Best PMHNP Review Course

Congratulations! You’ve devoted much time to studying and practicing to become an essential mental health care worker. A PMHNP-BC or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner is vital to service roles dedicated to mental health. 

For that reason, we’ve created this best PMHNP review course list. Of course, that depends on your confidence in tackling the 150 exam questions to reach your certification goal.

7 Best PMHNP Review Courses of 2024

Choosing the best review courses considers many factors. Price, ease of use, quizzes, review books, cost, learning environment, and success rate play an important role.

Utilizing invaluable resources like the American Nurses Association (ANA) prepares you for the exam and your role as a PMHNP-BC.

Our advice is only to choose the first-course option on the list if it resonates with you. We’ve researched the tough questions. Here’s our list of best review courses.

1. RoshReview PMHNP Review Course

Rosh Review PMHNP Course

RoshReview has a longstanding link and credentialing format established by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). It’s authored and peer-reviewed by mental health standards and practitioners and stays authentic to the course requirements.

RoshReview offers the best analytical and learning tools to ensure aspiring PMHNPs pass their certification exam faster.

Clients from all fields of medicine rely on RoshReview to prepare them. They specialize in health certification and offer certification exams in internal medicine, OB/GNY, women’s health (WHNP), adult and child psychiatry, and nurse practitioner review courses.

Course Features:

Certification Exam Prep includes a comprehensive panel of 1700 board-style questions, ANCC study material, and Qbank access that helps you reach your goal.

  • A complete pharmacology module to meet certified ENP or non-EM certified NP standards
  • A refresher with 120 questions on clinical pharmacology and includes 25 Pharmacotherapeutic Category 1 CE credits
  • Anatomy Modules reinforce anatomy knowledge 
  • Expect to review 375 questions on this topic
  • The premium course includes 28 video tutorials from Dr. Rosh


  • Comprehensive topic refresher and PMHNP practice questions
  • Personalized on-call instructors
  • Affordable 1-year, 90-day, or 30-day program option
  • Top-notch teaching technology and resources like apps and analytics dashboard
  • Free trial

Bottom Line

RoshReview is a top-quality PMHNP program review course that prepares nurse practitioners with practice questions, real-life situations, and invaluable resources. Those enrolled learn at their own pace with personalized assistance from instructors. 

2. Mometrix PMHNP Review Course Online

Mometrix provides clients with access to the learning tools that help them pass the PMHNP certification exam outlined by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). As a student, you can choose from visual, reading, repeating, and practice learning principles and take a one-week free trial offer with a money-back guarantee.

Mometrix digs deep into the scientific foundation, advanced practice skills, diagnosis and treatment, psych therapy, related theories, and the ethical and legal aspects that govern mental health. 

If you’re looking for experts in standardized testing, Mometrix empowers clients. To achieve career objectives as a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner in health, education, and life Mometrix is a good choice. 

Course Features:

You can use the 700-question panel blended with full-length case scenarios and MCQs to balance your learning. 

  • Includes a 74-lesson plan to achieve their certification goals
  • Supported by over 20 video tutorials
  • Students master complex concepts, which they can reinforce with a 425-flash card library

In the Mometrix prep course, students build confidence with the knowledge they accumulate on their own terms. The prep course provides all the information to pass the PMHNP course as the ANCC dictates.


  • Comprehensive and up-to-date e-guide manual
  • Customize your learning method
  • Affordable month-by-month payment plan
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Mobile resources like apps and flashcards for on-the-go learning


  • Mometrix doesn’t specialize in the mental health segment

Bottom Line

Mometrix is an efficient PMHNP prep course suitable for students with distinct learning habits. Their monthly plan option makes it the most affordable if you can learn quickly.

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3. BoardVitals PMHNP Review Course

BoardVitals prepares psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners for their board certifications. Designed by doctors and health care specialists, BoardVitals has an 8% higher pass rate than the competition. They’ve helped certify 50,000 medical practitioners and work with over 200 institutions.

For students unsure about which PMHNP prep course is right for them, BoardVitals offers a free trial and three program packages ranging from Master, Prepare, and Cram options.

Each package offers 1550 exam practice questions and an intensive real-life practice exam similar to the one you will face on exam day.

Course Features:

Designed with a strong focus on a scientific foundation, advanced practice skills, diagnosis and treatment, psychotherapy and related theories, and legal and ethical principles.

  • Updated exam-like timed questions (Master package)
  • Prep offers a broad and detailed outline
  • Reviews and explains exam segments thoroughly


  • Superior in-depth prep in the top 5 segments as represented on the ANCC exam
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • Access to a  clinician for questions
  • Apps and interactive on-the-go learning
  • Learning packages to suit 


  • Dashboard is not as interactive
  • Missing supplementary tools like flashcards and progress tracking

Bottom Line

BoardVitals is a highly medical-centric PMHNP board exam prep service with a solid reputation. It’s perfect for certification and recertification opportunities.

4. Fitzgerald Colibri Healthcare PMHNP Review Course

Fitzgerald is synonymous in the PMHNP course prep industry as a leader in certifying health nurse practitioners with an impressive success rate. Their highly diverse faculty allows them to bring the best in the industry to the education forum. Since 1989, over 140,000 NPs have received certification through Fitzgerald.

Students who enroll in Fitzgerald can choose from live instructions from NP experts in live-streaming classes or offline tutorials.

Course Features:

This advanced course provides clinical consult to Psychiatric Mental Health Management for Nurse Practitioners.

  •  Pocket psych drug clinical guides
  •  Printed workbooks
  • Advanced live and on-demand learning


  • World-renowned NP certification program and ANCC exam prep questionnaire
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • Access to live tutors with Premier, Premier Plus, and Ultimate package
  • 99% success rate


  • More expensive than Rosh Review, Board Vitals or Mometrix
  • Dashboard is challenging to navigate

Bottom Line

Fitzgerald is a focused certification review course with a great reputation in the health industry. 

5. The Lantern Review PMHNP Exam Prep

The Latern PMHNP Review Course

Thought by a certificate PMHNP-BC, the Lantern Review is owned and taught by Matthew Resinger. Resinger uses his unique method to train his enrolled review students with all the pertinent information to pass the ANCC certification exam.

Course Features:

With a slightly more personalized approach, this prep review relies on short tutorials that allow students to absorb the content faster and more effectively. 

  • 40 mini-lectures and upgraded policy text
  • 10 graded quizzes
  • One full comprehension exam
  • Includes exam strategy training


  • A personalized, tutor-style certification program and ANCC PMHNP practice exam prep questionnaire
  • Refundable 2-year course access
  • Flexible start and learning times
  • Current DSM-5 material


  • Dated platform
  • No instructor help or guidance
  • Not as well-known
  • No technologically advanced tools
  • Not created by a panel of experts

Bottom Line

The Lantern Review offers a more personalized tutoring service. It’s a great choice if you need more time to complete the course and to become comfortable with the psychotherapy content provided by a smaller PMHNP course prep review program.

6. Barkley Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Course

Barkley & Associates prides itself on being the only certification institute with an educational background. Offering live certification review and clinical update courses since 1998, Dr. Barkley brings unrivaled teaching and content methods to his program.

Course Features:

Barkley’s educational background offers over 27 live certification reviews that you can access via live programs or opt for home study programs. Choose the live class option and get a  Diagnostic Readiness Test.

  • Most updated comprehensive manual designed by faculty
  • Easy-to-use guide to transition through lectures
  • Intense and informative on-hands classroom learning
  • Diagnostic readiness test (to gauge areas of concern)
  • Audio and video streaming and learning access


  • Designed by education experts
  • Pass prep and guarantee
  • Item 3


  • Live dates are limited
  • Many add-on costs

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Barkley offers you a unique live class format in several states, which benefits students. You can also access post-exam education tools. Overall, Barkley is a great choice for live class learning.

#7 The Pass Formula PMHNP Practice Questions

Pass Formula PMHNP-BC Practice Questions

The Pass Formula team consists of consultants, writers, and tech teams that created a review prep program with revered healthcare professionals. Its QBank is a newer option for students to explore and comes with a tuition refund guarantee.

Course Features:

The Pass Formula includes a free lecture. It provides exam and study tips, and teaches critical thinking methods. The review concentrates the appropriate amount and 1000+ Qbank on the five areas of practice: scientific foundation, advanced practice skills, diagnosis and treatment, psychotherapy, and ethics and legalities.


  • One year of online access
  • Ability to earn additional credits
  • Moneyback guarantee and free trial


  • No success data
  • New to market
  • iOS and Android app has a 2.1 rating

Bottom Line

The Pass Formula offers a comprehensive PMHNP review course, however 3rd party reviews point to some glaring technical issues. We only recommend using The Pass Formula as a companion for extra study material to a full review course such as Rosh Review.

8. Pocket Prep Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Course

Pocket Prep PMHNP Review Course Online

Anyone researching the best PMHNP Review course is bound to come across Pocket Prep and wonder about this innovative learning tool. In a nutshell, Pocket Prep and its tech team design and build superior exam prep programs.

Course Features:

It’s highly portable and perfect for self-motivated students. They have 1000 study questions, can zero in on area of study, flag questions, and track performance. It offers a quick 10-question quiz, a question of the day, and redirects to weak performance areas.


  • Free to download and try, 4.6 app store rating
  • Learn on the go with their mobile 1st design
  • Build your own quiz feature, and weakest subject quiz
  • Analytics on your results to show you where you need to focus


  • Limited resources compared to other courses
  • Designed by tech experts, not Nurse Practitioners

Bottom Line

Pocket Prep is that it’s a great tool to help you learn and study on the go. It’s a wonderful extra to supplement your prep course. While Pocket Prep is a great concept, we feel it’s not suitable for everyone. 

9. APRN World PMHNP Review Course

APRN World strives to be the education and certification platform that maximizes technology and student individuality. Easily accessible from anywhere, and tailor-made packages to suit a student’s budget.

Course Features:

APRN World has a monthly, 6-month, and 2-year subscription offer. The curriculum (not verified) follows the ANCC board certification review standards.


  • Three packages
  • Online and live learning options


  • Vague platform and course information
  • Convoluted text describing course outline
  • No backup data or faculty support
  • No supporting material available to understand the PMHNP exam
  • Dashboard seems incomplete
  • No supporting stats for its success rate

Bottom Line

APRN World defines our bottom line. Everyone has different expectations of an authentic course review prep program. APRN fails our expectations. Transparency and access to information on a navigational dashboard is the first step to reaching clients. For our review purposes, this website is an epic fail and raises our suspicion about authenticity.

General PMHNP Information

Being prepared and confident in your ability to pass the ANCC Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) board certification examination is vital. 

The entry-level skill test on clinical knowledge and practical applications works in tandem with the Consensus Model designed by APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses) Regulations.

You have 3.5 hours to answer the 150 questions in the exam. The additional 25 pre-test questions don’t count toward your score. The pressure and your practice time with the PMHNP review course are immense. (Effective April 2023, you will need to answer 125 exam questions and 25 pretest questions.)

If you need to retest, you must wait 60 days. You can retest only three times a year. Being a member of ANA (American Nurses Association) saves on the exam certification fee.

To receive your certification, you must pass the PMHNP certification exam and receive your PHHNP-BC credentials to practice in the field.

The PMHNP-BC is valid for a five-year term. You must maintain your license by meeting the ANCC’s standard requirements.

Once you receive your PMHNP-BC certification, contact the ANCC. It would be a shame to waste all that education and money and not complete the entire process.


Our review is to help you make the best decision for your circumstances. We feel confident that the RoshReview is the overall best choice for PMHNP-BC candidates. It provides all the necessities for you to achieve your goal.

Furthermore, the ANCC is an invaluable resource and offers a free test introduction where you can test your skill set.


We want you to have all the information, so we gathered some common questions and respective answers.

How to pass the PMHNP exam?

The easy answer is to study hard. The correct answer is to have a PMHNP study guide. Choose a PMHNP prep review course that works for you, and build your psychotherapy knowledge and practical confidence. Your best resource is the purple book, the 2020 addendum.

How much does the PMHNP exam cost?

Non-members of the ANA pay $395, and members pay $295. Other associations receive certain discounts.

How many people pass the PMHNP exam?

According to the 2021 ANCC certification data, 87% of entrants passed the exam.

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