Best HESI A2 Study Guide

Best Hesi A2 Study Guides

The HESI A2 exam is an admission assessment exam for nursing schools. The HESI admission assessment exam is long and intense, so you must do extensive test prep to pass the HESI exam. 

Therefore, finding the best Hesi A2 prep course is key to having the best chance of passing the test. 

5 Best HESI A2 Study Guides Compared for 2024

  1. Mometrix University Hesi A2 Study guide
  2. Hesi A2 Prep Course
  3. ExamEdge Hesi A2 Practice Questions
  4. Pocket Prep Hesi A2 Study Guide
  5. BoostPrep Hesi A2 Prep Course

Without further ado, here are our reviews of the five best HESI A2 study guides and prep courses.

1. Mometrix HESI A2 Study Guide

Mometrix Hesi A2 Prep Course
9Expert Score
Mometrix Hesi A2 Study Guide

Mometrix University’s Hesi A2 prep course includes everything you need to pass on your first try. They provide top notch lessons, practice questions, videos, and flashcards all developed by nursing experts who have taken the same exam and passed.
They not only help you learn relevant information and retain it, but they also provide users with tips and tricks for choosing the right answer when you are unsure. 


Course Features: 

  • 2,650 Interactive HESI A2 practice questions
  • 150 Video lessons
  • 188 Step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Instant Access
  • 325 Hesi flashcards
  • Tracking sheets to monitor progress
  • Thoroughly researched content
  • Organized images, graphs, and data for easy comprehension
  • Tips and tricks for understanding questions
  • Hundreds of multiple-choice practice questions
  • Unlimited and prompt customer service
  • Answer speed monitoring
  • Advice for 24 hours before the test
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid


  • Progress tracking capabilities
  • Low subscription prices
  • Comprehensive and detailed Hesi A2 practice questions
  • A modern interface and up-to-date information
  • Written by HESI A2 test experts
Bottom Line
Momentrix is the most comprehensive and focused Hesi prep class for this exam, and almost everyone who utilizes this resource to its full potential passes the HESI A2 exam.
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2. HESI Exam Prep Hesi A2 Review Course
8.5Expert Score Hesi A2 Study Guide is a robust resource for nurses at every stage of their education and career. The courses and study guides are developed by real nurses who had to take these exams, so does more than prepare you for the test. 
This Hesi review course also prepare you for your nursing career. With hundreds of study plans, cheat sheets, notes, and thousands of practice questions, the course is a wealth of information. 


Course Features: 

  • Over 350 nursing cheat sheets
  • Over 150 nursing care plans
  • Over 300 mnemonic devices for retention
  • Printable Cornell method lesson notes
  • Access to 8 ebooks
  • Free Hesi A2 practice test trial period
  • NCLEX simulation
  • Over 7,000 multiple-choice practice questions
  • Helpful test-taking strategies and tips
  • Personalized study plans
  • Comprehensive topic coverage


  • Taught by real nurses
  • Low subscription cost
  • High pass rate
  • Positive reviews
  • Helpful community of test-takers


  • Overwhelming amount of content at times
Bottom Line
If you can remain calm in the sea of information in this course, it’s a brilliant study method. But you have to make peace with the fact you likely won’t be able to review and answer every question they supply students with.

ExamEdge HESI Study Materials

6.5Expert Score
Exam Edge Hesi A2 Study Guide

Compared to Mometrix, ExamEdge is rather expensive, charging for each practice test. However, the practice tests hold your hand through each question and answer, helping you understand your weak and strong points so you can study more efficiently. 
While they don’t have any study materials aside from practice tests, these tests can psychologically prepare you for the real thing.


Course Features: 

  • 1-40 practice tests
  • Closely mimics the actual exam
  • Helpful test-taking tips and tricks
  • Thousands of multiple-choice questions
  • Detailed explanations of each question and answer
  • Unique questions on every test
  • Updated annually
  • Three testing modes (timed, untimed, explained)


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Extensive practice tests
  • Bonus practice tests
  • Detailed explanations
  • Can retake tests to improve a score


  • Only practice tests, no guides
  • Not the best primary study resource
Bottom Line
While this Hesi A2 course has thousands of practice questions that can prepare you, they don’t have the added study materials and test-taking tips other prep courses such as offers. 
This option is great, only if you just want to practice answering questions and improving your score.

PocketPrep HESI A2 Mobile Practice Tests

Pocket Prep Hesi A2 Study Materials
6Expert Score
Pocket Prep Hesi A2 Study Guide

While most prep courses have mobile apps or mobile capabilities, none compare to the PocketPrep course, which is the ideal course for someone on the go, as PocketPrep aims to make studying and guides as accessible as possible. 
The questions are pulled from previous exams, so it’s similar to taking the real test, but you can take short quizzes or design your own, allowing you to control your study habits more than other prep courses. 
PocketPrep focuses on helping people find the weak spots in their knowledge they need to work on and identify their strengths that need less attention.


Course Features: 

  • 1,475 practice questions
  • Breakdown of progress in different sections
  • Impeccable mobile design
  • Quick 10-question quizzes
  • Opportunity to revisit wrong answers
  • Weakest subject quizzes
  • Timed or untimed tests
  • Customizable tests and quizzes
  • Offers bites of information for easy digestion


  • Excellent mobile capabilities
  • Customizable study plans
  • Similar to the actual exam
  • Intuitive design platform


  • Lacks in-depth explanations
  • Reuses multiple-choice questions
Bottom Line
The PocketPrep course is the best option for students who are constantly on the go. This study course is the most mobile-friendly option if you want to study while commuting. 
However, the repetitive questions may not prepare you for the full range of information. But it’s ideal for someone who just wants a feel for the test format and expectations.

BoostPrep HESI A2 Online Prep Courses

5Expert Score
BoostPrep Hesi A2 Study Guide

BoostPrep doesn’t focus on helping you gather study materials or learn the information. Instead, they strictly create practice tests nearly identically to the actual exam, so there won’t be any surprises on test day. 
They use expert tutors to craft questions and design exams using the most up-to-date information. They only require a one-time payment for 6-month access.


Course Features:

  • In-depth study guides
  • Up-to-date questions
  • 24 full-length practice exams
  • Exact format as the actual exam


  • Mimics the real exam
  • Guarantee you will pass
  • Easy one-time payment
  • 6-month access


  • Lack of customization
  • Only practice tests
Bottom Line
If you’ve done your studying and want to dive into the real test, this is the best resource. If you want to practice, practice, practice answering questions and improving your score, BoostPrep helps you do exactly that.

General Exam Information

The HESI A2 exam is the Health Educations Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment. It’s also called the Evolve Reach Admissions Assessment. It’s a nursing school entrance exam. 

The test can differ slightly depending on the nursing school but generally involves five test areas: reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, mathematics, and anatomy/psychology.

Some schools also administer a personality assessment that will not affect your score. It asks questions about what environments and methods are conducive to your learning.

Most students finish around four hours. It is a multiple-choice test with over 300 questions. You must take all HESI A2 exams in person.

The test is scored on a scale running from 750 to 900, so it is not a pass/fail test. However, every nursing school has different score requirements for acceptance. 

Therefore, using one of the best Hesi A2 prep courses is important while you study for the example. 


Not everyone has the same study style, so not every prep course is suited to each student. 

However, this list offers options conducive to all study strategies, whether you want to test yourself or be guided through questions and answers. 

With one of these stellar HESI A2 prep courses, you’re guaranteed to pass!


Below are common questions concerning the best Hesi A2 prep courses and the Hesi A2 exam.

How can I pass the exam HESI A2?

The best way to pass the HESI A2 exam on your first try is to study and prepare as thoroughly as possible. Take practice tests, time yourself, use flashcards, and read over past HESI A2 questions.

How much does exam HESI A2 cost?

It usually costs about $50, but it can range from $30 to $110.

How many people pass exam HESI A2?

It’s estimated to be about a 50/50 split. However, students tend to pass more frequently on their second attempt.

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