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Doktor Dalam Latihan menawarkan kursus-kursus persediaan dalam talian yang mesra pengguna pada harga yang berpatutan untuk Langkah 1, Langkah 2 CK, dan Langkah 3 Peperiksaan USMLE. The program videos are taught by licensed MD educators and cover a lot of key information. Students get access to a large amount of study material at a lower cost than many other review courses.


1. Extensive Video Series

Licensed physician educators present more than 180 videos in shorter chunks to aid the memorization process. The videos are particularly helpful if they are watched immediately after reading (or at least skimming) the corresponding chapters in the First Aid book. Lectures include interactive whiteboard instruction, animations and other memory aids to make the information stick.

Langkah 1 course consists of three parts: 1) the primer series, which gives students unlimited access to 30 videos with most important information that is tested on the USMLE, 2) Part 1 soalan, which includes 340 open-ended study questions (in batches of 10, 3 times a week), dan 3) the Part 2 video series, which contains an additional 70 video. A sample video for Step 1 is available on the website for those who want to check it out first. Langkah 2 CK course also includes 50+ hours of videos in addition to video answers to questions. Langkah 3 course includes 37 videos in addition to other study materials.

2. Video Answers, Illustrations, animasi, and X-Rays

Doctors in Training’s Step 1 course includes many practice questions that are accompanied by video answers. The course also includes hundreds of animations, illustrations, x-rays, bunyi jantung, pathology slides, and clinical images to help students remember the information for the exam. A personal dashboard and downloadable study guides round out the course.


3. Free Study Plan

You can check out DIT’s detailed, free study plan for various scenarios on their website to plan ahead and get an idea of how many days a week and how many hours you will need to complete the program before exam day. The study plan shows how many videos you will need to watch each day, depending on the number of weeks you have to study.

4. Student Support

Doctors in Training gives its clients several options when they have questions or need support. The industry standard for student support in most prep courses comes down to emailing questions and waiting for a response. DIT offers students both live chat and phone support. This is especially useful for online learners, who often lack direct access to an instructor.

5. Affordable Price

Untuk kursus persediaan dengan beberapa baik kuliah dalam talian yang berkualiti selain daripada bank soalan, Doktor Pada Langkah Latihan ini 1 kursus adalah sangat berpatutan. Dengan harga $825, Langkah 1 Kursus Kajian adalah pilihan yang paling murah kita mengkaji yang meliputi syarahan video. Langkah 2 padang CK bayaran yang sama-sama munasabah $799, dan Langkah 3 hanya semakan akan dikenakan bayaran $249. Jika anda memerlukan masa tambahan untuk mengkaji, anda boleh melanjutkan Langkah 1 dan Langkah 2 kursus CK selama seminggu untuk tambahan $200 setiap.


1. No Penuh-panjang Peperiksaan Amalan

Kursus DIT hanya semakan termasuk kuiz; tiada peperiksaan amalan yang mensimulasikan peperiksaan USMLE sebenar. Laman web mereka tidak termasuk maklumat tentang mengambil Langkah USMLE 1, Langkah 2, dan Langkah 3 peperiksaan amalan yang ditawarkan oleh NBME, Walau bagaimanapun, tiada peperiksaan amalan penuh panjang adalah termasuk dalam mana-mana kursus DIT ini.

2. Masa Capaian terhad

Although some students like to cram for exams at the last minute, the limited access time to the courses makes it difficult for students who like to plan ahead to spread their study time over several months to a year if they do not pay for the 1-month extension. Contohnya, Langkah 1 Course only allows for 45 days of unlimited access to the Part 2 video.

3. Quality of Lecturers Varies

Some students have reported that certain videos are less helpful because the lectures are too wordy or include information that is not essential for the Step 1 peperiksaan. Busy medical students will obviously prefer succinct presentations of the most crucial information to maximize efficiency. There has been some criticism of presenters who are trying to liven their lectures up by being entertaining at the expense of delivering valuable information or strategies at the same time.


DIT’s online video lectures and the question bank are helpful tools to prepare for the USMLE at an affordable price. This course would be stronger if it also offered practice exams to prepare students for the actual exam, and if the lectures were more streamlined and focused more on high-yield information that is covered on the USMLE exams.

Those who learn best by watching video lectures and working through video problems will gain the most from DIT’s courses. The bottom line is that DIT is a good resource when used in addition to one of the bigger review companies, seperti UWorld atau Kaplan. Ramai pelajar juga mencari Langkah DIT ini 1 kursus untuk menjadi lebih berguna daripada Langkah 2 CK atau Langkah 3 kursus.


  • Lebih daripada 180 video untuk menyediakan pelajar untuk Langkah 1, Langkah 2 CK, dan Langkah 3 Peperiksaan USMLE
  • 800+ Images, Illustrations, carta, graf, animasi, X-Rays, dan Patologi Slaid
  • Sokongan pelajar melalui Live Chat dan Telefon
  • Kajian melalui e-mel soalan
  • Amalan Soalan dengan Jawapan Video untuk Semua Tiga Langkah
  • Petua kajian dan Kuiz
  • Muat Turun PDF Panduan Kajian
  • kajian Calendar


Langkah 1 Kursus kajian: $825

Smengalahkan 2 CK tentu Ulasan: $799

Langkah 3 Kursus kajian: $249

Satu minggu lanjutan Langkah 1 dan Langkah 2 kursus CK: $200 setiap.

Untuk membandingkan USMLE Langkah Terbaik 1 kursus prep, sila klik butang di bawah:


Doctors In Pecahan Latihan Ulasan

1.Extensive Video Series
2.Video, jawapan, Illustrations
3.Free Study Plan
4.Student Support
5.Affordable Price

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