Best MCAT Exam Prep Course

Finding the right MCAT prep course is one of the most important steps on the way to becoming a Doctor. You’ll be spending countless hours studying so it’s crucial that you find the course that fits your unique learning style best.

That’s why we have detailed comparison tables are below to help you pick the best MCAT prep course to go with. Here you can compare MCAT practice exams, flashcards, video lectures and more. This is all here to help you pass. If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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Best 2017 MCAT Prep Courses

Best MCAT Prep Course Magoosh MCAT Prep Course The princeton Review MCAT Test Prep




কোম্পানিKaplan MCATMagoosh MCAT The Princeton Review MCAT
দাম$1,999-$2,799$149 $1,699-$2,399
ডিসকাউন্ট সংরক্ষণ $250

না না
COURSE FORMATSOnline Self-Study, Live OnlineOnline Self-StudyOnline Self-Study, Live Online
পূর্ণ-দৈর্ঘ্য অনুশীলন পরীক্ষা13 313
1,000 735 1,000
EBOOKS yesyesyes
FLASHCARDS yesyesyes
COURSE EXPIRATION Until You Pass 270 দিন12 মাস




1. Kaplan MCAT Test Prep

Kaplan MCAT Prep Course Review
YesMarkMCAT Channel: Kaplan’s MCAT Channel gives students access to live lectures from 1st-rate, experienced MCAT teachers 6 days a week in addition to on demand, pre-recorded content that is available 24/7. Best of all recorded episodes can searched by interests, study needs, or even your favorite professor!

YesMark Wide Range of Course Options: Kaplan provides students different options to prepare for the MCAT above and beyond the competition. এই জন্য যে কোন জায়গায় অধ্যয়নরত জন্য এটি আরো আপনার জন্য সুবিধাজনক তোলে. ব্যক্তি শ্রেণীর থেকে চয়ন করুন, একটি লাইভ অনলাইন কোর্স, একটি অন-ডিমান্ড স্ব বিন্যস্ত বর্গ, কোনো এক গভীর 6-সপ্তাহ গ্রীষ্ম লাইভ সেশন 4 ইউ এস এ জুড়ে শহরগুলোতে. লাইভ এবং লাইভ অনলাইন ব্যক্তিগত টিউটরিং অপশন উপলব্ধ রয়েছে.


উচ্চ স্কোর গ্যারান্টি: কাপলান এর কোর্স গ্যারান্টি আমরা সবাই বিশ্বাস করতে পারেন সঙ্গে আসা. আপনার স্কোর পর্যন্ত যেতে না হয়, তাহলে, আপনি কোন অতিরিক্ত চার্জ ছাড়াই আবার একই কর্মসূচি কি করতে পারেন, বা (প্রধান অংশ) আপনি আপনার টাকা ফেরত চাইতে পারেন. আপনি কাপলান এর কোর্স উপকরণ সঙ্গে আপনার পরীক্ষার দিন পর্যন্ত অধ্যয়ন করতে পারেন, যা মেয়াদ শেষ না হওয়া পর্যন্ত আপনি MCAT নেওয়া.

কাপলান MCAT আমাকে নিতে



2. Magoosh MCAT

শীর্ষ MCAT প্রস্তুতি কোর্স - Magoosh MCAT প্রস্তুতি

YesMarkভিজ্যুয়াল: এটা গাইড অধ্যয়ন করতে আসে, তখন, this package provides you with in-depth explanations and advice like other products, but it also has an amazing visual representation of many concepts. With full color visuals on every page, you’re going to really see what is being covered. This type of visual experience also breaks up the content, giving you a breather during your study sessions.

YesMarkEncompassing Package for Students: The Examkrackers study package comes replete with six preparatory materials that cover physics, chemistry (orgo and general), psychology & sociology, biology 1 এবং 2, and reasoning skills. এছাড়াও, within each section, there are lectures – 24 questions for each lecture to reinforce the learned concepts – and plenty of descriptive information to hammer home the key concepts.


Exams : Though there are plenty of study materials within this package, the simulated MCAT practice is really unmatched. The practice section of this package comes with 32 topical exams that are 30 minutes each and mimic the actual MCAT format. This should be plenty of practice for any test taker, especially given that this is a supplemental study package.


3. The Princeton Review MCAT

Best MCAT Prep Course

YesMarkSelf-Paced, Online, Live and Tutoring Options: Students can choose from a different number of course options that will appeal to virtually every type of learner from visual, auditory and more. Whether you want to learn from the comfort of your own home, attend a live, in person class, or spend six weeks in the summer at an intense workshop, The Princeton Review has a course for you.

YesMark Quality and Quantity of Study Material: No matter which course they choose, students will benefit from an impressive number of practice questions, practice tests, online material, ভিডিও, and proprietary learning software (amplifire learning tool). The Princeton Review also stands by the quality of its instruction by offering satisfaction and money back guarantees.


No Free Trial or Flashcards: Many students like to try a review course out to see if it is compatible with their learning style, or to compare it to other options. The Princeton Review invites students to take a free online test and attend a free workshop, but trying out the actual materials requires purchasing a course.

কাপলান MCAT আমাকে নিতে

Best MCAT Prep Course Rankings

MCAT CourseCompanyমূল্য
3.Magoosh MCAT$150
2.Kaplan MCAT$1999
1.Princeton MCAT$1699


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