Best PALS Certification Courses

Best Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification Courses

If you’ve been searching for training that equips you with skills on how to perform emergency rescue for young children with cardiopulmonary emergencies, then this is for you. A course in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is what you need. In this post, we have put together a number of courses to help you learn what you’ve been wanting to. With this list of Best PLS Certification Courses, you’re going to discover what PLS is all about as well as how you can use your skills to change the lives of vulnerable children.

So, which are these best courses? Read on to discover more and to choose a course that fits your schedule and learning needs.


1. NHCPS PALS Certification Course

The goal of this online-based best PLS certification course is to help you learn how to save lives. You’ll get to understand the series of protocols required in responding to clinical conditions that are life threatening. They include simple responses that you can easily commit to memory and recall with ease during stressful moments. Armed with the right skills, you’ll be in a position to take appropriate actions.

What You’ll Learn In This Course
  • Resuscitation team: successful team dynamics during resuscitation
  • PALS Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • BLS targeting children and infants
  • Pediatric PLS algorithm
  • Normal heart anatomy and physiology
  • Systematic approach in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Life threatening situations
  • Resuscitation tools and how to use them
  • Recognizing and responding to respiratory distress/failure
  • Recognizing and responding to Bradycardia, Tachycardia, and shock
  • Recognizing and responding to cardiac arrest

Why You Should Take This Course
  • Purely online to allow you a flexible study schedule
  • Accepted internationally
  • Follows the most recent AHA guidelines and standards
  • Over 14,700 learners have already enrolled for the course
  • More than 5,800 learners have given it an excellent rating of 4.8/5
  • Exclusive revision materials like audio books and videos
  • Interesting videos that make learning fun and something you’d be looking forward to
  • Free practice test to check your skills
  • Includes a PDF provider Handbook
  • Accessible through computer, mobile phone, and tablets
  • Up to 8 CMEs
  • You pay $129 to certify, and if you prefer PALS for Life, the bundle comes at a good price of $299. The PALS for Life bundle allows to recertify without making any payment again
  • Recertification price: $299
  • A free PALS course in partnership with DISQUE Foundation


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2. ACLS Certification Institute PALS Course Online

An emergency requires urgent attention from a qualified person. By taking the ACLS Certification Institute PALS Certification Course for healthcare professionals, you’re going to be prepared for anything. This course is comprehensive in its coverage of skills as well as procedures you need to know about assisting children who have suffered a cardiopulmonary emergency. You’re going to learn up-to-date life saving techniques to help you provide timely solutions. At the end of the training, you’ll be ready to take your certification exam. Passing your exam will lead to a PALS certification that validates your life-saving skills.

What You’ll Learn In This PALS Certification Course
  • Timely recognition as well as interventions needed in preventing respiratory and cardiac arrest in a pediatric patient
  • Systemic approach in dealing with pediatric assessment with the use of initial impressions, diagnostic tests, and primary and secondary assessments
  • Fundamental elements of management of post-resuscitation
  • Effective communications as well as team dynamics and their importance
  • Effective and high quality CPR
  • Successful respiratory management
  • Selecting and applying the correct cardiorespiratory monitoring
  • Selecting and administering appropriate medicine as well as therapies when confronted with any arrhythmia scenario
  • How to establish rapid access to help in administering fluids as well as medications
Why You Should Take This PALS Course Online
  • Intensive PALS techniques and concepts coverage
  • Self-paced, 100% online course following AHA and ILCOR guidelines for flexible learning.
  • 24/7 access to training materials and practice tests for personalized learning.
  • Accredited by AMA, ANCC, ACPE, PTCB, ADA CERP, and AANA for trusted certification.
  • Earn up to 4 CEU/CME credits per course, supporting your professional growth.
  • provider
  • Widely accepted by employers globally with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Rated 4.4/5 by over 1500 learners
  • On-site skills evaluation provided
  • Affordable certification and recertification at great price of $143 with our 10% discount below

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3. ProMed Certifications PALS Certification Online Course

This great ProMed PALS Certification online course is designed to offer you the most important skills to use in emergencies. It’s also intended to help you pass your PALS certification exam. Knowledge and skills to gain include managing and responding to cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed on pediatric patients during emergency situations.

What You’ll Learn In This PALS Course
  • Pediatric BLS
  • PALS one rescuer and two rescuer algorithms
  • PALS Systematic Approach
  • How to recognize and respond to pediatric Bradycardia
  • How to recognize and respond to pediatric cardiac arrest
  • Pediatric shock management
  • Recognizing and responding to pediatric Tachycardia
Why You Should Take This PALS Course
  • Easy access with flexible and convenient study schedules
  • Adheres to most recent 2015 AHA guidelines
  • Accepted nationally
  • An excellent rating of 4.8/5 according to more than 1900 learners satisfied with the course
  • Over 120 pages of evidence-based innovative learning materials
  • All 13 core sections covered comprehensively
  • 5 printable PALS algorithms
  • 8 CEU/CME credits
  • PC, mobile, as well as tablet friendly
  • Ability to complete PALS exam anytime and from anywhere
  • No limit to the number of times you can retake the exam
  • Certification at a low-cost of $179
  • PALS certification renewal is done at $129 only

4. ACLS Medical Training PALS Certification Course

Give yourself an opportunity to learn using expertly prepared PALS curriculum. This ACLS Medical Training PALS Certification Course is nationally accepted and respected. Its all inclusive course content targets to prepare you to handle pediatric related emergencies when they arise. It includes cardiovascular emergencies like arrhythmia as well as arrest. This PALS course is online-based and offers instant access to all the required course content.

What You’ll Learn In This Course
  • PALS Systematic Approach
  • How to carry out accurate assessments as well as timely interventions
  • Recognizing and responding to respiratory distress and shock
  • Recognizing and treating cardiac arrest harbingers in children before they progress further to cardiac arrest
Why You Should Take This Course
  • It’s 100% online thus helping you choose when you want to study and in a place convenient to you
  • Simulations of real life situations through Megacodes
  • Megacodes include questions whose goal is testing your knowledge and skills in patient assessment, diagnosis as well as management
  • 8 CME/CUE credits
  • Based on latest ECC guidelines
  • No limit to how many times you can take the exam
  • Affordable PALS certification cost of $275
  • Ability to recertify after 2 years at $175

5. DISQUE Foundation PALS Certification Course

During emergencies, time is of essence. The DISQUE Foundation Online PALS course takes you through a complete and thorough curriculum just to ensure you get all it’s required. This course is carried out in partnership with NHCPS. The goal of this best PALS course is to ensure your emergency response is just in time to save a life. Practicing medical experts have put this course curriculum together so that those who take it would be able to provide the necessary support to pediatric patients.

What You’ll Learn In This Course
  • AHA guidelines and protocols related to helping children and infants
  • Importance of working as a team, how to communicate, roles as well as responsibilities of a team leader and team members when performing resuscitation
  • PALS BLS for children and infants
  • PALS Systematic Approach
  • Normal heart anatomy as well as physiology
  • PALS initial and second assessment, diagnosis, and treatment
  • PALS life threatening scenarios
  • Resuscitation tools and their use
Why You Should Take This Course
  • Purely online making it accessible even to busy professionals
  • Rated at 4.8/5 by more than 5800 learners
  • Free PALS practice test
  • Nationally accepted
  • 8 CME credits
  • Meets AHA standards
  • Easy to certify at a fair price of $129
  • If you purchase the course before end of November 2019, you’ll get 25% off the certification price


Earning a PALS certification will go a long way in proving how prepared you’re in handling pediatric life threatening situations. These best PALS certification courses will provide you with the support you need to become a professional that can be depended on. Ensure you pick one that’s suitable for your needs. Get yourself ready to offer help by enrolling in your favorite course today!

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