What’s The Best CEN Study Guide in 2023?

Best Certified Emergency Nurse Study Guides

Becoming a Certified Emergency Nurse can qualify you to work in emergency rooms or urgent care centers— two places where healthcare is often a matter of life or death. This is not a vocation for the faint of heart, but it is a career where you can make a huge difference in the lives of countless patients.

There’s a lot of incentive for employers to hire certified emergency nurses, since they can drastically reduce the time it takes to help patients in critical medical conditions. So if you’re not squeamish and want to start your career in nursing, this is one of the best avenues to explore.

Check out our list of the best CEN study guides currently available online to start studying for your future career today!

1. Mometrix University CEN Study Guide

Out of all the study guides online, Mometrix University currently offers the best set of resources to help you pass the CEN exam. They use a combination of video content, text-based study guides, and flashcards to ensure you fully understand and remember all the necessary knowledge to pass on your first attempt.

Mometrix University Features

  • 650+ practice questions
  • 90+ video lessons
  • 450+ flashcards
  • Study guide with 120+ lessons
  • 1 week money back guarantee
  • Video Content: Unlike a dry textbook-based study guide, Mometrix incorporates video lessons into their curriculum. These lectures have a high production value and supplement the instructor’s topics with visual aids to further illustrate their points.
  • Perfect Fit: Although there are some companies that offer a larger collection of practice questions and video content, Mometrix makes the most of its adequate library of study materials. This is the perfect balance between substance and streamline— you shouldn’t expect to waste any of your time or money with this study guide.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: You have one week to decide whether or not Mometrix is the ideal choice to help you study for the CEN exam. Alternatively, you can request a refund within that initial seven-day period and receive all your money back, no questions asked!

Bottom Line: I recommend signing up for Mometrix even if you’re still not fully convinced that they offer the best course for your study needs. If you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund after a few days— although the vast majority of enrolled students stick with it until the end to pass on their first try.


No Discounts, Check Back Soon

2. Rosh Review CEN Prep Course

Rosh Review Certified Emergency Nurse Training Course Online

Rosh Review is named after Dr. Rosh, an excellent instructor and experienced professional in the healthcare industry. With Dr. Rosh’s expertise and a combination of helpful features, you’re bound to pass your certification test and start working with confidence in your abilities.

Rosh Review Features

  • 500 practice questions
  • Detailed answer explanations and bonus questions
  • Performance tracking analytics
  • Rapid review for fast-paced cram sessions
  • Uncommon Delights: This is a term used to describe the number of Quality-of-Life features included with all Rosh Review CEN courses. This includes powerful analytic tools to track your progress, compatibility on mobile devices, and detailed answer explanations for 500 practice questions.
  • Excellent Support: One of the most important features included with this online study guide is fast support channels. You can expect a response to any of your questions within a day or two of asking them— which is rare for many online courses that don’t typically provide easy ways of contacting your teachers!
  • Limited Catalog: Unlike some of the other courses offered through Rosh Review, there aren’t as many practice questions or supplementary resources included with their CEN curriculum. Still, it should be enough to adequately prepare you for your CEN exam.

Bottom Line: Stick with Rosh Review and you will gain both the knowledge and confidence to start your emergency nursing career the right way without cutting any corners. You’ll know exactly when it’s time to take the test thanks to their built-in progress tracker.


3. Solheim Enterprises Certified Emergency Nurse Study Guide

For a more personal experience, you can get a lot out of Solheim Enterprises. This video-focused study guide does a great job breaking down each topic covered on the exam with a perspective that relates each subject directly to your future career.

Solheim Enterprises Features

  • 20+ video lectures
  • Practice exam with 150+ questions
  • Monthly or yearly subscription
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • Qualified Instructor: Jeff Solheim is the founder and instructor of Solheim Enterprises. With over 25 years of experience working in multiple departments as a registered nurse, he provides students with a down to Earth curriculum that directly relates exam topics with emergency nursing situations you’re likely to encounter in the field.
  • Fantastic Videos: The primary focus of this CEN study guide is video content, where Jeff Solheim walks through specific exam topics accompanied by informative slideshows. Each lesson starts by telling you how many questions it relates to, so you can quickly determine what subjects have the most weight on the exam.
  • Practice Test: The good news is that this course includes a realistic practice exam with over a hundred questions. However, the bad news is that this single practice test costs extra; it doesn’t come with any other course. In general, you would be better off enrolling in Mometrix if you’re specifically looking for practice tests.

Bottom Line: For an informative and entertaining video lecture series, you can’t go wrong with Solheim Enterprises. However, there are better options available if you’re just looking for a self-paced study guide with lots of practice quizzes.


4. Emergency Nurses Association CEN Prep Course

As you may have surmised from this organization’s name, the ENA is focused on providing targeted educational materials for future emergency nursing professionals. Check this company out if you want to network while preparing for your exams.

Emergency Nurses Association Features

  • 200+ pages of downloadable study notes
  • 12 interactive modules with video content
  • 2 practice tests
  • Discount for ENA members
  • Member Discount: Becoming a member of the Emergency Nurses Association will enable you to get a discounted rate on these study materials. Additionally, it looks great on your resume and can help you find great networking opportunities to improve your career prospects.
  • Interactive Learning: ENA takes full advantage of their online learning platform to deliver a unique study guide. Each video module is interactive and correlates with supplementary practice tests and study notes.
  • Flash Cards: There’s only one thing holding ENA back from being one of the top 3 CEN courses— flashcards. Including even a few of these would greatly improve the experience for many students, but without them you can still get quite a lot of mileage out of this course.

Bottom Line: If you want to get a better idea of the emergency nurse profession, joining the ENA and taking advantage of their online study guide is a fantastic decision. You won’t regret networking with the other professionals once it’s time to look for a job!


5. PESI Certified Emergency Nursing Study Materials

PESI doesn’t offer a high-tech study guide like some online courses, but the content it does provide is adequate to prepare you for a career as an emergency nurse. They also include audio lectures alongside video content, which is a rare feature that makes it easier to multitask while studying.

PESI Features

  • 12+ hours of video instruction
  • Printable PDF flashcards
  • Audio seminars
  • 12.5 contact hours for continuing education
  • Unlimited access period and offline access
  • Flashcards: Unlike the other options on this list, PESI offers printable flashcards to help you memorize specific concepts. Other courses with flashcards only offer them in a digital format you can access on a phone or tablet, so this is slightly more convenient if you prefer to study offline.
  • Offline Access: Not only is PESI accessible for an unlimited period of time— you can also download everything included with this course to access without an internet connection. This level of access is unprecedented among other online CEN study guides.
  • Practice Questions: Although PESI provides a practice test to evaluate your proficiency on exam day, there are several online courses that provide a lot more practice material than this one. If you want to primarily study with practice exams, consider Mometrix University or Solheim Enterprises instead.

Bottom Line: Check out PESI if you prefer to study without staring at a screen. You can download everything included with this course and print out all the text and flashcards for quick reference without having to charge any batteries!


6. Healthcare Training Academy CEN Practice Questions

Healthcare Training Academy is yet another online education provider that has a collection of helpful content that’s perfect for future emergency nurses. Although they don’t offer a large variety of study materials, it may be a good fit if you’re mainly interested in live lectures or meeting your continuing education requirements.

Healthcare Training Academy Features

  • 10+ live lectures
  • 8 hours of credit for CA/FL nurses
  • Sample questions similar to the CEN exam
  • Group discount for multiple applicants
  • Exam-Specific Materials: The sample questions included with this course closely mimic the questions you’re going to encounter on the actual CEN exam. This is one of the most helpful and effective ways of preparing for any test, since it dispels a lot of the anxiety that can come before exam day.
  • Live Lectures: The benefit of Healthcare Training Academy’s live lectures are the ability to get fast feedback from your instructor if you have any questions about the material. This is the closest thing to a traditional classroom lesson you can expect from an online course!
  • Question Bank: Something that would drastically improve this nursing course is a library of several hundred practice questions, preferably organized into a realistic exam simulation. Although you can expect to encounter a few practice questions while working through the live lectures, there’s not nearly as much on offer here when compared to the top courses on this list.

Bottom Line: For an online version of a traditional class, Healthcare Training Academy is a decent pick. However, it’s probably a better use of your time and money to enroll in a more substantial course like Mometrix instead.


7. Project Heartbeat CEN Training Course

If you’re near Northern California, Project Heartbeat can provide an in-depth, in-person instructional course to fully prepare you for a career as an emergency nurse. This is a pretty narrow demographic, but it’s worth considering if it applies to you!

Project Heartbeat Features

  • 2-day course in a physical classroom
  • 2 practice tests
  • Instructors available anywhere in the California Bay Area
  • Study textbook included with course
  • In-Person Instruction: For some students, the best way to learn new material is in a physical classroom with an in-person instructor. Fortunately, Project Heartbeat offers this service if you’re located in Northern California near the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Fast-Paced: This two-day crash course is by far the fastest way to prepare yourself for the CEN exam. In this time, you’ll go through all the subjects tested on the exam with a combination of text passages, lectures, and practice tests.
  • Limited Accessibility: Unfortunately, there are currently no online-only classes through Project Heartbeat— this is why it only receives an honorable mention. However, teachers can travel to you if you’re located near the Bay Area.

Bottom Line: Project Heartbeat gets an honorable mention since it’s very limited in terms of accessibility. Still, it’s worth considering if you’re near Oakland, San Francisco, or Sacramento and want to attend in-person nursing classes with other students.


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