Best AGACNP Review Course

Best AGACNP Review Course

Top AGACNP Exam Prep Courses

[From an Analysis of 14 Study Materials]

The Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) exam is a critical step for nurses aspiring to specialize in acute care for adult and elderly populations. Like the bar exam for attorneys, the AGACNP exam is a rigorous assessment of the skills and knowledge required for excellence in this advanced practice role. Thorough preparation is essential, and an AGACNP exam prep course can be a pivotal tool in reviewing key concepts and honing test-taking strategies to enhance your chances of passing. Our guide to the best AGACNP review courses is designed to assist you in selecting the program that best aligns with your learning style and goals.

Our dedicated research team evaluated approximately 14 AGACNP study materials. Our selection for the top AGACNP review course, Rosh Review, was determined after a comprehensive review of each provider based on criteria such as the breadth of content covered, the variety of available course formats, the depth of study materials, and the accessibility of instructor support. We also incorporated feedback from past students to gauge the practical value of each course.

Ultimately, we identified eight standout courses that we confidently recommend. Each of these courses caters to a wide range of jurisdictions and offers flexible learning options, including self-paced and online formats, ensuring accessibility regardless of your location. While Rosh Review stood out as our preferred choice, your individual requirements and financial considerations might lead you to one of the other recommended courses.

Explore our detailed reviews below to understand the offerings of each company and determine which is the most suitable for your AGACNP exam preparation.

Comprehensive List of AGACNP Review Courses for Consideration

Below are our top eight AGACNP exam prep courses, followed by the other 14 programs we reviewed. Click through the links to explore the courses available and read our insights on each of the top contenders.

1. RoshReview AGACNP Review Course

RoshReview AGACNP Review Course

The RoshReview AGACNP board exam is the best AGACNP review course on this list because it offers three study packages. 

Course Features

  • The basic course package gives you the virtual version of the AGACNP certification.
  • The standard tier gives you a 1,100-question practice test, 100 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME credits, and a Frances Guide Qbank (question bank) that includes 250 questions.
  • The premium tier provides basic and standard features plus a Pharmacology CME Qbank that includes 150 questions and a Peak Performance Course. 

The Pros

  • Multiple Study Packages: Rosh Review offers three different study packages, allowing users to choose the one that best fits their study needs and time frame, with options for 30 days, 90 days, or a full year of access.
  • Mobile App: A dedicated smartphone app is available, making it convenient for users to study on the go.
  • Educator Support: On-call educators are available to assist students, which can be very helpful when you need clarification or additional help with study material.
  • Pass Guarantee: Rosh Review provides a pass guarantee, which can give students additional confidence in the effectiveness of the course.
  • Personal Analytics Dashboard: The course includes a personal analytics dashboard that helps students identify their strengths and areas that need improvement.

The Cons

  • Limited Duration: Access to the study material is limited to the duration of the package purchased (30 days, 90 days, or one year), which may not be sufficient for all learners.
  • No Live Instruction Options: Unlike some other like Fitzgerald, there is no option of live instruction or interactive components, which could be a downside for those who benefit from a more engaging learning experience.
Bottom line
The Rosh Review AGACNP prep course is highly regarded for its comprehensive content, flexible learning options, and supportive features. However, potential users should consider their budget and preferred learning style when choosing the right package for their needs.

2. BoardVitals AGACNP Review Course

BoardVitals AGACNP Review Course

BoardVitals has one of the best AGACNP review course materials available for online learning with four study tiers. 

Course Features

  • The free trial feature gives you the most recent AGACNP certification questions, rationales, and an ANCC exam blueprint. 
  • Cram, Prepare, and Master tiers give you 1,850 study questions in practice exams. 

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this course.

  • Can inquire a clinician for assistance while studying.
  • Mobile app. 
  • Questions are almost like what’s on the exam. 
  • Compare your progress to the national average.  
  • Timed practice exams. 
  • The practice exam costs are extra as an add-on for the Cram, Prepare, and Master tiers. 
bottom line
The Prepare or Master tiers are your best bets for securing the 100% pass guarantee as you devote more time to studying for the AGACNP exam. 

3. Mometrix AGACNP Course Online

Mometrix AGACNP Course Online

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Mometrix AGACNP course grants you access to different types of best AGACNP review course practice tests. 

Course Features

  • 700 unique questions to vary your test prep experience. 
  • 100 instructional video lessons.
  • 118 virtual lessons that enforce what you learn in the AGACNP study guide. 
  • 570 virtual flashcards to learn for recertification on the go. 
  • Four different practice tests.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this course.

  • Mark lessons as complete. 
  • Retake lessons as needed. 
  • Take quizzes after lessons. 
  • Read the bonus guides for study tips. 
  • Outlines topics in the course before you make your purchase. 
  • The money-back-guarantee is only for up to seven days after the original course purchase. 
  • Only one tier is available, unlike the other courses that have multiple study package tiers. 
Bottom Line
The Mometrix AGACNP review course includes hours of study content for a low monthly price. They by far are the best value when preparing for the AGACNP.

5. Fitzgerald AGACNP Certification Review

Fitzgerald AGACNP certification review course sometimes offers sales on their four educational tier packages. The tiers are Basic, Premier, Ultimate, and Premier Plus. 

Course Features

  • Basic: 48-hour live stream certification review class, MP3 file of course review, printed workbook, a 150-question exam for practicing. 
  • Premier: Everything in the basic version plus Advanced Practice Nursing for Older Adults review, Ferri’s Best Test, and Medical Imaging review.
  • Ultimate: Everything in basic and premier tiers plus live stream instruction from expert Nurse Practitioners
  • Premier Plus: Everything in other tiers plus Livestream access, online course review, and more study resources not in other tiers. 

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this review course.

  • Offers recorded lectures and MP3 files for visual and auditory learners. 
  • Printed workbook for hands-on learning. 
  • Fitzgerald Pass Guarantee for every tier. 
  • Learn on-the-go,
  • Live instruction from nurse practitioners, but not for Premier subscribers. 
  • Higher prices. 

Bottom Line
While you can purchase the study materials separately, get the best value by buying one of the experience packages instead. 

5. Springer Publishing Adult Gerontology Acute Care Review Course

Springer Publishing AGNP certification grants you the best value with its fourth edition intensive review for only $100. 

Course Features

  • 800 unique practice questions.
  • Four whole practice tests to get prepared
  • A pass guarantee from Springer Publishing.
  • Leik also provides test-taking tips and a comprehensive study guide

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Springer Publishing AGACNP review course. 

  • Content comes from Maria Leik, an industry leader. 
  • Same price for online access only and print and online access. 
  • Access a seven-day free trial of the digital course. 
  • All digital access purchases allow you to review course content for six months. 
  • Not as many study resources as other review courses on this list. 
  • Not as many features for print Express Review. 
  • Must repurchase course for digital access beyond six months. 
Bottom Line
Maria Leik’s AGACNP review course content is detailed but the course overall lacks some of the features other providers such as Rosh Review do for the exam.

6. APRN World AGNP-C or AGPCNP- BC Certification Review

The three study packages for the APRN World AGNP-C or AGPCNP-BC examinations come with a pass guarantee.  

Course Features

  • The two-year study package is the best value per month at $10.37 versus the one-month package at $24.99. 
  • Receive comprehensive study preparation to slowly prepare you for certifying or recertifying for the AGACNP certification with the two-year study package.
  • Four practice tests.  

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of this course. 

  • All tiers come with a pass guarantee. 
  • Lower costs. 
  • Discount code field available at checkout
  • Approved and guided via the top industry associations. 
  • Not a thorough description of study resources on the page. 
  • Does not state how many unique questions are available. 
Bottom Line
All the practice questions and course material comes from recent updates via the American Nurse Credentialing Center and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. 

7. Barkley & Associates AGACNP Review Course

Barkley & Associates Inc. hosts an AGACNP live review course in different towns. Most are available in Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, D.C., Illinois, and Alabama. 

Course Features

  • Two-day in-person courses.
  • Each course includes a readiness test and course manual.
  • Gain access to online-streaming videos for three months after the two-day course experience. 

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons. 

  • Mixes in-person and online instruction for a comprehensive study experience.
  • Collaboration with peers during the live course. 
  • Costs less when you book during the Early Bird period. 
  • Barkley & Associates Inc has 20 years of experience offering AGACNP live review courses.
  • Wait until the live course is available near you, or be willing to travel out of town. 
  • Not available in all 50 states of America. 
  • Textbooks cost extra. 
Bottom Line
For those who prefer live instruction, these live courses are a great way to plan for preparing for AGACNP recertification.

8. Advanced Practice Education Associates AGACNP Review Course

The Advanced Practice Education Associates (APEA) provides a video or audio AGACNP certification course.

Course Features

  • The Video course is $25 less than the audio course, costing only $375. 
  • Do audio or video-watching of 15 recorded lectures related to the course material. 
  • View the supporting PowerPoint slides alongside audio or video. 
  • There are 200 study questions for exam review. 

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the APEA AGACNP review course.

  • Features the best names in the adult gerontology industry, including Leanne H. Fowler, AGACNP-BC, APRN, CNE, DNP, and MBA.
  • Questions inspired by the guidance of AACN and ANCC. 
  • Receive a certificate for the 23.5 contact hours (or 13 pharmacology ones). 
  • Access content on the APEA website or app. 
  • Course evaluation must be done in six months. 
  • APEA will not pay return shipping charges if you petition for a course refund. 
Bottom Line
You can go through the course twice in six months after purchase. As a Certified Nurse Practitioner, the contact hours certificate will enhance your career portfolio. 

AGACNP Exam Information

AGACNP stands for Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. It is a certification program in which aspiring nurses must study and pass examinations to properly serve the needs of elderly patients to guide them in independent living

Once a candidate passes all the examinations for this certification program, they are an AGACNP-BC individual, which stands for Adult-Gerontology Acute Nurse Practitioner Board-Certified. 

When a candidate receives the credential, it is valid for five years before they must renew it. 

Buyer’s Guide

To find the best AGACNP review course, it should have these features:

  • Material from a leading doctor or nurse practitioner in the industry. 
  • Or questions inspired by the guidance of AACN or ANCC. 
  • A variety of study materials to enforce content learning. 
  • Course review allows you to contact educators or clinicians for thorough explanations.
  • Practice questions should have detailed rationales. 


Congratulations! You are on your way to AGACNP certification for the first time or to recertifying. Sign up for the best AGACNP review course available online or in-person today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner review courses.  

How do I pass the AGACNP exam?

Plan and discover the best review course for you. Study at least a couple of hours daily in 20 to 30-minute spurts to retain information. Review practice questions while studying and review their detailed rationales to enforce your understanding. 

How much does the AGACNP cost?

The AGACNP can cost anywhere between $300 to $400, depending on your membership or student status with ANCC. 

How many people pass the AGACNP exam?

In 2021, out of the 3,355 people that took the AGACNP exam, 2,909 individuals passed. Hence, 86% of test takers passed in 2021. 

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James Edge

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