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If you aspire to become a licensed or registered nurse, you know how intimidating the NCLEX can be. According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, LPN/VNs had a roughly 67% pass rate for the NCLEX in the first three quarters of 2021.
That means you need a thorough prep course to make sure you know your stuff. Since 2004, EduMind has provided online prep courses in various fields. But is their NCLEX prep course the best choice for you?
In this review, you’ll learn what NCLEX prep courses EduMind offers, their pricing, and the pros and cons of choosing EduMind to study up for your NCLEX exam.

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About the EduMind NCLEX Courses

EduMind patterns its NCLEX prep courses off the official content guidelines provided by the NCSBN. This means its courses cover the four major topic areas of the NCLEX exam:

  • Safe and Effective Care Environment
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Psychosocial Integrity
  • Physiological Integrity

On top of the exam content, you’ll also learn test-taking strategies, such as:

  • Types of questions and how to approach them
  • Coping with test anxiety
  • Effective time management

Licensed nurses teach EduMind’s lectures, so you’ll learn from people who’ve taken the exam themselves. You can rest assured that they know the content well, and their advice for staying cool during the NCLEX has been tested on the real thing.

EduMind Course Options

EduMind offers a choice of two ways to experience their NCLEX prep course: Live Online and On-demand.

First, let’s look at the resources you get no matter which course you choose:

What You Get With Both Courses

Both the Live Online and OnDemand course grant you access to EduMind’s Study Hub. The Study Hub features NCLEX study materials like:

  • Ebooks
  • Flashcards
  • Downloadable course notes
  • Practice Portal Pro
  • Access to student forums

Practice Portal Pro lets you test your knowledge against practice questions. You can generate custom quizzes by difficulty, length, and specific topics you want to focus on. This makes for an especially helpful resource, given the complex structure of the NCLEX exam.

Since EduMind makes its NCLEX prep courses mobile-friendly, you can take these resources with you wherever you go.

Each course only takes 24 hours to complete, and you’ll receive a completion certificate you can add to your resume. Even after you finish the course, EduMind lets you retain access to their Study Hub.

EduMind Live Online Course

The Live Online option recreates an in-person learning environment through online lectures. You can chat with your licensed instructor and ask questions during lectures. With classes available during weekdays, nights, and weekends, the Live Online course works for most schedules.

The standard price for Live Online registration is $690. If you register in advance—about 2-3 months before classes start—you can cut that price down to $390.

On top of the standard lectures, you can buy hourly 1-on-1 access with your instructor for $125/hour. You can also buy a bundle of five hours of 1-on-1 tutoring for $100/hour.

If you don’t pass your NCLEX after taking the Live Online course, EduMind will let you retake the course for free.

EduMind Ondemand Course

If you can’t fit live lectures into your schedule or just prefer self-guided study, OnDemand is the option for you. You get access to pre-recorded lectures and the many supplemental study materials provided in EduMind’s Study Hub.

OnDemand’s pre-recorded lectures can be annotated and bookmarked so that you can return to specific sections of the video at any time.

Since students in the OnDemand course won’t have a schedule of live lectures to guide them, EduMind offers Personalized Study Plans. This feature generates a study schedule based on your availability, so you can stay on track and measure your progress in the course.

Unlike the Live Online classes, the OnDemand course is free. If you don’t pass your NCLEX the first time, you’ll retain access to lecture recordings and Study Hub materials.

Advantages of the EduMind NCLEX Prep Course

No matter which you choose, EduMind offers an impressive amount of value in each of its NCLEX prep courses.

The Live Online course works well if you learn best in a traditional classroom environment. You can communicate with your instructors during lectures and get your questions answered as they come up.

If you prefer to study on your own terms, the OnDemand course is an incredible deal. You get a wealth of information and study materials for free. The OnDemand course will serve you well if you can’t afford the Live Online course or have a busy schedule.

Finally, the fact that EduMind will let you retake their Live Online class free if you fail your NCLEX shows that they understand how difficult this exam can be. The extended access to lectures and course notes is also a generous allowance to help you prepare to retake your exam.

Disadvantages of EduMind NCLEX Prep Course

The only major flaw in EduMind’s NCLEX prep course is the 1-on-1 feature for Live Online students. While the Live Online course holds a lot of value for people who benefit from direct interaction with instructors, the 1-on-1 add-on option seriously inflates the course’s price.

Paying $125 for an hour of personalized study might be worthwhile if you have a serious confusion to work through. But you can easily spend double the course’s regular price if one hour becomes several. Even with a reduced price, the 5-hour bundle will run you $500.

For most people, the combination of live and pre-recorded lectures and the many supplemental study materials should be all the help you need to ace the NCLEX exam.

Should You Choose EduMind for Your NCLEX Prep?

Overall, EduMind offers flexible, reasonably-priced NCLEX prep courses packed with resources. EduMind has clearly built its courses with the needs of real nurses in mind.

If you see the NCLEX exam looming in your future, the EduMind NCLEX prep courses can give you the confidence you need to crush it.

EduMind NCLEX Course Review
EduMind NCLEX Course Review
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