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По подобие на постигане на сертифициране за други сделки на високо ниво, да стане лицензиран фармацевт включва преминаване на всеобхватна и трудно изпит за сертифициране. Създаден от Националната асоциация на фармацевтична, на NAPLEX е изпита всеки амбициозен фармацевт трябва да преминат, за да се превърне в лицензирана в САЩ. Short for the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, this 250-question test consists of patient scenarios and multiple-choice prompts with a time limit of six hours. Here’s the worst part: With such high stakes, it can be intimidating to plan for the NAPLEX. In some cases, this intimidation can become so extreme that it interferes with the ability of the test taker to pass the exam, even if they understand the information that is being tested. In order to both relieve anxiety related to the test and help students brush up on their pharmacy knowledge, these NAPLEX review courses are the best choices for individuals who want to pass the NAPLEX and become licensed pharmacists. We’ve compared the most popular test prep courses on the market to find the cream of the crop listed below:

Best NAPLEX Prep Course: Kaplan NAPLEX Test Prep

For its comprehensive suite of study tools provided at very flexible price points, Kaplan gets our pick for the best NAPLEX prep course of the bunch.

Pro: Въпрос банка

Kaplan’s Qbank for their NAPLEX review program includes over 1,000 questions that are frequently updated so they stay up-to-date with content covered on the actual exam. They also come with detailed answer explanations to help students understand the reasoning behind each one.

Pro: Lectures

In addition to offering a large pool of practice questions, Kaplan provides a premium option for students who want additional study material. Alongside two eBooks with review material, over 40 hours of video lectures are provided in the High Yield package that elaborate on complex concepts. Additionally, students can enroll in live online lectures hosted by instructors who can answer questions in real time.

Pro: Ценообразуване

In a move that bucks the trend set by most other educational programs, Kaplan offers a range of prices for their products that allow students with lower budgets to take advantage of their study tools. Students can choose to pay a lower price for a few months of access to the Qbank, can pay a bit more for the textbooks and video lectures, or can pay the full premium rate for access to live lecture sessions.

с: Textbooks

For the High Yield package, Kaplan includes two textbooks with additional study material alongside their video lectures. According to students who have tried studying from these written resources, Kaplan’s NAPLEX eBooks are outdated and contain numerous typos. Students who are interested in a good textbook with their study program should give this one a miss.


#1 Runner-Up: BoardVitals NAPLEX Review

Board Vitals NAPLEX Qbank Although it doesn’t offer quite the same level of quality as Kaplan, BoardVitals’ study package offers many appealing features that caused us to pick it as the first runner-up for best NAPLEX review course.

Pro: Questions

BoardVitals offers over 1400 questions in their study bank for students. In addition to covering many different aspects of the exam, these questions are presented in different formats in order to better test students’ knowledge of the test material.

Pro: Philanthropy

Any tier of BoardVital’s NAPLEX Review that is purchased by a student will see a portion of its profit donated for a philanthropic cause. Това дарение е под формата на ваксина, дава на деца в нужда като дарения, направени в името на студента.

с: Live Support

Въпреки че може да се счита за положителен, че BoardVitals предлага поддръжка на живо за студенти, които се вливат в проблеми с използването им подготовка програма, тази подкрепа е ограничена до по-високи цени, амфитеатрално. Това означава, че студентите, които само купуват от един месец от достъп няма да могат да получават подкрепа.

с: Lectures

Въпреки BoardVitals предлага отличен набор от многостранни въпроси, покриваща NAPLEX, they have no lecture content available at any tier of their study program. This will exclude a sizable portion of students who prefer learning through live instruction.


#2 Runner-Up: FTP Lectures NAPLEX Review

Considering how convenient of a study program FTP Lectures offers for students on a tight schedule, it makes sense that it would receive our pick for second runner-up to the best NAPLEX prep course.

Pro: Lecture Speed

With over 200 hours of video content covering different aspects of the exam, a student may be worried about how they’re going to find the time to watch all of it. за щастие, FTP Lectures offers the ability to speed up all video content to twice their speed. While still being understandable, this handily condenses the amount of time it takes to cover all the material by half.

Pro: гаранция

According to data gathered from the over 100,000 students who have used this educational tool, the average test scores for individuals who enroll in this prep course is in the region of 89% or higher. In addition, FTP Lectures guarantees that students who sign up will pass the exam; if they don’t, they are entitled to a full refund.

с: Limited Content

Although the lectures offered by this educational resource are an excellent study companion for interested students, no additional materials are provided. This means that individuals interested in learning through practice tests, live classroom courses, or textbooks will be disappointed with what FTP Lectures has to offer.

#3 RxPrep NAPLEX Review

With an impressive pedigree, RxPrep offers NAPLEX study material of a high enough quality to be worth consideration despite only receiving second runner-up on our list of the best NAPLEX prep courses.

Pro: Qualified Instructors

All educational material written for RxPrep was made and reviewed by actual medical professionals and practicing pharmacists. Заради това, students can rest easy knowing that their instructors and study material are all on the level.

Pro: Simulations

RxPrep’s online course includes a large quantity of material based around teaching students to understand individual patient cases. This simulation-style instruction helps to ensure enrolled students understand core concepts of being a pharmacist in addition to preparing for the exam.

с: Time-Consuming

Being designed and taught by professional pharmacists, it makes sense that RxPrep takes an extremely comprehensive approach to teaching students about the NAPLEX and pharmacy as a whole. Обаче, the huge amount of study material can take up the majority of a student’s time and can also overwhelm or intimidate them.
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