USMLE نکات مطالعه

مرحله USMLE 1 نکات مطالعه

مرحله USMLE 1 نکات مطالعه

Because your time is so limited, ما می خواهیم به شما یک کوتاه می دهد, راهنمای آموزنده مستقیم به کمک شما موفق و رسیدن به مرحله USMLE 1 نمره شما برای هدف. وحشت نکنید, ما گذاشته از همه شما نیاز به دانستن زیر.

USMLE می خواهد شما را به دیدن دارو متفاوت, make it practical.

Firstly, you should know that USMLE will not test your memory, but your ability to apply basic sciences knowledge in a clinical scenario (vignettes). That means that questions will not sound like:

“What drug class does scopolamine belong to?", but rather:

“Scopolamine is prescribed as a transdermal patch for a patient leaving for a cruise vacation. Which comorbidity would be a contraindication?"

That means that USMLE questions are not direct (first-order) ones, but rather second or third order questions, in this case: A drug commonly prescribed for motion sickness (cruise trip), but is contraindicated in closed-angle glaucoma.


Or let us put it another way:

“Which receptor will cause the side effects of this medication on patients with glaucoma?"

شما را به نگه دارید از این که شما بروید, بدون شک.


امتیاز شما باید با توجه به تخصص خود را با هدف.

مانند هر کشور, برخی از تخصص به خصوص رقابتی تر در ایالات متحده. اعداد را تغییر سال به سال, اما به نظر می رسد به یک الگوی شود به رادیولوژی وجود دارد, پوست و جراحی پلاستیک همیشه نیاز به نمره بالاتر, شروع از 240. تخصص های دیگر مانند پزشکی خانواده, پزشکی داخلی و فیزیکی نیاز به نمرات با شروع از 220, تقریبا. نمره متوسط ​​و در ایالات متحده است 220. بنابراین اگر شما تصمیم نگرفته اند که تخصص به, توصیه ما به شما به هدف برای 240. اگر تو داری, از سوی دیگر, دریافت آخرین اطلاعات در نمره متوسط ​​و تطبیق.


اضطراب بخشی از معامله است, اما اجازه دهید همه چیز را در چشمانداز.

در مرحله دوم, feeling overwhelmed is a commonly exacerbated symptom amongst students taking the USMLE, therefore, here is a formula we can’t recommend enough:

2 months of Video Lectures from a Prep Course of your choice with Review books +

Question bank of your choice (do it 2-3 times) +

Parallel to the first two: Read First Aid Step 1 at least three times, taking notes.


The last month before the exam you will be working a lot, mostly with your notes and with First Aid, basically, this formula prepares you for that period.


Pacing your study and following CRUSH’s simple rules is a time-saver.

Thirdly, let’s us lay out five golden rules when it comes to your study schedule:


  • Start from the subject you are less comfortable with (زیست شیمی, for example);
  • Study 50 دقایق, rest 10. Or if you prefer, 1 hour 40 دقایق, and rest 20 دقایق. Those cycles should be repeat four times. You can have two blocks or four cycles each like that a day.
  • Resting is crucial. Take one day off from studying weekly: forget about the exam, do other things you also enjoy, even if while doing them you can’t help but diagnose everyone around you now.
  • Before exam, do at least 4 full-length exams with timing before your USMLE exam date. This will help you fight away that anxiety like a ninja, you are very prone to succeed if you are acquainted with the real exam conditions.
  • When doing a question bank, take notes on every question, write down the concepts, make diagrams.


The Prep Course should fit your needs.

Additionally, an imperative part of your success is knowing which USMLE Step 1 prep course works for you. CRUSH team has tested and set them out for you, not to mention the discounts you can get through our website.


  • First scenario: If you are still a medical student, you might be running out of time between classes and finals, so you need both mobile access, as well as extended subscription time, in that case we recommend Smash USMLE: you can get it for a whole year, watch 250 hours of video lectures and download a free smartphone app. Another great learning venue would be Becker, since it offers a very similar deal!
  • Second scenario: If you are an international medical graduate, for example, and are no longer in medical school, you might have more time to concentrate on your exam alone and more intensively, so Kaplan USMLE might be the choice for you, with a 3-month subscription.
  • Third scenario: if money is tight, but you still want to make the best out of your test preparation, we highly recommend Board Vitals and GraduateX. Moreover, we offer discounts on them, as well!


Ultimately, you can test all demo versions of the five prep courses we mentioned and test drive yourself.

کاپلان مرحله USMLE 1 یادداشت های سخنرانی

Books, books, books…

A great amount of students will go online and read about all the prep books and be convinced they need all of them. Remember, you can’t read Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine or Gray’s Anatomy before your exam. That’s ground learning, that’s past you, we are focusing on reviewing now (even if you have studied abroad in another language!). So before thinking books, make sure they are review books with high-yield information — principles you are very likely to see in your exam.

Like all great works, USMLE is full of classic questions, and people who write review books know that. They have done the work for you. There will most certainly be a question about a farmer with organophosphates poisoning, the flushing side effects of atropine-like drugs, or say, if it’s a genetic condition, مرحله USMLE 1 will always present it with the classic patient and his/her origin, for example, sickle cell anemia is commonly seen in children. USMLE won’t test you for the exceptions, but rather with the most common drugs, side effects, presentations, causes. As said, it is a classic.

We, at CRUSH, it seems, have reached a consensus that there are roughly three strategies to decide which are the best USMLE Step 1 review books for you:

  • Buy a complete series. By doing this, شما می توانید مطمئن باشید که تمام مواد پوشش داده است و آن را دوباره تکرار خواهد شد نه. همچنین, طراحی تکرار, سبک نوشتن هم به همراه بزرگ.
  • خرید بهترین کتاب برای یکی از موضوعات سری های مختلف. شما ممکن است زمان کمی بیشتر نیاز انجام تحقیقات, اما اگر شما احساس راحتی با کتاب های مختلف از سری های مختلف, سپس این یک راه خوب برای رفتن است.
  • شما ممکن است پیدا کردن که کتاب کاپلان عالی هستند, اما شما فقط آماده نیست به جای Pathoma و میکروبیولوژی مبدا مسخره آسان برای respectives خود را در مجموعه.


ما به شما توصیه به خرید دو یا چند کتاب بر روی یک موضوع. شما باید ما باور زمانی که ما می گویند: تمام مواد شما نیاز, یک راه یا دیگری, توان یا تحت پوشش در کتاب نظر خود را, بانک سوال و یا کمک های اولیه.

No matter which one of the above you go for, remember: buying the latest edition of First Aid Step 1 will ensure your being on top of the newest mnemonics and high-yield facts.

First Aid Step 1 is not an addition to your review books, it is simply a must-have. You might want to bind it to make it easier to read, as well.


Making mistakes in the question bank is also learning.

You don’t have to feel demotivated if you miss a lot of questions while doing your question bank. The question bank is a learning tool, so are the mistakes you will make. You have to relate to the question bank as an online book: it’s a perfect place to make use of trial-error, and do not feel as if you’re not improving if you do miss questions. So to access your progress after the first round of questions would be very demotivating! It is recommended to do a question bank fully two to three times.

مرحله USMLE 1 نکات مطالعه

Understand your brain and the way it learns better, use this in your favor.

The 1-3 rule. You’re a doctor to be, so use that knowledge in your favor: Your brain has a learning schedule, so work around it. Take into account that the adult brain needs to reencounter a material around 48 hours after the first time you were introduced to it. So how can you apply this? Solve a test block, for example, say, of 40 questions per block. If you solved it today, make mistakes, read the explanations for the question in the test bank and move on. Two days later make notes from this exam. Long story short: you need to be introduce to the information on day 1, و reencounter آن را در روز 3. قبل از آزمون خود, شما آزادانه می توانید بررسی این یادداشت.

توجه داشته باشید مصرف: رفتن به مدرسه قدیمی. هیچ بهترین راه برای یادداشت برداری وجود دارد, اگر شما به مدرسه پزشکی شده, شما در این زمان پیدا شده است از روش که برای شما بهتر کار می کند. بسیاری از مردم ترجیح می دهند به نوع, به جای نوشتن, اما اگر شما یک دانشجوی پزشکی شما نمی دانید که با نوشتن شما را به خاطر بیشتر با استفاده از بخش های مختلف قشر خود را, به جای تنها با تایپ کردن. همچنین بدیهی است که شما می توانید بسیاری از نمادها قرار دادن زمان بیشتری را صرف می رود (فلش, برای مثال) به یادداشت های خود از اگر شما به سادگی آنها را در قالب یک طرح در یک نوت بوک نوشت.

مرحله USMLE 1 توجه داشته باشید مصرف

روش فاینمن. بسیاری از دانشجویان مبارزه بدون شریک مطالعه, در نظر ما, حتی اگر این بزرگ است ما-دارد-در-همان-قایق استراتژی, we have another solution for those who prefer to work on their own time, or simply on their own. Another great strategy to optimize your learning is by becoming a proud adept of the Feynman Study Technique. It is based on using different parts of your brain to quickly retain information and works in simple four steps: اولین, pick a topic, read about it; second, pretend to teach yourself out loud (this is very important!); third, if you get stuck during the explanation: revisit the book; and fourth, repeat the process using analogies, simple language and connecting facts. بنابراین, keep in mind, a study partner is great, but here’s a simple (and effective) solution.


مرحله USMLE 1 Mock Exams

The mock exam is your best score predictor.

We all need a little motivation, so the best way to assess your USMLE Mock Examsمرحله USMLE 1 score is by taking mock exams. They look just like the test itself. Turn off your phone, and get ready for an eight-hour task. After that, do something relaxing: go binge watch your favorite show, go out dancing, have a cup of coffee with your friends, shift your mind from the test prep and the next day you will be fresh as new!



مرحله USMLE 1 PlanningUSMLE Planning

Plan, plan, plan, when nothing else: plan.

If you’re very insecure about whether you are ready or not to schedule your test, get an organizer and write the amount of work you need to get done everyday, item by item, and see how much time you actually need. You can do a check-list if you like the concept better. If you feel like that is not enough, here is a little insider’s trick that seems to work: say, by the time you have completed 10, 20, X number of items from your USMLE Step 1 prep to-do list or check list, you give yourself a little reward. Remember that nice bag you had seen the other day? Or, say, a boat ride, bike rent, a pair of nice shoes (dress for your future job, right?), or even a tattoo. Have yourself a merry little holiday! You can actually put these rewards into the list and as you complete your milestones, go out there and get what’s yours.


Take-home message: life-long learning is part of being a doctor.

Lastly, remember: your USMLE Step 1 preparation isn’t supposed to be a burden! Take one thing at a time and you will find out that by the end of this experience you have made nothing but a better doctor out of yourself. When you started medical school, for example, by the time you’ve finished it, you will see guidelines changing, new drugs appearing, others becoming obsolete, and you need to adapt to those innovations all the time, life-long. Keep being curious, keen and hard-working — the more positively you relate to your studying experience, the more positive the outcome will be.


موفق باشید!









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