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Passing your MCAT test requires that you use the right study courses and other resources. Choosing a course that suits your needs can be a little tricky. You have to consider a number of factors such as flexibility, cost, course relevance and accessibility, and intense subject coverage, among other things. All these issues bring us to the Kaplan MCAT Review course. We are going to find out why Kaplan is the right one for your MCAT test prep. But first let’s check out some little background information on Kaplan.

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Who are Kaplan MCAT Test Prep Providers?

Kaplan Inc. is a corporation founded in 1938, and whose core mandate is to provide test preparation resources such as courses, study books and practice tests to students. The company is actually named after its founder Stanley Kaplan. This tutoring organization aids students to prepare and pass their official exams. Some of the tests whose study resources Kaplan provides include MCAT, LSAT, NCLEX, SAT, and GRE, among others.

Kaplan MCAT Review Course

Why Use Kaplan Test Prep for Your MCAT Test Preparation?

Having provided test prep materials for almost 80 years now, Kaplan Test Prep Review, also called Kaptest, is without doubt among the best MCAT test prep resource providers around. Take a look at reasons why you should opt for Kaplan to help you prepare for your medical school entrance exam:


Many Years of Tutoring Experience

When it comes to experience, Kaplan speaks for itself. 80 years of tutoring and providing other study materials isn’t something to be ignored.


Kaplan offers you a number of packages to choose from. You can pick the schedule that suits you most. The various packages include In-Person, Live Online, Tutoring, Winter Intensive, Summer Intensive and Self-Paced courses. Each of these packages comes at different rates. This allows you to purchase one that you can afford.

Value for Your Money

Considering that Kaplan’s courses are very intensive and covers all course subjects and topics comprehensively, you get value for what you pay. In fact their opening line on their Home Page reads ‘More live instructions than anyone else.’ And this is so true. Looking at the price for each course may make you feel like they are too pricey. But that is not the case. Kaplan gives you great study resources and at the end, the value that you get cannot be compared to the price you pay. These are their packages and cost for each:

• Self-pacedcourse has both the normal Self-Paced that goesfor $1999, and the Self-Paced Plus going for $2499

• In-person prepcourse costs $2499for the normal In-Personpackage and $2999 for the In-person Plus.

• Live OnlineCourse consists of Live Online at $2499 andLive Online Plus at $2999.

• The Tutoring packagehas the online Tutoring course at $3999 for 15 hours, $4899 for 25 hours and$5799 for 35 hours.  For the In-Personoption, you have to call and inquire its availability near you and the cost.

• The WinterIntensive Live Online will cost you $6999

• The SummerIntensive In-Person is available in Austin, Atlanta and San Diego.The regular package consisting of tuition alone costs $9499 in each of the threeStates. There is also a package with both tuition and accommodation. This onecosts you $12,999 in both Atlanta and Austin and $13,499 in San Diego.

• You will also have an accessto the best and most effective course planner to help you plan your study timewell.

Comprehensive Science Review Videos

Most people find difficulty in understanding Science-related concepts and solving Science problems. Kaplan has a total of over 130 videos in each course specially dedicated for Science subjects. If you have a challenge with Sciences, then this is definitely a plus prep resource for you.

Study Guide Books and Additional Test Prep Materials

Kaplan has 7 study books and flashcards that cover all the MCAT test content and topics. The books include ‘The MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2019-2010’ and ‘The MCAT 528 Advanced Prep 2019- 2024.’ The other resources are the 1000 MCAT Mobile Flashcards that cover terms, definitions as well as concepts for each subject. With the portable flashcards, you can easily understand and master the test material.

Practice Tests

Each of the courses comes with 15 practice tests that are full-length. This will help you practice as you learn, and at the end, you will know how ready you are for your test.

Practice Packs

Kaplan has four study pack options. They are The Practice Exam at $299, the Video pack for Science Review at $299, and the Passage Question Pack at $299. Alternatively, you can go for the all-in-one self-study bundle consisting of all these study packages and goes for $849.

Adaptive MCAT QBank

If you prefer personalized practice, then this is for you. The adaptive Qbank allows you to prepare your own customized quizzes from the over 2000 available practice questions. All these are designed to meet your prep requirements. It is designed to monitor your performance as you answer questions. It can then recommend topics and quizzes that you still need to work on based on your performance. This helps you to gain confidence and skills with every quiz you answer. You will have to pay $49/month for this test prep resource.

Premium Coaching

Kaplan provides you withpersonalized help to aid you in finding the best study options, understandingthe medical school admission process, and how to take and pass interviews.  This package has two MCAT options, the PremiumConsulting and the Premium Consulting Plus. The regular option will cost you$2999, while you have to pay $4999 for the Premium Consulting Plus option. ThePlus option comes with added resources such as a course, 3 complete hours ofone-on-one MCAT coaching, and an access to MCAT Channel that is unlimited. Get our best tips on passing the MCAT here.

MCAT Channel

Enrolling in a live instruction class or any of the Plus options gives you access to the Channel. This MCAT Channel has live sessions that you can access 6 days a week and anytime you want. The sessions last for 15-20 hours per week. The channel allows you to browse different topics and pick the ones you would want to focus on.

Having gone through the above reasons one by one, you can clearly see why the Kaplan Review prep test plan would be the right choice for you. It is flexible and offers you many course options to choose from.


Kaplan MCAT Test Prep vs. Princeton MCAT Review, Which one is Which?

Both the Kaplan Test Prep and Princeton MCAT Review have offered testprep resources for many years. This makes it a little difficult to exactlypinpoint which one is better than the other. That notwithstanding, each ofthese options have got some clear similarities and differences when consideredfrom a number perspectives.

Keep reading for our quick comparison. If you want all the details of Kaplan vs. Princeton Review click here.

Let’s find out what Kaplan MCAT Test Prep and Princeton MCAT Review have in common here below:

• They have a number of coursepackages that allow you to choose one that goes with your schedule. Theyinclude Live Online, In-Person, Winter, Summer, and Tutoring. There is also thePremium Consulting package for Kaplan and the Admission Counselling package forPrinceton Review which offer more or less of the same things.

• They both consist of premium courseoptions, study eBooks, and other test prep resources. Also for both, eachcourse comes with 15 practice questions that are full-length.

• Each one of them has a Summer coursePackage going for $9499.

• For both, should you requireany extra online help besides the core courses, then you will have to pay. Theextras are not free of charge even after purchasing any of the training packages.

What are their Differences?

• Experience: Kaplan Test Prep has beenaround for about 80 years now, while Princeton Review is now at their 37thyear of providing MCAT test prep resources. Kaplan has a longer experience.

• Adaptive Qbank and Practice Packs

Kaplan Test Prep includes the adaptive Qbank option that helps you customize your quizzes and the practice packs that offer you different packages for practice. This ensures that you are well-equipped for your MCAT test. Princeton Review does not have these options.

• Flashcards: You get mobile flashcardswith Kaplan Test Prep, while Princeton Review has none.

• EBooks: You will have access to a completeset of 7 books with Kaplan Prep, while Princeton Review prep offers you 11books in all. The Kaplan eBooks consist of more than 10,000 practice tests. See our comparison of the best MCAT prep books here.

• Science Review Videos: Besidescomprehensive video courses covering all subjects, Kaplan MCAT Test Prep also hasScience review videos specifically designed to help you pass your Science-basedsubjects. Princeton Review has videos covering all the subjects only and nonededicated to a particular subject field.

• Tutoring Program: Kaplan Private Tutoringcourse is cheaper compared to the Princeton Review’s. For Kaplan’s you pay amaximum of $5999, but for Princeton Review, you’ll have to pay a staggeringprice of $11,000 for a course that takes you 60 hours.

• Self-paced Course: The Kaplan’sself-paced course has two options. They are the regular self-paced and theself-paced plus. On the other hand, Princeton Review offers only one regularself-paced course.

Here is a table giving a summary of the Kaplan MCAT Test Prep vs. the PrincetonReview MCAT courses

Available Options

Kaplan Test Prep

Princeton Review

Course Formats Self-paced, Live Online, Tutoring, Winter Intensive (Online) and Summer Intensive (In-Person) Self-paced, Live Online, Tutoring, Winter Bootcamp, and Summer Immersion
Experience Up to 80 years About 37 years
Most Popular In-Person Live Online
EBooks 7 11
Adaptive Qbank Available Not Available
Flashcards Available Not Available
Practice Tests 15 15
Course Planner Available Not Available
Topic Focus Package Available None
Course Availability Expires after 9 months Available till end of Live Session Month

Final Thoughts

Comparing the two, it is easy to pick out the best MCAT test Prepoption. For me, the Princeton Review MCAT takes it all. This is because of their long tutoringexperience by the instructors, comprehensive subject coverage videos, andpractice tests. The best reason to consider Kaplan instead is with their extra packages that includethe adaptive Qbank, practice packs and MCAT Channel. To see our full list and to compare the best MCAT prep courses go here.

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Kaplan MCAT Review
Kaplan MCAT Review

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