Best CNA Study Guides 2024

Best CNA Study Guides

Each year, more than 9,877 people fail the CNA exam. They have to put off “living their dream” in this highly profitable industry.

By delaying your career, you could lose $12,000, $27,000, $53,000 (or more) in salary!

The only way you can ensure that you pass the first time is using top notch study materials.

Don’t be blindsided going into the exam.

Read our comparison below for the best CNA Study Guides available for 2024.

1. Mometrix University CNA Study Guide

Currently, the best choice available for nursing students preparing for their exams online is Mometrix University. This company offers study materials for a variety of trades in the healthcare industry, and their CNA prep course is yet another well-made and multifaceted educational resource to help you pass on your first try.

Mometrix University Features

  • 400+ practice questions
  • 300+ digital flashcards
  • 6 full-length practice exams
  • 40 text lessons with detailed graphs
  • Money-back guarantee

Mometrix CNA Study Guide Online Course

  • Visual Aids: In order to break up the dense concepts covered in their study texts, Mometrix University includes several high-quality images that effectively illustrate the underlying concepts. These include charts, graphs, and diagrams to break up larger text passages.
  • Balanced Study Schedule: Although some online CNA study courses offer larger libraries of practice questions and flashcards, the content included with this course is succinct enough to save you time while still imparting the most relevant information. This means you won’t have to rush through all the content in order to quickly prepare for your exam date— even if you only have a few months to go.
  • Free: With Mometrix’s money-back guarantee, you can cancel your enrollment within seven days for any reason and receive a full refund. This essentially means you can have a full week of studying for free— although it’s more likely that you’ll stick around for the full experience.

Bottom Line: With Mometrix University, you can expect to be adequately prepared for your exams and post-certification job duties after studying with their curriculum of web-based and mobile-friendly content.



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2. CNA Plus Academy CNA Study Guide

This mobile and tablet-friendly nursing assistant course is intended for aspiring nursing assistants who are on their first attempt. But thanks to the pass guarantee included with this course, repeat test takers can benefit from this feature to ensure they never have to take the exam again!

CNA Plus Academy Features

  • 700+ practice questions
  • 23 practice tests
  • 300 digital flashcards  
  • Challenge Bank personalized study schedule
  • Pass guarantee

  • Challenge Bank: One way that CNA Plus Academy drills you on nursing knowledge is by building a custom bank of practice questions based on your performance. These Challenge Banks are made up of the most difficult questions for you to answer, which offers a quick way to structure your next study session for maximum effectiveness.
  • Pro – Practice Tests: Out of all the courses listed here, this one has the largest collection of full-length practice exams. This is a great feature for nursing students prone to pre-exam anxiety; taking realistic exam simulations multiple times can be a huge confidence booster!

  • No Videos: When it comes to online education, one of the most popular forms of instruction for many students is video lectures and presentations. Unfortunately, CNA Plus Academy doesn’t offer any lecture content or video materials to supplement the rest of their curriculum.

Bottom Line: If you have a lot of anxiety before taking an exam, CNA Plus Academy is a helpful way to relieve your stress through repetitive practice. In fact, that’s what the course is built entirely around providing, which makes it one of the most effective online resources for nursing assistants today.

3. Elite Medical Academy CNA Prep Course

If you’re looking for an affordable and stress-free study resource for your assistant nursing exam, Elite Medical Academy is a great fit. This course includes several helpful video lessons — as well as unique video practice exams — for less than $100.

Elite Medical Academy Features

  • 20+ video lessons and video practice exams
  • Downloadable study guides for offline learning
  • 24/7 live support from instructors
  • 6-month money back guarantee

  • Video-Focused: Most of your time spent with this online nursing assistant course will be spent working through video lessons and video practice exams. The latter is especially interesting because you won’t see this type of study tool in any other course on this list!
  • Live Support: One of the many helpful features included with Elite Medical Academy is live support from your instructors, which can clear up any issues with the course itself or help you understand a specific concept that you may struggle with. 

  • Florida Only: The certificate of completion included at the end of this course is only valid in the state of Florida, so this is really only a viable option if you plan on working in that state. Otherwise, you would be far better off working with Mometrix instead.

Bottom Line: If you’re a Florida resident looking to quickly become a nursing assistant, Elite Medical Academy has the ideal library of video-based study tools to help you cross the finish line and start working quickly.

4. ExamEdge CNA Practice Questions

There’s only one reason why you would want to use ExamEdge for your nursing assistant test prep— to practice taking the exam in realistic conditions over one hundred times. This is the best platform for accomplishing this goal, and every aspect of its design is based around making you a test-taking expert.

ExamEdge Features

  • 1,400+ practice questions
  • 1-20 practice tests with 4 retakes each
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Pass guarantee

  • Teaches For The Test: ExamEdge is focused entirely on helping you pass the exam, with little emphasis placed on continuing education or on-the-job training. This means you won’t have any fluff when using it to study; it’s like a cram school or bootcamp with similarly impressive results.
  • Answers Explained: If you get a question wrong, take a look at the answer explanations included with ExamEdge’s practice exams. These are incredibly detailed and do a great job illustrating the justification behind each answer, which will ensure you confidently understand the meaning of each problem once it’s time for you to take the actual CMA exam.

  • Limited Focus: With ExamEdge, you don’t get flashcards, video lessons, or live support— just practice exams that can be taken a maximum of four times each. This is great if it’s all you want when studying, but it lacks a big-picture focus you could otherwise get from Mometrix University.

Bottom Line: Practice makes perfect, and the practice tests with ExamEdge are the perfect way to ensure you’re fully prepared to ace your nursing assistant certification and start working quickly!

More CNA Study Guides!

These aren’t as good as the four courses listed above, but they’re still worth considering if you need a little extra help before taking the exam.

Exam Cram – CNA Study Guide

Exam Cram’s book offers a text-based study routine with text passages outlining important topics, broken up with practice questions you can use to test your knowledge of these concepts. It’s kind of like a condensed and highly portable version of a larger prep course. 


Trivium Test Prep CNA Study Guide

In addition to providing practice questions and illustrations to enhance the text passages explaining CNA exam concepts, Trivium’s CNA study guide also includes several helpful test-taking tips that can improve your academic performance on exam day. 


Learning Express CNA Study Guides

The most significant feature included with this book from Learning Express is six full-length practice exams that closely mimic the actual CNA test. However, it also includes information on becoming a nursing assistant from beginning to end, so it’s a great all-in-one career resource.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re curious about becoming a nursing assistant, check out these answers to some frequently asked questions!

How much does a CNA make?

Nursing assistants have annual salaries between $29,000 and $36,000 according to However, a CNA salary can be over $40,000 a year— which makes it appealing to pursue this certification if you’re interested in a high-paying nurse career.

How do I become a CNA?

Requirements for becoming certified as a nursing assistant will vary depending on the state in which you are planning to work. However, most jurisdictions require you to complete a training program with a set hour length and then pass the CNA exam.

What does a CNA do?

Certified Nursing Assistants work with Registered Nurses as assistants, providing help wherever necessary. This can include physical care like disinfecting wounds, but it also involves some psychology to assist patients who may be experiencing heightened emotions during a medical emergency.

How do I pass the CNA skills test?

The best way to ensure that you pass your certification exam and become a Nursing Assistant is by enrolling in an online CNA test prep course. Some of the best options include Mometrix University and CNA Plus Academy, which offer a wide range of study materials to prepare you for both the exam and your future nursing career.

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