Best Medical Podcasts To Follow

Best Medical Podcasts of  2024

We have no doubt that you are enthusiastic about the medical sector, whether you are a future doctor or an expert in your field. You are aware of the value of staying current with technological developments, business news, and stories about helping others and medicine.

Although podcasts have been around for a while, they recently experienced a surge in popularity. We are currently seeing what some refer to as the “Podcast Renaissance.” Podcasts are the hottest new method to get your news and hear great stories and ideas, with content that is better than ever.

For healthcare workers, we’ve gathered a selection of the best podcasts in medicine. There is something for everyone, including medical student guidance, physician news, and inspirational anecdotes.

Medical Podcasts for Students:

The Short Coat Podcast

The Short Coat Podcast

The Short Coat Podcast is excellent for those who are considering attending medical school or who are currently enrolled. Students can learn more about what it’s like in medical school by listening to this podcast. Some of their most recent episodes discuss mental illness while in medical school and if you need to give up all of your extracurricular activities in order to thrive in med school.

Science and Medicine: TedTalk

At the TED conference, some of the top scientists, physicians, and medical researchers in the world present their findings and visions live on stage.

A nonprofit organization called TED is committed to disseminating concepts through speeches on a variety of subjects. Their Science and Medicine podcast features discussions from eminent scientists and medical experts from all fields and is video-based. Visit to get English transcripts, over 80 language subtitles, and free video downloads.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student

The goal of the Undifferentiated Medical Student podcast is to assist medical students in selecting a speciality and developing a career plan. Medical students have a wide range of employment alternatives, but there isn’t much time to consider them all.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student podcast, hosted by fourth-year medical student Ian Drummond, is intended for medical students who are having trouble deciding on the best course for their future medical careers. Interviews with doctors from the disciplines and subspecialties listed on the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine website constitute the basis of their medical podcasts.

Everyday Emergency

Welcome to Everyday Emergency, where we bring you real accounts from those who are dealing with humanitarian crises all across the world.

Everyday Emergency is a podcast hosted by the nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders that features interviews with medical and logistical professionals who are working in regions of the world where medical treatment is most needed.

Surviving Medicine

A group of doctors, residents, and medical students founded this podcast. They speak with medical experts and cover a range of subjects connected to medicine, medical education, and the state of the healthcare sector today. Watch the podcast where Dr. Andrea Paul, co-founder and chief medical officer of BoardVitals, talks about her path from medical school to founding her own company and being a physician entrepreneur.

Bedside Rounds

The medical profession is rife with fascinating, peculiar, and very human tales. A few of these stories will be told in Bedside Rounds, which aims to inform as well as amuse.

Dr. Adam Rodman, an academic hospitalist with expertise in global health, is the host of the Bedside Rounds podcast, which he started back when he was a resident in internal medicine. This podcast is for you if you like engaging narratives about clinical medicine.

This show has recently truly found its footing! Stories from the past and present of medicine that are succinct, entertaining, and educational. Most of these I either wasn’t aware of as a doctor or merely had a passing familiarity with. reflects the human side of medicine in a powerful way. – the doctor under a mask

Docs Outside The Box

Docs Outside The Box Podcast

“This podcast explores the thoughts of modern, creative doctors. These tales are not contained in any textbooks on medicine. You are receiving genuine, in-the-moment knowledge from individuals who are pushing the boundaries of medicine.

One of our top 50 doctors to follow on Instagram is Dr. Nii Darko. His Docs Outside the Box podcast highlights regular doctors who are making amazing contributions to the medical world. Excellent for medical professionals looking for motivational tales and interviews.

Board Rounds Podcast

Board Rounds Podcast

Board Rounds was developed by BoardVitals and Meded Media. Each episode of the BoardVitals podcast, hosted by doctors Ryan Gray, Mike Natter, Karen Shackelford, and Andrea Paul, focuses on the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 tests in order to help medical students ensure that they are as prepared as possible for their board exams.

Second Opinion

“A review of medical ethics and the practitioners who define them,” is the second opinion.

Dr. Michael Wilkes, a professor of medicine and vice dean for medical education at UC Davis, is the host of the KCRW podcast Second Opinion. Dr. Wilkes talks about issues that individuals must consider when choosing a doctor, and he isn’t afraid to criticize the pharmaceutical and health insurance businesses for violating medical ethics.

DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast

As doctors, we have choices every day about how to allocate our time, effort, concentration, attention, and financial resources. We are in charge of our own lives. But do we consciously choose these options, or do we want to go through life in automatic mode?

Doctors who have chosen to take the road less traveled and those who have made the most of their lives while pursuing a conventional medical career are interviewed by hosts Jen Barna, MD, Coach Gabriella Dennery, MD, and Master Certified Coach Jill Farmer. Gabriella and Jill, coaches on the DocWorking team, talk about practical advice they’ve learned from coaching doctors. Additionally, they invite speakers to speak to doctors about business, leadership, achieving financial independence, and other relevant subjects.


A group of female doctors, including Akua Ampadu, MD, presents MDFEME. They collaborate to address issues related to medicine, family life, and self-care. The MDFEME podcast gives listeners a glimpse into the daily struggles that female minority doctors face as they attempt to address issues of racial and gender inequity in the medical field.

The Clinical Problem Solvers

This podcast in internal medicine focuses on exchanging professional insights towards diagnostic reasoning. The framework for approaching future clinical issues will become more clear to listeners. Every episode uses a case-based approach to instruct viewers on how to create a network for better diagnosis.

Oncology Overdrive

Shikha Jain, MD, FACP, discusses a number of contemporary healthcare-related themes in this podcast. Jain investigates topics including gender discrimination, social media, and medical stereotypes through expert interviews.

The Curbsiders

A network of 15 distinct institutions’ worth of students, residents, and clinician educators makes up the Curbsiders team. Doctors Matthew Watto, Stuart Brigham, and Paul Williams provide students, residents, and practicing physicians with helpful study tips, fresh medical knowledge, and a healthy dose of comedy on each episode.

For people practicing internal medicine, family medicine, primary care, and hospital medicine, this audio is ideal. Members of the American College of Physicians (ACP) can earn CME/MOC points.

“During practice and all throughout my time in school, I listened to The Curbsiders. They are quite helpful in breaking down complex subjects into problems that are simpler to solve. – Mmccafaddin

Physician’s Guide to Doctoring

What other subjects ought you to have been studying in addition to Kreb’s Cycle? This medical podcast is a helpful resource for practicing doctors and other healthcare professionals who want to get better at everything in their lives and profession. Interviews with medical and non-medical specialists cover a wide range of subjects, including emotional intelligence, habit formation, social networking, and the situation of health insurance today.

There are many podcasts out there vying for our attention. One of the few is deserving of our attention, and that is this. Dr. Block excels at picking out people who have something valuable to say and then gently guiding them through a conversation that is both interesting and entertaining for the listener.


The House of Pod

Two physicians, a man named Joe, and other guests on The House of Pod discuss a wide range of medical issues and respond to listener queries. Doctors and surgeons have been the guests, and the conversation has covered both social and medical issues. Every episode offers fresh insight into the world of medicine.

Glass Half Healthy

The goal of board-certified physician Dr. Jonar de Guzman is to address the current issue of chronic disease and to question the traditional view of health. In his Glass Half Healthy podcast, he offers self-protection strategies for people with chronic illnesses and strives to reframe what health should entail for all of us.

Doctors Unbound

One of the most crucial professions in the world is that of a doctor. But what happens when they finish working for the day? Inspiring tales of doctors doing interesting things outside of the realm of clinical medicine are shared by Doctors Unbound. The episodes give you a behind-the-scenes look into doctors performing incredible feats, such as founding a business or entering politics.

Great motivation for medical professionals who feel somewhat constrained by the medical industrial complex and are looking to experiment with other innovative career paths. The Gerads

The Nocturnists

Hear the doctors’ stories of happiness, grief, and self-discovery. The Nocturnists is a live event and podcast aired from San Francisco, hosted by doctor Emily Silverman. This podcast features narratives about human connection, health, and disease.

Explore the Space Podcast

One of the most informative medical podcasts accessible combines healthcare and society and features conversations with thought leaders from many walks of life. The subjects discussed in the episodes range from burnout to gender equality.

2 Docs Talk

“Join cohosts Amy Rogers, MD, and Kendall Britt, MD, for a 15-minute update on the latest developments in medicine and public health. With a focus on how current policy issues may affect the doctor-patient relationship, the doctors explore current medical challenges in light of the best available scientific information.

The 2 Docs Talk podcast features hospitalist Dr. Kendall Britt and medical author Dr. Amy Rogers discussing health care issues that they want consumers to be aware of so they may work with their doctors to make health decisions together.


One of our top doctors to follow on Instagram, Andrew Tisser, DO, hosts a podcast about early career medicine that features interviews with a wide range of guests. What went wrong, and how can it be fixed? You will discover many traps, techniques, and perspectives on money, burnout/moral injury, advocacy, private practice, and other significant concerns as they relate to physicians early in their careers on this episode. CEOs of huge hospital systems, office workers, and everyone in between will be among the visitors.

You should check out some of the other excellent medical podcasts available for healthcare workers. They are not only instructive and fascinating, but they can also make you seriously consider what type of doctor you want to be. When you have been studying or seeing patients for a while, or just when you need some fun, listening to these is a terrific way to unwind. Enjoy!

Please share your recommendations for other medical podcasts for healthcare workers in the comments section.

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