari Katika Mafunzo
SWALI mazoezi & MAELEZO9001,200500
Kamili-LENGTH mazoezi MAULIZO
Mihadhara video 60 masaa10 masaa
100% PASS dhamana
Simu za smartphone programu
PROGRESS kufuatilia
STUDENT SUPPORTMwalimu pepe SupportBarua pepe SupportKuishi Chat, Barua pepe, & Simu Support
PunguzoSave 10% Show Cheti

Best USMLE Hatua 3 Kozi Prep

USMLE Hatua 3 KoziMazoezi Maswali
Bodi vitals 1200
Madaktari Katika Mafunzo500
USMLE World1400
Becker USMLE

Becker USMLE Tathmini

LINGANISHA TOP USMLE Mafunzo! RATING: Becker USMLE inatoa idadi ya bidhaa heshima kwa wanafunzi wa tiba ambao ni kuchukua mitihani USMLE. chaguzi kampuni ni pamoja na kuishi, kuishi-online, na kozi binafsi utafiti, hamna kile ni kufanyika hasa vizuri. Becker ya binafsi utafiti chaguo (eCoach) kwa ajili ya hatua 1 na hatua mitihani 2CK ni kifupi shaka kuwa ni pamoja na zaidi ya 200 masaa ya multimedia nyenzo, eBooks, upatikanaji wa hatua 1 benki swali, mihadhara ya kusikiliza na muhtasari, wote katika online utafiti binafsi format. online ya kuishi prep shaka lina Hatua USMLE 1 Ukaguzi kuwa ni pamoja na 275 masaa ya kuishi mihadhara online, 30 Saa ya kesi jumuishi, upatikanaji wa eCoach, benki swali, vitabu, na moja NBME mtihani na tathmini.


1. Live Online Madarasa

Hatua 1 wanafunzi ambao wanataka shaka zaidi muundo unaweza ishara kwa ajili 10 wiki za kila siku kuishi madarasa online virtual (wakati wa jioni na mwishoni mwa wiki kwa jumla ya 275 masaa) na 30 masaa ya kuishi Kesi online Kuunganishwa na mtaalam matibabu mwanachama wa kitengo. Funzo hii pia ni pamoja na upatikanaji wa msaada kwa ajili ya eCoach 9 Miezi, ambayo itakuwa na manufaa kama msaada kweli alikuwa na uwezo.

2. Annotated Audio Mihadhara na Video Introductions

Becker hatua 1 Becker ya multimedia mafundisho inashughulikia zaidi ya 200 Saa ya nyenzo katika tathmini yake ya. Medical shule Kitivo kujadili utafiti yaliyomo katika hotuba kwa undani. "Fastplay mode" inaruhusu wanafunzi ili kuona vidokezo vya mihadhara audio katika mara kwa mara, 1.25x na 1.5x kasi, ambayo aina ya inaonyesha ukosefu wa kujishughulisha maudhui kama anahitaji sped up sana.


3. swali Bank

Becker USMLE Becker ina swali benki kwa zaidi ya 2,000 maswali ya mtihani-kama. Wakati benki ni heshima, wewe utakuwa kulipa kuhusu $100-$300 kulingana na jinsi miezi mingi unataka kujiunga, ambayo ni maumivu kwa watu ambao wanataka hii ni pamoja na katika bei ya kozi. Maelezo ya kina kukusaidia kuelewa ni majibu ni sahihi na kwa nini, na matokeo yako ni kupatikana ili uweze kuona maendeleo yako na kutumia muda zaidi juu ya maeneo yako dhaifu.

4. Free Rasilimali na Maonyesho

kozi Becker ya ni ghali zaidi kuliko wastani, lakini unaweza kuchukua faida ya inatoa sampuli Hatua 1 eCoach Demo kwa ajili ya bure. Hii ni njia kwa ajili ya wanafunzi wa kuangalia nje maudhui na mpangilio bila shaka kuona kama ni mechi nzuri kwa style yao ya kujifunza bila kulipa bei ya juu kwa obnoxiously sadaka Becker ya. LINGANISHA TOP USMLE Mafunzo!


1. Bei

Becker ya Live Online shaka ni bei katika $3,949, kufanya hii bila shaka prep uwekezaji mkubwa na moja kati ya gharama kubwa zaidi miongoni mwa mashindano, na kidogo kabisa. Kwa nini kupata, ni overpriced, hasa kwa kuzingatia ukosefu wa aina yoyote ya dhamana kupita. Siyo kitu chochote tunataka kupendekeza, isipokuwa jina lako la mwisho ni Gates au Buffett. Kama una ndani ya kubatilisha umbali na mmoja wao kozi kuishi ukaguzi, Ukaguzi la moja kwa moja angalau ghali (bila chumba cha hoteli) katika $3,399, lakini hebu kuwa kubwa, ambaye anataka kulipa kiasi hicho kwa ajili tu ya kozi.

2. Hakuna Dhamana Money-nyuma

"Becker Promise" inatoa wanafunzi ambao walishindwa kupita USMLE baada ya kujiandikisha katika Becker 'USMLE Step 1 na Live Online Ukaguzi Gofu chaguo kurudia husika ukaguzi kozi ya $1,500 off bei ya kawaida ya rejareja. Kuna mahitaji mengi na stipulations, ambayo inafanya kuwa vigumu kujua kama au wewe kuhitimu Promise. Tafadhali angalia tovuti yao kwa maelezo ya ziada, lakini sisi ni kwenda kubahatisha kwamba si kuhitimu dhamana hii ya kutisha.

3. Interactive Sura Tathmini Maswali

Baada ya kila video online, wanafunzi kupata nafasi ya kujibu maswali ukaguzi ili kupima jinsi vizuri kuelewa maudhui ya hotuba. Kipengele hiki inasaidia kufanya wanafunzi na ufahamu wa maeneo yoyote dhaifu hivyo unajua wakati kurudi nyuma na kupitia upya nyenzo maalum, lakini jinsi habari zimetolewa si bora. kozi nyingine kufanya vizuri zaidi, matumaini yetu.

4. 3D Graphics and Animations

Becker hutumia teknolojia ya kuimarisha kusoma na ufahamu wa taratibu tata na dhana na vielelezo ya rangi, mwendo graphics na mifano kwa michoro 3D, lakini presentation ni utata sana. Becker akaenda overboard juu ya hili, kufanya mkondo wake gharama kubwa zaidi bila kuongeza thamani yoyote dhahiri.


Becker USMLE ya online utafiti vifaa na live-online kozi ni disorganized, lakini kuchukua faida ya maendeleo ya teknolojia katika graphics na mifano kwa michoro. Hata hivyo, gharama ni kupita mbali na matumizi, kama sadaka hii ni kati ya watu wengi wa bei mbalimbali. drawback kuu ya kozi Becker ya watu ya bei na nusu kuhakikisha kwamba anajaribu kupita mbali kama njia halisi ya kupata pesa yako nyuma. Ingawa wanafunzi kupata vifaa baadhi quality, kozi Becker ya kufanya ni pamoja na kiasi karibu kubwa ya habari. Kwa nini wewe ni kulipa, you really should get a better organized offering, a good guarantee, and something that justifies such an expensive asking price.


Becker USMLE Review Breakdown

1.Live Online Class
2.Annotated Audio & Video Mihadhara
3.Interactive Sura Tathmini Maswali
4.3D Graphics & mifano kwa michoro
5.20% OFF USMLE Step 1
6.20% OFF USMLE Step 1 swali Bank
Kaplan NCLEX discount coupon code

Kaplan USMLE Tathmini

RATING: Linapokuja suala la USMLE prep, Kaplan USMLE anasimama nje kama kiongozi wa sekta. Kaplan Hatua 1, Hatua 2 CK, Hatua 2 CS na Hatua 3 prep kozi ni pamoja na maudhui na ubora vifaa bora kwa wote katika-mtu, kuishi online na juu ya chaguzi mahitaji. Vifaa kozi ya kina, ikiwa ni pamoja na mihadhara na / au video kufundishia, benki swali, mitihani mazoezi, na maelezo ya hotuba kutoa Marekani na wanafunzi wa kimataifa kupata utajiri wa nyenzo ili kuwaandaa kwa bwana mitihani USMLE.



1. Kina Video Library

Upatikanaji wa zaidi ya 100 masaa video kwa hatua USMLE 1 na hatua 2 maandalizi (na zaidi ya saa 2oo kwa kozi lengo la udaktari wa kimataifa) kufikisha mwili kikubwa cha habari kufunikwa katika mitihani kwa njia burudani na taarifa. Video ni ubora wa juu na inaweza kutazamwa katika 1.5 Mara kasi yao mara kwa mara. Kuangalia video kwa kasi ya juu inaruhusu wanafunzi kunyoa masaa mbali ya masomo yao wakati, hasa kwa mada ambazo ni zaidi ya ukoo.

hatua USMLE 1 kitabu2. Kubwa Swali Benki

Kaplan ina moja ya swali benki kubwa katika biashara. Maswali ni iliyotolewa katika interface mtihani-kama na ni kuendelea updated na kitivo matibabu na waandishi wa zamani NBME. Wanafunzi wanaweza kuchagua maswali kulingana na ugumu na mavuno ya, na benki swali kwa mitihani yote USMLE tofauti ni pamoja na maelezo kamili kwa kila swali, kama vile vipimo vya uchunguzi na mazoezi, meza maelezo, picha, video kliniki na sauti ya moyo. Kwanza marejeo ya huduma ya kwanza (kwa ajili ya hatua 1) na USMLE Mwalimu Bodi (Hatua 3) uhakika na rasilimali za nje kwa maelezo ya ziada. Kwa maswali gumu utapata pia kupata 200 mini-mihadhara (“Qutorials”) kutoka kwa mtaalam matibabu kitivo. Bure App mkononi sambamba na wote iPhone na) huwapa wanafunzi kubadilika kujifunza juu ya kwenda.

3. Vizuri yaliyoandaliwa na ulioandaliwa

Kaplan mbinu mbinu hutoa kiasi nzuri ya muundo kwa wanafunzi wanaochagua online, juu ya mahitaji chaguo badala ya kozi kuishi. Intuitive online jukwaa pamoja na upatikanaji wa tathmini ya uchunguzi, maswali mazoezi, video, na mitihani mazoezi full-urefu anaendelea wanafunzi umakini na juu ya kufuatilia. Mbalimbali kiasi seti ya maelezo kwa makini yalijengwa hotuba ni pamoja na kwa Hatua 1 na Hatua 2 kozi ya kukusaidia kukariri taarifa muhimu. Utasikia pia kuwa na uwezo wa kuchukua mfupi Quizzes, vipimo vya uchunguzi, kama vile moja full-urefu simulation mtihani kwa kozi zaidi.

4. International Kozi Chaguzi

Kaplan inatoa Suite ya kozi lengo hasa katika wanafunzi wa kimataifa ambao walihudhuria shule za matibabu nje ya Marekani. Mbali na chaguzi mbalimbali ili kujiandaa kwa ajili USMLE Hatua 1, Hatua 2 CK, na Hatua 3 katika kuishi, Kuishi Online, na Siku ya muundo Mahitaji, wahitimu wa kimataifa wanaweza kuchukua mkondo Katika-Center kwa kasi yao wenyewe, ambayo inatoa mwingiliano kuishi na wenzao, Kaplan wafanyakazi, na juu-ya mstari wa kompyuta maabara kuwasaidia wanafunzi kwa umakini mapitio kwa mitihani yao. Pia kuna hatua 2 CS prep shaka, na online kozi za ziada za kutosha kuwasaidia wanafunzi kigeni navigate ukaazi mchakato wa maombi, kujifunza zaidi juu ya maandalizi mahojiano, na kupata majibu ya maswali kuhusu ukaazi matibabu katika Marekani. Kaplan Medical ya Plus Mipango pia kuruhusu wanafunzi kifungu Katika Center na kuishi au kuishi Online mipango kwa bei ya kupunguzwa.

programu Kaplan5. Mkono App

Programu ya simu hutoa mwisho katika urahisi kwa busy wanafunzi wa tiba. Mazoezi na mapitio maswali USMLE kwa ajili ya mitihani mbalimbali kutoka smartphone yako wakati wowote una dakika chache ziada. Programu ni sambamba na iPhone na Android vifaa.



1. Taarifa Overload

Kaplan kuvutia kiasi cha vifaa vya utafiti kuhakikisha mapitio kamili ya bidhaa za kupimwa katika mitihani, lakini inaweza kuwa ngumu kwa wanafunzi ambao tayari alitumia maelfu ya masaa kusoma katika shule ya matibabu. Utakuwa dhahiri haja kwa fimbo na mpango mzuri wa utafiti ili kupata njia Kaplan kubwa idadi ya mapitio maswali, mihadhara video, na vifaa saidizi.

2. Bei

Kaplan Medical ya kina vifaa USMLE prep si rahisi. Hizi kozi kiwango cha kwanza na vifaa zaidi updated kutoka kwa wataalam wa tiba, hivyo unaweza kutarajia kulipa premium bei. Kuna nyenzo kiasi kwamba unaweza kupata pesa yako ya thamani kama huna bajeti muda wa kutosha kujifunza kwa mitihani USMLE. Kama wewe ni kuangalia kwa Kaplan USMLE punguzo kupata kuponi yetu ya kipekee ya kuthibitisha hapa: .


Kaplan Medical ya kina na user-kirafiki juu ya mahitaji, kuishi online, na katika-mtu prep kozi kwa wanafunzi maandalizi kwa ajili ya hatua USMLE 1, Hatua 2 CK na CS, na Hatua 3 ni njia bora ya kujiandaa kwa ajili ya mitihani haya changamoto. Kozi zao cover mada zote kwa kina, ni vizuri walidhani-nje, na kuja na idadi ya makala rahisi kwamba kufanya hivyo ni rahisi kukumbuka nyenzo, bila kujali style yako kujifunza. Lengo la wawili wa Marekani na udaktari shule Kimataifa, kozi zao kutoa wingi wa utafiti nyenzo na mazoezi maswali. Kaplan kozi USMLE lazima dhahiri kuwa uchaguzi wako kwanza kama unataka kupita mitihani yako juu ya kujaribu kwanza.



  • Mamia ya masaa ya ubora wa juu video mihadhara
  • Benki swali kwa kila USMLE Hatua mtihani zenye maswali mazoezi, maelezo, na marejeo
  • Mini-tutorials kwa maswali magumu
  • Vipimo vya uchunguzi, somo makao vipimo tathmini, mitihani full-urefu simulated
  • Kamili Suite ya chaguzi tofauti kwa ajili International Medical Wahitimu
  • Full-urefu simulated mtihani na maelezo ya kina
  • Mbalimbali Kiasi Hotuba Notes kwa Hatua 1 & Hatua 2 Mitihani USMLE
  • Juu ya mahitaji, Katika Mtu, Kuishi Online, na Katika Kituo cha chaguzi kwa ajili ya kozi fulani

Kaplan USMLE Discounts:

Save 25% Kaplan USMLE prep – Juu ya mahitaji

Kaplan USMLE, Specials, asilimia Discount 33 inatumia leo
Kaplan USMLE 40 inatumia leo

Save 25% na-Demand On Kaplan USMLE

Msimbo wa kuponi halali kwa Kaplan USMLE Step 1, 3, & 3
Ilitumiwa mwisho 15 dakika zilizopita
Tarehe ya kumalizika muda: Julai 28, 2018

Kozi ya Marekani Medical Wanafunzi

Hatua 1 High Mazao Kozi: $599 (3 Miezi) / $799 (12 Miezi) Pamoja na: Hatua 1 QBank, 55 masaa ya mihadhara video na 1.5x kasi ya kuangalia chaguo, 28 joto juu ya mazoezi, mbalimbali uchaguzi Quizzes zifuatazo mihadhara, correlates kliniki, sauti moyo na vielelezo nguvu, ukurasa marejeo ya kumbukumbu ya matibabu vitabu (Huduma ya Kwanza, Pathoma, medEssentials), na ripoti dashibodi maendeleo.
Hatua 1 Qbank Tu: $99 (1 mwezi) /$299 (12 Miezi)
Hatua 2 CK Mazao High Kozi: $699 (3 Miezi) / $499 (12 Miezi)
Pamoja na: Hatua 2 CK QBank, 45 masaa ya mafundisho na 1.5x kuangalia kasi chaguo (pia kupatikana kwenye iPad & iPad mini kifaa), 150 high-mavuno, kesi mtihani-style, 450+ picha, 140 algorithms kliniki, 25 video kliniki, 10 sauti moyo, online maisha mwongozo na mpango wa utafiti, 1 mtihani uchunguzi na 2 mitihani full-urefu simulated, na Hatua 2 Qbank programu ya simu.
Hatua 2 CK Qbank Tu: $99 (1 mwezi) /$299 (12 Miezi)
Hatua 3 Qbank: $79 (1 mwezi) /$179 (12 Miezi)

Kozi Kwa International Medical Wahitimu *

Hatua 1 Kozi ya kina

Kuishi: $3,999 (7 wiki) / $5,999 (14 wiki)
Pamoja na:Maelekezo kuishi katika maeneo mbalimbali metro Marekani, makundi madogo, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, 2 mitihani simulated, Med kushauri, kuongozwa utafiti, na vituo vya utafiti.
Kuishi Online: $3,999
Pamoja na: Online mwingiliano na bwana kitivo kwa njia ya mazungumzo na online kupigia kura, maelezo ya hotuba, upatikanaji wa 200+ masaa ya mihadhara video, 3900+ maswali Jaribio, correlates kliniki, michoro, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, 2 mitihani simulated, na kutoa ushauri Med.
Katika Kituo cha: $4,099 (4 Miezi) / $6,499 (7 Miezi) / $7, 999 (10 Miezi)
Pamoja na: 200 masaa + wa mihadhara video na bwana kitivo, utafiti kwa kasi yao wenyewe, 3,900+ maswali Jaribio, correlates kliniki, michoro, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, 2 mitihani simulated, kuongozwa utafiti, I20-wanaotafuta full-service kituo cha utafiti, na kutoa ushauri Med. &
Juu ya mahitaji: $1,999 (4 Miezi) / $2,999 (7 Miezi)
Pamoja na: 200 masaa + wa mihadhara video na bwana kitivo, utafiti kwa kasi yao wenyewe, 3,900+ maswali Jaribio, correlates kliniki, michoro, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, na 2 mitihani simulated.

Hatua 1 Kuishi Online Swali-Based Ushirikiano: $599

Pamoja na: 7 vikao (28 masaa) ya kuishi online, mapitio kesi makao (Pathofisiolojia, Biokemia, Taaluma ya dawa, na Microbiology), na majibu halisi wakati na Kitivo na daktari wasaidizi mafundisho.

Hatua 2 CK Kina Kozi:

Kuishi: $3,799
Pamoja na: 6 wiki ya maelekezo kuishi na bwana kitivo katika maeneo mbalimbali metro Marekani, 219 masaa hotuba, makundi madogo, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, 2 mitihani simulated, kuongozwa utafiti, Med kushauri, na vituo vya i20-wanaotafuta utafiti.
Kuishi Online: $3,499
Pamoja na: 12-wiki ratiba, 7 Miezi ya juu ya mahitaji na upatikanaji, mwingiliano online na bwana kitivo kwa njia ya mazungumzo na online kupigia kura, maelezo ya hotuba, upatikanaji wa 213 masaa ya mihadhara, 115 masaa ya mihadhara video, 1,700+ maswali Jaribio, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, 2 mitihani simulated, na kutoa ushauri Med.
Katika Kituo cha: $3,999 (4 Miezi) / $5,999 (7 Miezi)
Pamoja na:
115+ masaa ya mihadhara video na bwana kitivo, utafiti kwa kasi yao wenyewe, 1,700+ maswali Jaribio, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, 2 mitihani simulated, kuongozwa utafiti, kituo cha utafiti, I20-wanaotafuta kituo, na kutoa ushauri Med.
Juu ya mahitaji: $1,999 (4 Miezi) / $2,999 (7 Miezi)
Pamoja na:
115+ masaa ya mihadhara video na bwana kitivo, utafiti kwa kasi yao wenyewe, 1,700+ maswali Jaribio, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi, Qbank, na 2 mitihani simulated. Msako uchambuzi kompyuta hatua mfumo Mawasiliano na Interpersonal Skills (CIS), Amesema Kiingereza ustadi (Septemba), na Integrated Hospitali Mkutano (ICE).

Hatua 2 CS Kina Kozi

LivePrep: $2,999
Pamoja na: kina, mafunzo ya vikundi vidogo kwenye daktari na mgonjwa mawasiliano, kufanya historia ya mgonjwa, kufanya ililenga mtihani wa kimwili, na kuandika maelezo mafupi mgonjwa katika vifaa vizuri Kaplan kituo cha kujifunza. Tathmini Simulated kliniki ujuzi na maoni. Hatua 2 CS maelezo ya hotuba.
1-Siku Mazoezi mtihani: $1,499
Pamoja na: Mazoezi mtihani katika Newark, NJ; Chicago, IL; au Monrovia, CA. Mazoezi katika hali ya mtihani-kama na 11-12 kukutana na subira sanifu, na kupokea maelezo ya utendaji uchambuzi na maoni ripoti.
Kuishi Online: $700
Pamoja na:
Nne vikao saa 3 kupitia upya Hatua 2 CS maudhui ya mtihani, maelezo ya mgonjwa, mikakati kwa kupita mtihani, video ya kukutana full-urefu na kuthibitishwa wagonjwa sanifu, majibu ya maswali na maoni moja kwa moja kutoka walimu, kuishi kuzungumza, na uwezo wa kulinganisha utendaji wako na ule wa wanafunzi wengine.

Hatua 3 Kozi ya kina

Kuishi: $1,499
Pamoja na: 100 masaa ya mihadhara kufundishwa na bwana kitivo zaidi ya siku 12 ratiba, video ziada juu ya usalama wa mgonjwa na kuboresha ubora, maelezo ya hotuba, mtihani uchunguzi, 900 mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi katika Qbank, kuongozwa utafiti, Med kushauri, na vituo vya i20-wanaotafuta utafiti.
Kuishi Online: $1,299
Pamoja na: 5-wiki ratiba, mwingiliano online na bwana kitivo kwa njia ya mazungumzo na online kupigia kura, maelezo ya hotuba, upatikanaji wa 100+ masaa ya mihadhara video, Unaweza kupata mihadhara yote kutoka smartphone yako, mtihani uchunguzi, 900 mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi katika Qbank, na kutoa ushauri Med.
Katika Kituo cha: $2,799
Pamoja na:
100+ masaa ya mihadhara video na bwana kitivo, utafiti kwa kasi yao wenyewe, kupata mihadhara yote kutoka smartphone, maelezo ya hotuba, vipimo vya uchunguzi, 900 mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi katika Qbank, kuongozwa utafiti, kituo cha utafiti, I20-wanaotafuta kituo, na kutoa ushauri Med.
Juu ya mahitaji: $499
Pamoja na:
100+ masaa ya mihadhara video na bwana kitivo, utafiti kwa kasi yao wenyewe, kupata mihadhara yote kutoka smartphone, maelezo ya hotuba, mtihani uchunguzi, 900 mtihani-kama maswali mazoezi katika Qbank, na maswali ya ziada mazoezi katika tathmini. *Bei kwa Hatua 1, Hatua 2CK, na Hatua 3 Qbanks tu ni sawa kwa Marekani matibabu ya wanafunzi, juu.
Kaplan Plus Mipango basi wewe kuchanganya juu ya mahitaji na mipango ya kuishi na Katika mipango Center. Tafadhali angalia Kaplan Medical ya tovuti kwa ajili ya maelezo ya ziada juu ya bundling kozi na punguzo kuhusiana na.


Kaplan USMLE Tathmini Breakdown

1.Kina Video Library
2.Kubwa Swali Benki
3.Naam Structured & ulioandaliwa
4.International Kozi Chaguzi
5.Mkono App
6.Viwanda Kiongozi
Bodi vitals NCLEX prep mtihani

Bodi vitals USMLE mapitio

Bodi vitalsRATING: Bodi vitals USMLE inatoa wanafunzi maswali mabenki makubwa kwa ajili ya hatua 1, Hatua 2, na Hatua 3 mitihani. The practice questions come from expert sources along with detailed explanations to help students learn exactly why specific answers are correct or incorrect. Wanafunzi wanaweza kuchagua kati ya muafaka Mode na Mode mapitio wakati kujibu maswali au kuchukua mazoezi ya mtihani, wote kwa bei ya biashara.


bodi vitals USMLE1. Wakati muafaka Mazoezi Mitihani

Wanafunzi anaweza kuona timer kwa kila swali mtu binafsi pamoja na timer kwa ajili nzima mazoezi ya mtihani ili kuwasaidia kazi ya kutafuta kasi haki ya kufanikiwa kwenye mtihani. maswali bodi mapitio zimeundwa kuiga wote wawili kiwango cha ugumu na muda unaotakiwa kwa maswali halisi juu ya mtihani. Kama juu ya mtihani halisi, inawezekana kwa hoja na kurudi miongoni mwa maswali na mabadiliko majibu yako.

2. Kubwa Swali Benki

faida halisi ya mpango huu anakuja katika maelezo ya kina na majibu kwa kila moja swali mazoezi. Wanafunzi hawatakuwa na uhaba wa fursa kwa ajili ya mazoezi, na upatikanaji wa 1,500 maswali kwa ajili ya hatua USMLE 1, 900+ kwa ajili ya hatua 2, na 1,200+ kwa ajili ya hatua 3 mitihani. Maswali kilichoandikwa na kufanya mazoezi madaktari, au wanatoka kuongoza wachapishaji matibabu na mashirika ya utafiti.

3. Alama kulinganisha Chombo

Baada ya umefanya akajibu maswali mazoezi na kupelekwa mazoezi ya mtihani, unaweza kulinganisha utendaji wako na ile ya wanafunzi nyingine kuchukua mtihani USMLE. Utendaji wako pia inaruhusu programu kupendekeza mtu mmoja mmoja maswali mazoezi kwa ajili ya utafiti wa ziada, ili kuweka mkazo katika maeneo hayo kwamba watafaidika zaidi na mapitio.

bodi vitals bila malipo3. Bure vifaa vya Utafiti

BoardVitals inatoa wanafunzi upatikanaji wa wachache bure mazoezi ya mtihani maswali kutoka kila, bure swali mwongozo kwa ajili ya hatua USMLE 2 na Hatua 3 mitihani, na ushauri na tips kwa ajili ya kuchukua mitihani mbalimbali. Pia baada ya hatua USMLE 3 Orodhesha bidhaa (kutoka USMLE) kwenye tovuti yao kwa urahisi.

4. Bei

Bei saa tu $79-$199, Bodi vitals’ prep kozi ni angalau gharama fursa ya wale sisi upya. Wao ni kuongeza kubwa kwa ukali utafiti mpango kwa ajili ya mitihani USMLE, kwa kweli, Bodi vitals inapendekeza kwenye tovuti yao kwamba matumizi swali benki yao kwa kushirikiana na vifaa vingine vya utafiti. *Save 10% OFF Show Cheti

5. Kupita Dhamana

Bodi vitals anasimama na bidhaa zao na inatoa bure ada kupanuliwa kwa kozi kama huna kupita mtihani ambayo wewe ni kusoma. Wateja kufuzu ni amehitimu kwa michango ya bure kwa urefu wa muda wao awali kununuliwa. Utasikia kupata kuendelea kwa muda mrefu kama unahitaji kupita vyeti au bodi yako ya mtihani. Tu kuwasilisha nakala ya barua au taarifa kwamba inasema hakuwa kupita mtihani wako. Tafadhali tazama Bodi vitals tovuti kwa ajili ya maelezo ya ziada na mahitaji ya kupita dhamana.


1. Hakuna video Masomo au kufundisha Yaliyomo

Kozi prep haya na wajumbe peke ya benki digital swali na maswali ya mazoezi na maelezo, na vipimo vya mazoezi. Wanafunzi matumaini ya kupata live au kumbukumbu mihadhara au mapitio nyenzo ili kuwasaidia kupata picha ya jumla ya mitihani inapaswa kuangalia mahali pengine.

2. Hakuna Simu App

Ingawa benki swali ni kupatikana kutoka simu za mkononi, hakuna programu za mkono ili iwe rahisi zaidi kwa ajili ya wanafunzi kujifunza. Flashcards, michezo au nyingine mapitio nyenzo katika zaidi portable mtindo itakuwa kipengele nzuri.


Kama wewe ni kuangalia kwa maswali mengi mazoezi katika muundo kwamba ni kweli kwa mtihani halisi kwa bei nafuu, Bodi vitals’ online prep chaguzi kwa ajili ya hatua USMLE 1, Hatua 2 CK na Hatua 3 mitihani ni uchaguzi mzuri. Huwezi kupata chaguzi kuishi, mihadhara au mwingiliano na walimu, lakini utapata mengi ya mazoezi na maswali kiwango cha kwanza na vipimo vya mazoezi ambavyo ni karibu na kitu halisi. Answering the practice questions and reviewing why specific answers are correct or incorrect is one of the best ways to prepare for the USMLE exams.

Kuchukua mimi Bodi vitals USMLE!


  • 1,500 USMLE Hatua 1 Bodi Review maswali
  • 900+ USMLE Hatua 2 Bodi Review maswali
  • 1,200+ USMLE Hatua 3 Bodi Review maswali
  • Uwezo wa Ripoti Maswali ya mapitio zaidi
  • Inashughulikia Jamii yote iliyotolewa juu Mitihani
  • Majibu na Maelezo ya Kina ajili Kila Swali
  • Kuchagua Kutokana na wakati muafaka Mode na Mode mapitio
  • Alipendekeza Mazoezi Maswali yaliyowasilishwa Kulingana na Utendaji
  • Kupita Dhamana

Hatua 1, Hatua 2 & Hatua 3 Bei:

Sawa Bei kwa Hatua zote (kila kuuzwa kando) Upatikanaji kwa 1 mwezi: $79 Upatikanaji kwa 3 Miezi: $129 Upatikanaji kwa 6 Miezi: $199

Kuchukua mimi Bodi vitals USMLE!

Board Vitals USMLE Review Breakdown

1.Wakati muafaka Mazoezi Mitihani
2.Kubwa Swali Benki
3.Alama kulinganisha Chombo
4.10% Off vya kifani
5.Bure vifaa vya Utafiti
Smash USMLE review course

Smash USMLE Tathmini

Graduate X NCLEX test prep

GraduateX USMLE Step 1 Tathmini

RATING: GraduateX USMLE review prep gives you a simple and customizable way to study for the United States Medical Licensing Examination, Hatua 1. It’s best to use this course as early as possible during your studying track, as the sooner you delve in using the platform’s finely tuned strategies, the less time you’ll have to devote to your preparation. With a number of features that are available either online or via mobile devices, you’ll have plenty with which to work wherever you are. While they may not have video lectures and don’t offer some of the features that the heavy hitters of the USMLE prep industry do, it’s a simple and cheaper route on which to go. Hivyo, if you’re in the market for a smaller, yet still comprehensive option, this could be your best bet.


1. Mobile Option

While it’s not the best mobile application within the USMLE prep industry, GraduateX offers a great tool for anyone who needs to bring their studying on the road. The app gives you the chance to access the many strategic lessons or practice questions that will get you ready for the exam via your mobile device. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that not all preparatory courses offer. Hivyo, take advantage of the mobility that GraduateX provides.

2. dhamana

Some of the top-rated courses don’t have any type of refund or guarantee. While this isn’t a huge detriment, the ones that do offer this assurance definitely score some points with students. GraduateX offers test-takers a 30 day money back guarantee. This gives prospective medical professionals a chance to really dip their toes in and test the waters with this course. If you’re not happy with how it is structure and the overall structure, don’t fret, as you’ll get your money back!

GraduateXImage23. Mazoezi Maswali

With more than 1,500 maswali mazoezi, you’re not going to run out of material with this course. GraduateX includes a number of relevant queries and organizes them into a learning path that’s unique to each test-taker. Since the content is available via mobile, you’re going to enjoy taking these questions with you on the road. And, if you have any questions, the GraduateX team will answer them and guide you through the answer.

4. Memory Enhancement

Part of the difficulty of the USMLE is the sheer amount of information that is necessary for you to store inside that already cramped brain of yours! Hivyo, GraduateX culled through the mountains of memory-enhancing guides and found several key strategies to include in its course. Moja ya mada yake kuu na ya kipekee inalenga katika njia nyingi unaweza kuimarisha kukariri yako ujuzi-hii husaidia na fomula, suala, na michoro. pia, ni lazima kusaidia kupunguza bei ya jumla ya mara ya kwamba unahitaji kujifunza!

GraduateXImage15. Simplicity

Wewe ni kwenda kuona kitu kama hiyo katika hasara ya sehemu ya, kuhusiana na kozi hii kuwa "msingi." Lakini, wakati baadhi kufikiria unyenyekevu kuwa kitu kibaya, kuna wanafunzi wengi ambao wanapendelea njia nyeusi na nyeupe na kusoma. GraduateX USMLE prep is the bare bones version of a review course—there’s nothing outside of the essentials for this product. The company has gathered only the most important information and strategies for taking the test, and grouped these nuggets of wisdom into a palatable online prep course. You’re going to get community questions as a unique feature, but other than that, this is a limited prep tool.


1. Video Mihadhara

With the GraduateX USMLE review, you’re not going to get access to an extensive video collection, as the lectures are constrained to a written version. While it’s not an essential for this type of prep, other companies offer the video services. Hivyo, if you’re an independent learner who doesn’t require visual cues and lectures, this won’t be an issue for you. Hata hivyo, if you prefer being dropped into a classroom via a video link, this will be a turnoff for you during the buying process.

2. Basic

While other courses have invested significant amounts of time and money into their online dashboards and programs, GraduateX is on the simpler side. There really isn’t too much to this course, as it’s about as simple as it gets. Though that may not be ideal for some learners, others will like the simplistic take on USMLE prep. There’s nothing here but strategies, maswali, and terminology breakdowns—you just need to decide if this is what you want out of your course.


GraduateX’s USMLE review is one of the best options for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on test prep. There’s not any shiny bells and whistles in this course, but it has the essentials and a lot of test-taking strategies and memorization technique tips. If you want to just try it out, use the money back guarantee to assure that you pay only if you are satisfied with the layout and structure of the course. Thanks to the mobile prep tool and flexible year one plan, you’ll have plenty of time to get through the course’s 1,500+ maswali. If you have questions of your own, the experts at GraduateX will provide thorough answers to your inquiries. pia, jamii kwa ajili ya kozi hii utakusaidia katika sehemu fulani, kama unaweza kuona kwa kile wanafunzi wengine wanajitahidi. Kwa ujumla, hii ni kubwa ukaguzi chombo kwa ajili ya watu ambao tu haja ya baadhi ya uongozi kwa ujumla na mazoezi walengwa.


GraduateX USMLE Review Breakdown

3.Memory Enhancement
5.Mazoezi Maswali

USMLE World Hatua 1 Tathmini

RATING: USMLE World, pia inajulikana kama UWorld, ni online prep shaka ambayo inalenga katika mitihani tathmini binafsi na ni pamoja na bora swali benki. Fursa hii nafuu ni bora vilivyooanishwa na nyenzo za ziada utafiti, kama hakuna mihadhara video au vitabu.


1. Kina Swali Bank

USMLE World’s question bank is quite extensive and includes more than 2,200 maswali mazoezi. It’s an excellent learning-tool for anyone taking the exam because the questions are frequently updated to ensure they remain closely aligned with the latest version of the Step 1 USMLE. Kazi njia yako kwa njia ya Qbank nzima moja au hata mara kadhaa lazima kuongeza kasi nafasi yako kwa ajili ya alama nzuri. Maswali yote pia kuja na maelezo ya kina na unaweza kulinganisha alama yako utendaji na wale wa watumiaji wengine UWorld.

2. Mitihani Self-tathmini

tathmini binafsi yao mitihani ni muhimu sana na pia. Baada ya wazo la kiwango chako cha uwezo kabla ya kuamua wapi kuzingatia juhudi zako utafiti kuokoa muda na kupata wewe acclimated na muundo mtihani. Imeundwa na madaktari, the self-assessment exams closely resemble the step 1 format, as they are broken down into 4 blocks of 46 maswali mbalimbali-uchaguzi. Although the actual exam contains 7 blocks of questions, completing several self-assessments will give students a very good sense of their strengths and weaknesses. Students have found these exams to be very helpful, particularly because each assessment comes with detailed analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and an approximate 3-digit score based on UWorld’s statistical data.

3. Free Simu ya Mkono App

Having a free mobile app is always a welcome feature in any prep program. This means that busy students can practice questions from UWorld’s extensive Qbank on the go, whenever they have a few minutes to spare. The app is compatible with iOs and Android. Everything is synced to a central database, hivyo unaweza hoja seamlessly kati ya vifaa mbalimbali wakati kujifunza.

4. Bei nafuu

Kwa kiasi cha mazoezi na maoni zinazotolewa, UWorld ya prep chaguo ushindani bei. kina benki swali, mitihani tathmini binafsi, programu ya simu, na kina maendeleo kufuatilia, wanafunzi kupata kura ya fedha zao.


1. Hakuna Mihadhara Video

Bila shaka hii ina kimsingi ya maswali mazoezi, mitihani mazoezi, na maoni yanayotokana na utendaji wako. Huwezi kupata mihadhara au ukaguzi katika mfumo wa video au miongozo ya masomo.

2. Hakuna Books kifani au Notes

USMLE World offers subject review materials in biostatistics for students who are preparing for the USMLE Step 1, but these are only available in electronic form, and the material isn’t designed to replace lecture notes or study books. If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive prep course, USMLE World inaweza kuwa ni chaguo bora. Huenda wazo nzuri ya kutumia nyenzo za ziada kusoma kwa mtihani.


USMLE World hutoa madaktari baadaye njia nafuu zaidi ya kujifunza kwa hatua USMLE 1 mtihani. Wao kutoa zana bora ya kuwasaidia wanafunzi mazoezi na kutathmini maeneo hayo yanayohitaji marekebisho. Ingawa chanzo hii si kama kina prep shaka kama baadhi ya mashindano, it would make a great supplementary study tool for those who are looking for extra practice.


Makala na Pricing:

Hatua 1 swali Bank (30 siku) & Self-assessment Form 1 na 2 (two weeks each): $169 Hatua 1 swali Bank (60 siku) & Self-assessment Form 1 na 2 (two weeks each): $219 Hatua 1 swali Bank (90 siku) & Self-assessment Form 1 na 2 (two weeks each): $259 Hatua 1 swali Bank (180 siku) & Self-assessment Form 1 na 2 (two weeks each): $329 Hatua 1 swali Bank (360 siku) & Self-assessment Form 1 na 2 (two weeks each): $429 Biostatistics Subject Review Subscription (90 siku): $25 To compare the Best USMLE prep courses, please click the button below:


USMLE World Review Breakdown

1.Kina Swali Bank
2.Mitihani Self Assessment
3.Free Simu ya Mkono App
4.Bei nafuu

Doctors in Training Review

LINGANISHA TOP USMLE Mafunzo! RATING: Madaktari katika Mafunzo inatoa user-kirafiki online prep kozi kwa bei nafuu kwa ajili ya hatua 1, Hatua 2 CK, na Hatua 3 Mitihani USMLE. video mpango ni kufundishwa na walimu leseni MD na kufunika mengi ya habari muhimu. Wanafunzi kupata kiasi kikubwa cha nyenzo utafiti kwa gharama ya chini kuliko wengi kozi nyingine ukaguzi.


1. Kina Video Series

Licensed physician educators present more than 180 videos in shorter chunks to aid the memorization process. The videos are particularly helpful if they are watched immediately after reading (or at least skimming) the corresponding chapters in the First Aid book. Lectures include interactive whiteboard instruction, animations and other memory aids to make the information stick. The Step 1 course consists of three parts: 1) the primer series, which gives students unlimited access to 30 video na taarifa muhimu kwamba ni kipimo kwenye USMLE, 2) sehemu ya 1 maswali, ambayo ni pamoja na 340 maswali wazi utafiti (katika makundi ya 10, 3 mara wiki), na 3) sehemu 2 mfululizo video, ambayo ina ziada 70 video. video sampuli ya hatua 1 inapatikana kwenye tovuti kwa ajili ya wale ambao wanataka kuangalia ni nje ya kwanza. The Step 2 CK shaka pia ni pamoja na 50+ masaa ya video pamoja na majibu ya video kwa maswali. The Step 3 Bila shaka ni pamoja na 37 video pamoja na vifaa vingine vya utafiti.

2. Sehemu Majibu, Michoro, mifano kwa michoro, na X-Rays

Madaktari katika hatua Mafunzo ya 1 course includes many practice questions that are accompanied by video answers. The course also includes hundreds of animations, illustrations, x-rays, sauti moyo, pathology slides, and clinical images to help students remember the information for the exam. A personal dashboard and downloadable study guides round out the course. LINGANISHA TOP USMLE Mafunzo!

3. Free kifani Plan

You can check out DIT’s detailed, bure kujifunza mpango wa matukio mbalimbali kwenye tovuti yao mpango wa mbele na kupata mawazo ya jinsi wengi siku kwa wiki na ni wangapi masaa unahitaji kukamilisha mpango kabla ya siku ya mtihani. mpango utafiti inaonyesha video ngapi unahitaji kuangalia kila siku, kutegemea na idadi ya wiki, una kujifunza.

4. Mwanafunzi Support

Madaktari katika Mafunzo inatoa wateja wake chaguzi kadhaa wakiwa na maswali au unahitaji msaada. The industry standard for student support in most prep courses comes down to emailing questions and waiting for a response. DIT offers students both live chat and phone support. This is especially useful for online learners, who often lack direct access to an instructor.

5. Bei nafuu

For a prep course with a good number of quality online lectures in addition to a question bank, Doctors In Training’s Step 1 Bila shaka ni nafuu sana. bei saa $825, Hatua 1 Tathmini kozi ni mdogo na gharama kubwa chaguo tulikagua kuwa ni pamoja na mihadhara video. The Step 2 CK shaka gharama sawa kuridhisha $799, na hatua 3 Ukaguzi tu gharama $249. Kama unahitaji muda wa ziada kupitia, unaweza kupanua hatua 1 na Hatua 2 kozi CK kwa wiki moja kwa ajili ya nyongeza ya $200 kila.


1. Hakuna urefu kamili Mazoezi Mitihani

DIT ukaguzi shaka ni pamoja na tu mafumbo; hakuna mitihani zoezi ambalo kuiga halisi ya mtihani USMLE. tovuti yao haina pamoja na taarifa juu ya kuchukua hatua USMLE 1, Hatua 2, na Hatua 3 mitihani mazoezi inayotolewa na NBME, Hata hivyo, hakuna urefu kamili mitihani mazoezi ni pamoja na katika yoyote ya kozi DIT ya.

2. Kufikiwa na wachache wakati

Ingawa baadhi ya wanafunzi kama Cram kwa mitihani katika dakika ya mwisho, mdogo upatikanaji wakati wa kozi inafanya kuwa vigumu kwa ajili ya wanafunzi ambao kama mpango wa mbele kueneza utafiti muda wao katika kipindi cha miezi kadhaa mwaka kama hawana kulipa kwa ajili ya mwezi 1 ugani. Kwa mfano, Hatua 1 Kozi inaruhusu tu kwa 45 siku za kupata ukomo na Sehemu ya 2 video.

3. Ubora wa wahadhiri Inatofautiana

Some students have reported that certain videos are less helpful because the lectures are too wordy or include information that is not essential for the Step 1 mtihani. Busy medical students will obviously prefer succinct presentations of the most crucial information to maximize efficiency. There has been some criticism of presenters who are trying to liven their lectures up by being entertaining at the expense of delivering valuable information or strategies at the same time.


DIT’s online video lectures and the question bank are helpful tools to prepare for the USMLE at an affordable price. This course would be stronger if it also offered practice exams to prepare students for the actual exam, and if the lectures were more streamlined and focused more on high-yield information that is covered on the USMLE exams. Those who learn best by watching video lectures and working through video problems will gain the most from DIT’s courses. The bottom line is that DIT is a good resource when used in addition to one of the bigger review companies, such as UWorld or Kaplan. Wanafunzi wengi pia kupata Hatua DIT ya 1 Bila shaka kuwa na manufaa zaidi ya hatua 2 CK au hatua 3 kozi.


  • More than 180 video kuandaa wanafunzi kwa Hatua 1, Hatua 2 CK, na Hatua 3 Mitihani USMLE
  • 800+ Picha, Michoro, chati, grafu, mifano kwa michoro, X-Ray, na Slaidi Pathology
  • Mwanafunzi Msaada kupitia Live Chat na Simu
  • Emailed Maswali ya Funzo
  • Mazoezi Maswali na Majibu Video kwa wote Hatua Tatu
  • Vidokezo utafiti na Quizzes
  • Downloadable PDF Study Guides
  • utafiti kalenda


Hatua 1 Tathmini Course: $825 Skuwapiga 2 CK Tathmini shaka: $799 Hatua 3 Tathmini Course: $249 Wiki moja upanuzi wa hatua 1 na Hatua 2 CK kozi: $200 kila. To compare the Best USMLE Step 1 prep courses, please click the button below:


Doctors In Training Review Breakdown

1.Kina Video Series
2.Video, Answers, Michoro
3.Free kifani Plan
4.Mwanafunzi Support
5.Bei nafuu
Comlex Pass Programu Tathmini

Kupita Programu USMLE Tathmini

RATING: Kwa ujumla, kupitia upya Pass Programu mara hali bora; sehemu kubwa ya ni muhimu sana, but some aspects of the course seemed a bit amateur. Pass Mpango wa online mihadhara ni zilizofanyiwa, na masomo hufundishwa pia. Wao pia kutoa wanafunzi wao kwa mazuri kwenye mtandao kujifunza-chombo kweli kusisitiza ujumbe muhimu wa kila hotuba.


1. Video

Pass Programu ina video nzuri, mainly because of Dr. Francis. Yeye ni mwalimu mzuri sana na kuwa na yeye kueleza kila ya mada ni pamoja na. Anatumia maswali vizuri, kuwasaidia wanafunzi kuelewa dhana na sio tu kukariri yao. Dr. Francis’ njia ya mafundisho inaweza kugawanya maoni kama yeye vifijo wakati (ingawa, si kwa hasira) kusisitiza pointi, but for the most part it is not disturbing and actually helps with the monotony of long study sessions.

2. Tathmini binafsi Quizzes

mihadhara online kuja na muhimu sana binafsi Quizzes tathmini. mafumbo wanaunda ya 5 maswali mbalimbali-uchaguzi zinazoonyesha vifaa katika kila hotuba. Nini kweli kufanya haya mafumbo kubwa ingawa, ni video maelezo ya kila swali. This really helps you to improve no matter how you performed the first time.

3. Mazoezi Mitihani

While the self-assessment quizzes are fantastic, there’s nothing quite like getting 2 NBME practice exams to prepare you for the real deal. Practicing with the actual test format is very important and really helps this course stand out.

4. Free Demo

Pass Program has a demo on their site showing how to use their software and better yet a few sample lectures from Dr. Francis. Hii ni nzuri kidogo kipengele kutoa wanafunzi watarajiwa wazo jumla wa nini cha kutarajia mpaka mhadhiri mkuu na utafiti portal wasiwasi. Wanataka wanafunzi kujua nini wao ni kupata, ambayo inatoa uaminifu shaka zaidi.


1. Hakuna Bank Swali

Pass Program is not a one-stop-shop kind of deal as they do not provide their online students with access to a question bank. wao kufanya; Hata hivyo, kutoa 5 video mwisho wa kila mada hiyo kuonyesha jinsi gani ya aina mbalimbali za maswali. Kwa ujumla wao kuhusu 180 topical videos swali hilo wao kutoa. Students might want to supplement this course with a question bank from another company.

2. No Guarantee for Online Course

wanafunzi kuchukua 8 wiki kuishi bila shaka kwa Pass Programu ni uhakika fedha zao nyuma katika kesi wanashindwa hatua 1. Kwa bahati mbaya mpango haina upana toleo hili kwa wanafunzi wake online.


Kwa ujumla kozi hii ina baadhi ya uwezo imara. video kweli kuendesha mambo fulani muhimu nyumbani kwa njia ya kipekee na ya kuvutia, wakati kufunika masomo yote kuu. A main issue with this course was the lack of a question bank, so I’d suggest looking into a more comprehensive USMLE prep course.


  • Online mihadhara katika karibu 40 mada
  • Kozi maelezo kitabu
  • Maswali na majibu video
  • Mwanafunzi msaada
  • mitihani Mazoezi


3 Month Access: $999 6 Month Access: $1699 12 Month Access: $2750 To compare the Best USMLE prep courses, please click the button below:


Pass Program USMLE Course Information

Rank Pitia Programu Uwezo
2.Self Assessment Quizzes
3.Mazoezi Mitihani
4.Free Demo
5.Audio Review Course
6.Financing Options

USMLE Mafanikio Academy Tathmini

USMLE Success Academy Course Information


  • 90+ Masaa ya Video za Mtandaoni Mihadhara
  • Iliyochapishwa na Digital Hatua 1 vitabu vya kiada
  • Mihadhara MP3
  • USMLE Mazoezi Quizzes, Diagnostic Mitihani, na Mitihani Mazoezi
  • Barua Pepe Kutoka M.D.s Qualified
  • maandalizi Mkakati & Mitihani Mkakati
  • Mipango utafiti
  • Kupita alama Dhamana

Online Programs & Bei

Hatua 1 Online Program Packages:

Hatua za msingi 1 Programu kwa mwaka mmoja: $797 Standard Hatua 1 Programu kwa mwaka mmoja: $897 premium Hatua 1 Programu kwa mwaka mmoja: $1,197

Hatua 2 CK Online Program Pricing:

4 week access: $997 8 upatikanaji wiki: $1,097 12 upatikanaji wiki: $1,197 24 upatikanaji wiki: $1,497 1 upatikanaji mwaka: $1,997 Imechapishwa Kozi Books Chaguo: $150

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Live Step 1 Program (in Chicago, IL):

Amana kwa Reserve Seat: $500 3-Wiki Prep Darasa: $2,497 3-Wiki Prep Darasa + 1 Mwaka Online Prep: $2,997

Live Step 2 CS Program (Schaumburg, IL):

5-siku Programu (kwa 3:1 Mwanafunzi MD uwiano) Basic: $1,497 Standard: $1,897 premium: $1,997