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USMLEステップ 1 Pass Program Review

RATING: ★★★★★

How to find the best USMLE Step 1 Test Prep Course

When preparing to USMLE, you probably will (or have) asked yourself what kind of USMLE prep course is best for you. There are plenty out there, some which are more popular due to great marketing, public outreach. But that is obviously not what matters when you’re looking for a good prep course: straightforwardness, review material, availability of instructors, diagnostic exam tests — this is what we searched for; so we’ve gathered the best to discuss in details to help you pass faster.

Your expectations vs. the reality

A prep course will usually offer videos with exclusive review material, in pdf or physical books. You may also be provided with on demand videos or even live lessons with a chat pod to communicate with the teacher. The on demand videos works best for those who live in another time zone, since you can watch at your own time, while live lessons can be difficult to follow in this same context, since they might be broadcasted in the middle of the night in your time.

Think gadgets.

When choosing the prep course that works best for you, you might want to consider if they offer a mobile app, in reality, you might not be sitting before your computer all the time. This is particularly useful if the prep course offers a question bank of its own, it’s a great way to fill up your commute time.

Take a test drive.

Before subscribing, make sure that the prep course also offers a demo version, or simply a video demonstrating how the software works.

Content matters, but so do looks.

As much as some might not be ready to admit it: it is much easier to keep using a platform with a friendly design and that doesn’t have neon colors. 最終的には, design matters, it saves your time and makes the learning experience easier to cope with.

Plan your expenses.

If you’re planing to take the exam in 2, 4 または 6+ months it plays a big role on your wallet. These programs usually offer different deals for longer subscriptions. Be sure to set aside time you wish to dedicate to those courses and then compare prices. Luckily, we have done that research for you!

そう, long story short, we truly care about and rate our Best USMLE Step 1 Courses by: content, ビデオ, 質問銀行, mobile apps, course design, dashboards, analytics and price.

USMLE Pass Program Quick Facts


  1. This is a great chance to diverge from classic teaching
  2. フランシスは、学生をやる気にさせる方法を知っている先生です
  3. レッスンペースが理想的です, 少なすぎません, 長すぎないクラス
  4. あなたはレビューのクラスを逃した場合は, あなたはそれを「奪還」も, それらはすべて記録されているので、
  5. 二つNBMEsは、プログラムに含まれています
  6. あなたが持っている任意の質問に答える準備ができているインストラクターの良いチームがあります, クラスでカバー材料に関連を含みます. もちろん、彼らはあなたを家庭教師ではないだろう, しかし、あなたは重要な概念を見逃してしまった場合, あなたはクラスの後にそれらを書くこととに答えます 10-20 分.

Pass Program Weaknesses

  1. あなたは問題解決のクラスをrewatchすることはできません
  2. あなたがプログラムのオンライン版に加入している場合はお金の背部保証しません.
  3. あなたは本当に学問分野に分かれて準備コースと快適に感じる場合, then you might just not adapt to Dr. Francis’ concept.


  • ほとんどのオンライン講義 40 トピック
  • コースのメモ帳
  • ビデオの答えと
  • 学生サポート
  • 模擬試験

USMLEステップ 1 Online Review Course Prices

  • Live Onsite: $2,900 (4 週間), $5,999 (8 週間)
  • ライブオンライン: $2,190 (4 週間), $4,390 (8 週間)
  • オンデマンド: $790 (4 ヶ月), $1,090 ( 6 months without morning questions), 1290 USD (6 months with morning questions), 1690 (1 year subscription with all features).

Pass Program Coupon Codes

USMLEパスプログラムのディスカウント – 保存 10%

パスプログラムUSMLE, 独占割引, 割引率 34 今日使用しています
パスプログラムUSMLE 37 今日使用しています
保存 10% ステップのためのEduMind USMLEパスプログラム上のオンデマンドコース 1, 2, & 3
最終使用日 9 数分前
有効期限: 8月 17, 2018

TL:DR: Review Synopsis

All in all, the Pass Program has plenty more advantages than disadvantages. But keep this in mind: preparing for the USMLE is not about using numerous resources or even all the resources that are at your reach, so we truly recommend you to choose one and stick to it. 博士. Francis’s methods of teaching are proven to work, engaging and easy to understand. Plus the quality content, companion PDF’s and new dashboard we highly recommend the Pass Program to any perspective USMLE Step 1 student.


USMLE Pass Program Detailed Course Information & 特徴

Why it’s so different.

This program sets itself apart from others by the way it structures disciplines. When you were in to medical school, you probably have gotten used to studying subject by subject separately. Well, 博士. フランシス, the face from Pass Program, thinks differently, this is probably the most integrated course out there. 博士. Francis saw what he thought was wrong with medical education and did it his own way: he will teach you concepts, not mnemonics.

If this still sounds confusing to you, here is an example: One of the first lessons are about the so-called Low Energy State. According to Dr. フランシス, if you apply this concept to any disease that develops because of a low energy state (anemia, for example), symptoms will not only repeat itself, but you will get it right 90% of the time. And as he says, you should aim for the 90% and not lose your time trying to achieve the other 10% — not that this is impossible, but if you’re short on time, this is still a pretty good promise. 最終的には, 博士. フランシスは、必要な時に、すべての臨床ビネットおよび臨床シナリオでは、これらの概念を再作成する方法を学生に教えることを望んでいます. すべてのクラスがあります, この方法では, 統合されました, あなたは、同時に複数の科目を勉強します, 道博士で. フランシスはそれを置きます. 彼は時々少し感情的なことができます, しかし確実にユーモアのセンスを持っており、クラスの良好な動的を保持します.

Best USMLE Step 1 Course

博士. フランシスは、単にあなたがUSMLEの試験のために知る必要があるすべてを覚えることができるとは思われません, 故に, すべての情報を統合する必要があります. 実際には, the first hour of class is only about studying techniques, so this can be truly helpful.

What they offer.

In their website you will find a 4-week or 8-week program. You will have classes everyday, plus a morning session lasting one hour to solve test questions with Dr. フランシス. In the program you are offered both on demand lessons as well as the daily (except for Sunday) live classes, the content doesn’t vary extensively.

Let’s take a closer look at what the USMLE Pass Program has to offer that might call your attention.

The pacing is key to the program.

一般に, classes are very well put. According to Dr. フランシス, your brain “reaches Vmax” within two hours, 故に, you will not have longer classes, and if you do, you will have longer breaks. 最終的には, you can attend the program online or live. Prices, obviously differ, but the first that stroke was the fact that you are not only getting a live feed from the class with the students who are taking the course in person, but you also have a button to “raise your hand” and ask questions to Dr. Francis in class, with a microphone. This seems a bit different from various other USMLE Step 1 prep courses that offer a simple chat pod.

What your subscription includes.

Within your online subscription, you are granted access to PDF’s to accompany the classes, basically everything that Dr. Francis mentions is well written there, and you will rarely ever need to write anything unless you want to take extra notes.

Best USMLE Step 1 Prep Course Online

Apart from the textbook, you have access to various other secondary files, but the one that called our attention the most was the “Pass Program Clues”, this is also a PDF file that has exclusively only high yield questions. That means that it is like the First Aid, but only with questions and a short explanation on the side. This can be very useful for a last week review before your exam, for example.

Morning question classes.

Because Dr. Francis’ method is so different from everything else in the market, question solving classes are separate from review classes. The question solving classes take place early in the morning. It’s important to attend those classes since they are not recorded like the review classes. And as we’ve mentioned before, it is imperative that you are located on the right time zone, classes take place in US Central Time Zone.

Pinpoint your weak points from the start.

Other good news are that the Pass Program offers you two NBMEs included in your subscription. The idea is that you take the first one as a diagnostic test before the course even starts, while this might sound a bit intimidating, most prep programs do this in order to motivate the student and pinpoint your weak points at first.

What we also liked about the Pass Program was not only their motivating spirit, but the fact that you can get your money back if you did not pass the test. The issue is that this perk does not extend to those attending the online version of the course, but rather only to students who are there in person.

Either way, the USMLE Pass Program is a solid choice based solely on Dr. フランシス’ teaching methods and the quality content they provide. Better yet it’s an incredible value when you compare to the big players like Kaplan USMLE or Becker USMLE.


パスプログラムUSMLEのステップ 1 オンライン – 全体的な


1. ビデオ

パスプログラムは素晴らしいビデオを持っています, 主な理由は博士の. フランシス. 彼は非常に良い教育者で、彼はすべてのトピックを説明したことはプラスです. 彼はよく質問を使用しています, 生徒が概念を理解していない手助けすることはちょうどそれらを暗記します.

博士. Francis’ way of teaching might divide opinions as he shouts at times (であるが, ない怒って) ポイントを強調するために, しかし、ほとんどの部分は、それが邪魔ではなく、実際に長い勉強会の単調さに役立ちます.

2. 自己評価クイズ

オンライン講義は非常に便利な自己評価のクイズが付属しています. クイズで構成します 5 各講義で材料をカバーする複数の選択肢の質問. 本当にかかわらず、これらのクイズは素晴らしい作ります, 各質問のためのビデオ説明があります. これは本当にあなたが初めて行っどんなにを改善するために役立ちます.

3. 実践試験

自己評価のクイズは素晴らしいですが, かなりの取得のようなものは何もありません 2 実際の契約のためにあなたを準備するNBME模擬試験. 実際のテスト形式で練習することは非常に重要であり、実際にこのコースが目立つのに役立ちます.

4. 無料デモ

パスプログラムは、まだ博士からいくつかのサンプル講義をどのように彼らのソフトウェアを使用すると、より良い示す自分のサイト上でデモを持っています. フランシス. これは、将来の学生に限り、メイン講師と学習ポータルは懸念しているとして何を期待するの全体的なアイデアを与えるためのちょっといい機能です. 彼らは、学生が取得しているかを知りたいです, これはもちろん、より多くの信頼性を提供します.


1. 疑い銀行ません

彼らは問題バンクにアクセスして自分のオンライン学生に提供していないと合格プログラムが取引のワンストップショップのようなものではありません. 彼らはありません; しかしながら, 供給する 5 質問の種類をアプローチする方法を示し、各トピックの最後に動画. 合計では、彼らはについて持っています 180 それらが提供する局所質問動画. 学生は別の会社から問題バンクでこのコースを補完することができます.

2. オンラインコースには保証しません

服用学生 8 パスプログラムとの週のライブのコースは、彼らがステップを失敗するバックケースで彼らのお金を保証されています 1. 残念ながら、プログラムは、同社のオンライン学生にこのオファーを拡張しません.


EduMind Pass Program USMLE Course